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    Record a video of the death of crocodile enchantress

    In Indonesia, a man claiming to be a crocodile charmer died after being attacked by one of these unforgivable predators as he tried to find a body in a river that had disappeared the day before. The daring man was completely devoured by the reptile … he really was “ENCHANTED” with his lunch 😀

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    This Frenchman travels around the world with his favorite hen, Monique

    Many people travel with their dogs or cats, but Guirec Soudée, lives his adventures with an unusual companion, a hen named Monique. This 24-year-old Frenchman has for two years set out to travel around the world with his favorite hen. They started the journey from the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa, then […]

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    A Japanese group concert lasts only 8 seconds!

    In Japan there is a famous group called Golden Bomber. These extravagant boys decided to surprise their fans with a different concert. The band Visual Kei, whose characteristics are known for their makeup, hairstyles and rather extravagant costumes, presented their new song “Deatte 8-byo” or “Encounter 8 seconds.” Well that, the show lasted 8 seconds. […]

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    Anonymous heroes

    In this video you will see the heroes who do not carry a cloak or a sword, but because of things of destiny they were faced with some dangerous situation, in which, through their intervention, they ended up saving a human life.

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