24 hours in pictures in one image

A photographer from Singapore, called Qi Wei Fong, created a series of photo-mosaics, which he called “measurement time”. The photos are actually several photos taken at different times of day. This stunning effect is achieved by taking many pictures in each hour of the day, which are joined luegos a graphic design program. The result is great.

Look at some of his work below.

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The 20 most beautiful infinity pools in the world

Imagine a pool, the edge goes directly into the sea or merges with the horizon, creating an illusion of infinity. Such pools are really pleasing to the eyes, they blend into the environment and the natural landscape literally dissolve in space.

The idea of these pools originated in France – that have been used in building fountains of Versailles.
Today, the “infinite” pools can be presumed in more expensive resorts and hotels worldwide, since its construction is quite expensive.

1. Grace Santorini hotel, Grecia.

piscinas infinitas


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Girl with Down syndrome to fulfill his dream and become a model

A girl with Down syndrome, which is called Madeline Stuart, is a great example of courage to follow. Not long ago she signed her first modeling contract with Manifesta brand company producing sportswear for women with any type of figure.

Representatives of the company say that as Madeline is trying to change people’s ideas about children with Down syndrome, they are trying to prove that all women, regardless of form, may be fashionable.

Definitely, this is the best proof that dreams come true. Even those who initially seem few realistic.

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Impressive wood carvings

Some artists can create masterpieces starting almost nothing. For example, the British sculptor James Doran-Webb creates incredible art, just with ordinary firewood and wood chips.

As a result of many hours of work they are born masterpieces that are striking for its realism. Here in dogguie.net we publish some of his works, which leave you with your mouth open.

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