It is not what it seems (13 photos)

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Your mind deceive you when you see these pictures, because it will make you see things that are not there. Most of the pictures are very funny and fun.

In these pictures you will not see it really is, but what the brain creates in your mind. If we slow down the pictures, we can see the new reality, which ultimately is correct.

Consider that our brain to process information obtained in milliseconds, so “create” your reality, obtaining a satisfactory image.

6 of the most impressive buildings of Antoni Gaudí (31 photos)

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Antoni Gaudí is considered the most prominent Spanish architect of the twentieth century. He created his own style based on Art Nouveau. All your imagination and architect work has invested in 18 projects, seven of which are still included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Gaudi’s most famous projects are in Barcelona. Among them, the Parc Güell, Casa Mila, Palau Güell, Casa Batllo.

1. Casa Vicens. Sixth.

This architectural masterpiece is a private dwelling, built by order of Don Manuel Vicens Montaner. The building lasted from 1883-1885 and was the first independent work of the teacher. To date, this house, located in the district of Gracia, family owned Hover. It is not allowed visits from tourists inside. You can enjoy this masterpiece of architecture only in the outdoors.

antoni gaudi construcciones curiosas

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Boat made of plastic bottles

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Kara Yang, a student of 22 years old, and Jakub Bures, also of 22-year-old auto mechanic, built a boat 10 meters from 5000 plastic bottles tied to a wooden frame. They and two other men are planning to lose the hometown of Nymburk by the Elbe to Hamburg in Germany to draw attention to the problem of plastic pollution in Europe.

10 Amphibians on the brink of extinction

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The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums published a list of reptiles and amphibians, which have been the subject of activities for the conservation of these species in zoos in the UK, and thus avoid extinction by zoos.

Care for the planet!

1. Komodo Dragon: a member of a family of lizards, the Komodo dragon is the largest living land in sight lizard. For the first time, scientists have written about it in 1910. This lizard can grow to 3 meters, and can reach up to 70 kg. Because of their size, these lizards dominate the ecosystems in which they live. Komodo dragons hunt and make an ambush their prey: invertebrates, birds and mammals. They have two glands in the lower jaw, which identified a number of toxic proteins, so it is believed that their bite is poisonous.

crock snake

2. Chicken Frog: Named to taste meat, chicken frog lives mainly in the lowlands, but not in the mountains. It can grow up to 21 inches long, which makes it one of the larger species of frogs in the world.

crock snake

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