2 Friends went to the cinema like they were just one person

In youtube, Bo Johnson and his best friend, Matthew, had the idea to go secretly to the cinema 2 of them like they were just one person. After trying a variety of options, friends finally found the most optimal.

The boys took off their funny attempts to put two people in a sport suit and posted the video on YouTube, where it is currently viewed by nearly 3 million people.

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Kitten smiling everyday since he was taken from the shelter

Cats have earned a reputation as a kind of cold, aloof and a bit angry animals. Fortunately, the red-haired kitten proved that cats can be more careless than we think about them.

This is a happy kitten name is Ray and he has a serious reason for joy, because he no longer has to live in a shelter, he found a loving family! In pictures funny expression faces resembling a glowing smile that shows his immense happiness.

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David Bowie’s paintings which few people know

Like many British rock musicians of the time, as a child, David went to art school and created his first group drew posters crazy for them. The world learned David Bowie was an artist only in 2013, during the exhibition «Is David Bowie», held in London.

In addition to music and acting activities, Bowie was interested in painting and drawing from a young age. Bowie described himself as “a convinced and old expressionist” and said that the greatest influences on his work were Frank Auerbach, Francis Picabia, David Bomberg, and Francis Bacon.

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This is how Disney movies would look if they were painted by Tim Burton

Tim Burton is an American film director, producer, animator and writer, whose dark and slightly grotesque style is known bye everyone. His black humor, childish tales and Gothic films have won the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Painter Andrew Tarusov is a big fan of Disney and his love for the classics of Disney, led the artist to create drawings that show how to Disney movies would look if they were painted by Tim Burton. Take a look!

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His disability didn’t stop him to create stunningly realistic paintings

23 year old Polish artist, Mariusz Kedzierski, was born without arms, and even from childhood Mariusz decided that his disability shouldn’t prevent him from living a full life and to realize his dreams.

The unusual artist has been painting over the past 7 years and during that time he has created more than 700 paintings, on which he spent a total of 15,000 hours. Mariusz work did not go unnoticed, in 2013 in Vienna, he received the 2nd place in the nomination «Best Global Artist», as well as participated in various exhibitions. Congrats!

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The guy who had a private flight because no one bought a ticket

Alex Simon got his private flight for the usual price of an economy class ticket. How? Yes, just besides him no one else bought the ticket for the same flight.

The 28 year old blogger and traveler from Ischgl, Austria, got on the plane of Philippine Airlines, going to Boracay from Manila and he discovered that he was the only passenger. Of course, during the take-off, he was not allowed to be in the cockpit, so he took one of the front seats next to the flight attendant.

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Hand of God: Unusual cloud in the form of a hand, appeared over Portugal

This week, residents of the Island of Madeira, Portugal, were very surprised by the appearance of an unusual clouds over their heads with shape of a fist. A blogger, Rogerio Pacheco, popularized the clouds whose photos instantly flew into the social networks.

Because of the similarity of the clouds with a fist, most people called it “Hand of God“, in second place comparison with the comet clouds.

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Girl lover of bright makeup offended because she showed her natural look

19 year old girl, Maisie Beech, which does not hide the fact that she loves bright makeup, decided to show the true power of makeup and put on her Facebook page a picture of her natural appearance, and for clarity, added pictures with half and half.

The girl who added pictures without makeup, did not expect that in response to posted the pictures she will receive a flurry of insults. People wrote that she was ugly and nasty, and some commentators went further and wrote that she probably has cancer.

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