Without leaving the sky

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This cozy and picturesque mini airport with a runway length of 900 meters is located on a hill in the town Farrenberg Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. This “ascending” in the clouds is not uncommon for the port (820 meters above sea level) and on the right turns it into a piggy bank the most exciting runway world.

More Photos of Weird people from social networks

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Here is another selection of pictures of mad people from social networks that get up really strange things. It is unclear what motivates them in these moments, but in any case it is interesting to look at this harmless madness.

Infernal scarecrow capable of frighten anyone

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In New Zealand lives talented 17-year-old man named Theodore Holmstead Scott, who is interested in everything connected with Halloween, loves dark installation and creates them himself, and maintains a blog theme and removes frightening shorts. This creepy scarecrow burlap and papier-mache his handiwork! This skeleton lay the fear of not only the local crows, but also make any passer sidestep coming around …

Sentimental photographs of Soviet homeless 1920s

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War spares no one and is considered one of the most terrible events in any country. The hardest thing to go through all the hardships of war unaccompanied children left to live on the street in abject poverty. During the First World War, Revolution and famine waifs Soviet Union suffered the hardships of life on her fragile shoulders. Before you previously unpublished photographs of Soviet homeless 1920s provided the former Museum of Revolution.

Real and amazing non-edited pictures of landscapes with sunlight

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These amazing photos from the contest winners called “Lovers of Light”. All works – from the urban industrial landscapes and romantic mountain landscapes to scenes in the forest and marine species – were united theme of light in all its manifestations. Got this natural beauty that you just had time to catch the shot.

Germans Christa and Volker Kraft – the real Easter fanatics

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In the town of Saalfeld, Germany, home to one unusual elderly retired couple Christa and Volker Kraft. This pair is unusual in that since 1965, Volker and his wife Christa every spring they spend 2 weeks to decorate Easter eggs apple trees in the garden of their collection, which totals 10,000 colorful Easter eggs with hand-painted. Look at the incredibly beautiful Easter eggs you can later in the article. A real work of art!

Anna Mikhailova – Russian stylist with an incredibly long nails

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By profession, Anna Mikhailova is an international class stylist, ranked in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest barber in the world, making 12 hours 315 hairstyles! Anna is definitely talented, multi-faceted personality and very showy woman, but her half-meter nails look scary. Although these nails definitely draw goggles public and can rightly be considered the highlight of the famous stylist.

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