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    The president of Costa Rica swallows a live wasp in full interview

    In an interview broadcast on Costa Rican television, a wasp entered the mouth of the president of this country, Luis Guillermo Solis, without the president has reacted. “I ate it,” were the words of the president, quickly assisted by his companions, who found nothing better to offer than a bottle of water 😀 jaja

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    A Nigerian athlete loses her wig during a jump

    The curious fact occurred during the IAAF Diamond League Long Jump Test that takes place in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Nigerian athlete Blessing Okagbare, a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics, did not lose control after what happened and waited for judges to validate her jump (6.21 meters) to pick up her wig from the […]

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    An antelope mercilessly attacks a giraffe

    Visitors to the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands recorded an unusual moment when a Kudu antelope violently attacked a giraffe. At first, the antelope pushes with its horns the giraffe, which is lying down taking the sun, and then begins to attack it (1:40 min). The giraffe did not respond to the attacks of its […]

  • He made The Simpsons come alive on real-life scenarios and the result is downright hilarious


    He made The Simpsons come alive on real-life scenarios and the result is downright hilarious

    Francois Dourlen is an ordinary French citizen, but with an unlimited imagination. For almost three years Dourlen decided to use his iPhone to superimpose certain images that come to his mind almost spontaneously. The result? A hilarious and wide gallery of images that fuse reality and fiction. The great thing of all is that Francois […]

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    Stunning hyperrealism with crayons by Morgan Davidson

    These stunning images are nothing less than drawings with crayons, all made by the artist Morgan Davidson. His works have an amazing realism !!! The artist considers a perfectionist, and argues that meticulously working on each of her works. In case you do not think they are paintings, here is a video that shows the […]

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