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“Give me five” white shark!

This gorgeous, a monstrous female white shark issue that the perpetrators of this video cameramen christened “Deep Blue” is one of the most filmed to date, exceeding 6 meters in length. The image was captured in Isla Guadalupe (Mexico belonging to) a researcher named Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.

The place where the images are recorded is known for its high concentration of Great White, because there are dozens of adult congregate every year for reproductive purposes. Within the safety cage protection, and drawing female parsimony when passing in front of the cameras, photographers could get great close-ups of this massive predator.

However there is always a “restless ass”, and as you can see in the video, one of the cameras decided to leave the safety of the cage and go to the top, from where he “hit the five” with the flap of Deep Blue. Fortunately the large female (males are always smaller) was just browsing, so it ended up disappearing into the ocean, leaving everyone stunned with his imposing presence.

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Flying through the Milky Way in 3D

To feel very little thing, while marvel at the greatness and beauty of our galaxy, it is best view this 8-minute video created by Dave A. Chuk, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This may seem gorgeous 3D animation, but it is actually the result of hard work done by Dave, in his spare time, over five months.

To achieve this spectacular result the author had to combine individual images captured 400,000 in configure multiple wavelengths by the Spitzer Space Telescope during six years of observations.

The author of the video has given technical explanations about how to create the 3D effect on Reddit.

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10 things you should never do in front of your child’s friends

There comes a time in the lives of your children, when they grow enough to start socializing, they cease to embarrass you in public. From that moment is you start to let that fool in front of his friends. There is nothing to pull them colors than his father begins to dance in public. If you dare to do it oh foolish! his popularity will be on the floor, and start calling him “the son of notes that dancing like ass.”


In Neatorama just published the results of a survey of kids between 5 and 20 years, the most embarrassing things I have seen them do their parents. Obviously, the list starts with: “1. dancing in public “(which is easily understandable in view of the video that I found to illustrate the post), but not all, mind you.

Here are the other 9 things that can make you renege on your children and go to live with her aunt Paca of Murcia.

2. Show affection publicly, either towards children or the other parent. Especially if it is accompanied by acute issued childlike expressions and spastic as one speaks to a baby voice.

3. Using expressions “outdated” or attempt to imitate the jargon of youth.

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NASA announced the discovery of a “cousin” of the Earth

The search for an Earth 2 continues nearing its end, and today NASA has made an exciting statement related to the Kepler mission. Apparently, the US space agency has discovered the first planet similar to Earth in size, located in the “habitable zone” of a Sun-like star. The newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet discovered orbiting in the habitable zone, according to NASA.


In a statement dated 07.23.2015 today, NASA announced that the confirmation of Kepler-452b brings the total number of planets until 1030.

“We can think of Kepler-452b as a bigger cousin of the Earth that gives us an opportunity to understand and reflect on the changing environment of our planet,” said Jon Jenkins, head of analysis of data from the Kepler Mission Center NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, who led the team that made the discovery. “It is inspiring to realize that this planet has spent 6 billion years in the habitable zone of its star, longer than Earth. This will be given to life an important opportunity to emerge, if all the ingredients necessary conditions exist on this planet. “.

The planet, which is about 60% larger than the Earth in terms of diameter, is located in the constellation Cygnus, about 1400 light years away. Scientists have yet to determine its mass and composition, although previous research with similar sized planets that could be rocky indicate.

Will this be the first of many worlds “twins” to ours? I hope I live long enough to see the proposed HDST those worlds searching for clues that indicate the presence of life.

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Impressive giant squid

The giant squid lives at the bottom near the floor of the oceans. They were first recorded in the wild in 2004 by people from the National Science Museum in Japan. They live in all oceans of the world. Some of the most common places have been identified include Norway, Newfoundland, New Zealand and Australia. They tend to enjoy the cooler waters which are rarely found in tropical regions.

It is difficult to count how many giant squid there because of the depth of the water where they live, although it seems that by their number no danger of becoming extinct any time soon. This is a relief because of the number of aquatic animals that fall into that category.

Impressive giant squid. In the ocean you can find rare animals like this.

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The 45 most delicious breakfasts in the world

What prefer to take as breakfast dishes in different parts of the world? This “yummy” Victoria Philpott project, which he called “The 45 best breakfast in the world” brings us the answers. Friends from different countries sent their photos and recipes breakfast.

We have now opened up the possibility of a culinary journey through the different corners of our planet. Bon Appetite!

1. English Breakfast

desayunos deliciosos


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