Beautiful Hotel in the Forest

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The modern history knows some businessmen, throw all the benefits of civilization, and went to live inside. For those who want to enjoy the delights of downshifting, but not willing to give up their comfortable well-furnished apartments, the Swedes built the hotel in Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge forest. The beauty of living in this hotel is that guests have to chop wood on their own, carry water, and generally to provide themselves comfort.

The impressive road “Passage du Gois”

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Passage du Gois is a road located along the bottom of the Gulf of Burnёf and connects the mainland with the island of Noirmoutier France. Twice daily, the path is available for a few hours for transit. The rest of the flood tide level to four meters.

The natural transition between the island and the mainland at low tide happened for the first time in 1701. Then in 1840 built a cobblestone road that allows cars move. Now the length of the road is 4.5 kilometers. The road is very risky. Despite the large signs on either side of the road with the tide times, a lot of people go through that road.

If the tide takes them by surprise towers are built rescue, where they can wait until the water drops.

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