Tattoo pigs: a new type of art

Posted by Filed in Tattoos 28 de marzo de 2015

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye began tattooing pigs in the United States in 1997, but soon he had to move to China, where animal protection laws are more flexible.

In contrast to Internet users, the Chinese people liked the work of Wim. Each tattoo is applied to pigs under general anesthesia, and after the master and his assistants see to it that the skin of pigs were healthy and moisturized. Wim famous throughout the world thanks to his tattoo pigs, with whom he organizes exhibitions all over the world and which sells for big money. For example, a pig with images of Disney princesses was sold them for 55,000 pounds.

Paper twists its all this artist needs to create optical illusions

Posted by Filed in Art 27 de marzo de 2015

Who would have thought that with the help of paper bends can create stunning optical illusions. For example, this could reflect Danish artist from Copenhagen. This creative Dane likes to mix white sheets of paper with painted them black marker illustrations with reality, using an unusual link – ordinary paper bends. Welcome to the world of paper, and believe me, you will not be disappointed :D

This homeless built a floating house-tent from debris

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Have you ever dreamed of your own home in Brazil to the beach close by and excellent views of the Rio de Janeiro? While you dream about it, 30-year-old Brazilian homeless Hamilton Cunha Filho went and built himself like that! This little personal house-tent was built entirely of municipal waste. Well, okay, that is only one room without bath and toilet :|

A fisherman thought that caught salmon, and in fact he pulled something more frightening and dangerous

Posted by Filed in animals 25 de marzo de 2015

Fisherman Ben Stack calmly caught the fish themselves in the waters of Cape York Peninsula, northern Australia, when he felt that he did not hook something horrible.

This “something” so hard pull-up that Ben really was thought that the fish got stuck under a log or anywhere else. When he pulled closer, I noticed how the water glistens silver salmon scales, but it is easier to pull from that, he was gone. Pulling prey closer, he saw a huge saltwater crocodile, sank his teeth into the tail of salmon.

It was a very bad day for Ben, but even more unfortunate it was for salmon.

Curly evil: cat Albert, which is very similar to a evil sheep

Posted by Filed in animals 24 de marzo de 2015

Calm and bitchy person, is not just dissatisfied “mine”, sometimes concocting people on his face, but a real syndrome, manifesting itself in a calm state, when people did not think to get angry, but simply, for example, lost in thought.

So cat named Albert seems to be suffering from the disease, if it can be called. Perhaps his angry face would not look so funny if it was not Curly as a lamb that is the hallmark of the breed Selkirk Rex, and refers to which Albert :D

The rare fashion in Petersburg’s metro

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Public transportation is a great way to travel for those who do not have a car, and a place where you can meet the most colorful and crazy characters, behavior and appearance is sometimes very surprising. It seems that some of the passengers do not feel that they have around other people, and that in principle strange to walk around in a skirt when you are a man and try on the image of a cowboy in a short coat.

Museum with a three-dimensional picture that will help you become part of the art

Posted by Filed in Art 21 de marzo de 2015

All standard museums and art galleries are not allowed to take pictures, and even more so to touch objects of art and painting. But all these boring rules do not apply in the newly opened museum called «Art in Island», located in the capital of the Philippines in Manila.

The main highlight of this museum is that it is full of three-dimensional replicas of famous paintings and other paintings, which can be photographed everyone, becoming the part of the art.

10 cartoon characters and their counterparts in real life

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 20 de marzo de 2015

Imagine that somewhere in the world there are hundreds of people and even animals similar to the fictional cartoon characters. And then the conclusion is that either these human twins imitate cartoon characters or cartoon characters begin to imitate us- Next, you are waiting for the amazing similarity of real people and characters of famous cartoons.

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