A monkey was arrested in India for being a criminal

When we hear “punished for violation in public order” in our heads, there is an image of a villain, but in India this same villain may be a monkey. On February 5, in India, a monkey was caught stealing food from the people, in addition to that, she screamed and made other inappropriate monkey things.

Therefore, Indian rangers were forced to arrest the monkey, foresters had to tie the animal, as if it did not look cruel, it was necessary to do it, as if a monkey does not stop, it may start to behave very badly.

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Most stunning infinity edge pools, with fantastic views

Pools are different, for some it’s only a hole in the yard, for someone swimming pool in the fitness center, but they are all not hold a candle to these endless pools. Endless Pool is named so on purpose, it is designed so that no one can see where it ends up.

We offer a collection of photos for you with 10 of the most amazing infinity pools with fantastic views of incredible beauty. Guaranteed to take your breath away!

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The 3D-printer sundial that shows the time in figures

What do you get if you mix the concept of hours of sunshine, digital display and 3D-press? Digital sundial! This gadget was developed by the French a swindler, limestone Mojoptix.

Thanks to the original system of small holes, these watches are able to display time on the numbers of their own shadow, depending on the position of the sun. There is no electricity, only physics and ingenious calculation!

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Great ideas for Harry Potter manicure, which will delight all the fans

While some women get depressed trying to cover their nails in just one color, others create masterpieces, which it has to be in an art gallery. Even if you have nothing in common with the film about the young wizard, you will be impressed.

Take a look of these great ideas for Harry Potter manicure, which will delight all the fans and those who are not. These design options of nails in the style of Harry Potter will inspire you to create something of your own.

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These cute toys will protect your wrists and make you keep your back straight

Daily work at the computer still is not safe for our health, and for those who regularly spend long time in front of the monitor, knows how can aching pain in the wrists and back be.

But the resourceful Japanese people have found a way to rid the office workers from these problems, and raise them up nice toys that are designed to protect the wrist from compression of the median nerve, as well as to maintain the correct posture. Check out these cute toys will protect your wrists and make you keep your back straight.

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The girl who spent more than $ 14000 for turning into Disney Princesses

25 year old girl, Sarah Ingle, from Denver, USA, is a fan of fairy tales and Disney movies who loves to transform herself into the main Disney princesses. Sarah already has 17 princess dresses, the creation of which, according to most girls, she has spent more than $ 14 000.

As a marketing manager of beauty, Sarah regularly transforms herself into one of the nine Disney princesses in the framework of the project “Princess Ever After” and visited children’s hospitals in that form.

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2 Friends went to the cinema like they were just one person

In youtube, Bo Johnson and his best friend, Matthew, had the idea to go secretly to the cinema 2 of them like they were just one person. After trying a variety of options, friends finally found the most optimal.

The boys took off their funny attempts to put two people in a sport suit and posted the video on YouTube, where it is currently viewed by nearly 3 million people.

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Kitten smiling everyday since he was taken from the shelter

Cats have earned a reputation as a kind of cold, aloof and a bit angry animals. Fortunately, the red-haired kitten proved that cats can be more careless than we think about them.

This is a happy kitten name is Ray and he has a serious reason for joy, because he no longer has to live in a shelter, he found a loving family! In pictures funny expression faces resembling a glowing smile that shows his immense happiness.

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