Strange house on a lake in Sweden

This beautiful house is situated on the lake in the Stockholm archipelago. It has been designed by the Swedish Trigueiros Architecture. The building has three floors and is more complex than it seems at first glance. Its interior is characterized by ceiling height from 2.5 to 7 meters and has wonderful views from all geographical regions, including the bathroom.

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Dream houses: the best design ideas worldwide

We are sure that most of us could not live in a house with features that we see in this post. Definitely not all these ideas are within reach of our pockets.

This post contains photos of dream homes with designs that seek the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants. Surely have a house like it should cost a fortune. But we are absolutely certain that dream a little it costs nothing :)

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The 14 rarest frogs in the world

I have understood that some of these amazing amphibians were declared extinct. Apparently they disappeared from the face of the earth long ago; but pleasantly surprised scientists took samples to find that there are still examples of these rare frogs in different places such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Haiti.

1. Golden Frog Kuchumatan.

rare frog


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