Unusual couple who got carried away for many body modifications

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42-year-old Gabriela and 43-year-old Victor Peralta are not an ordinary couple who live together in love and harmony for 18 years. The couple are different from all other pairs, they ardent love for the modifications of the body and because of this mutual addiction they are perfect for each other. 90% of the body of Victor and 65% scored Gabriela body tattoos, each of them 50 and 11 punctures of horn implants in the head.

Very sweet and affectionate friendship of two ferrets and ginger kitten

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Two ferrest, Mallory and Gaudet, once walked down the street and saw a homeless ginger kitten who sat alone on the sidewalk. They felt sorry for him and then they took him home, but cat was very nervous, as it will react to the appearance of ferrets a new friend, they will not cause him harm. But Ned (so named the kitten) and very quickly made himself friends with ferrets. Cute photos of a tender friendship that look further.

“Scar” from the Disney movie “The Lion King” in real life

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Today it is difficult to find someone who did not look wonderful like the Disney movie “The Lion King.” Everyone remembers this cartoon chief villain named Scar, due to his large scar across the eye. Spanish photographer Jose Eugenio Fernandez Tores managed to photograph this double character in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. If “Scar” did exist, it would look this way.

Weirdest collectibles from around the world

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Collecting – a great hobby! Some collect stamps, pasting them in a special album, others collect souvenirs from different countries, putting them in the cupboard. But the people of our articles have far more visionary and collect things that an ordinary person would not have thought even to collect.

Kite Festival in France

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Annual international kite festival held in Berck-sur-Mer in France, it is attended by both professionals and amateurs kites. The competition will take part 14 mixed teams, which will include representatives of nine nationalities. Event organizers are prepared for all audiences yet another surprise – night launch kites. It is expected that this action will be accompanied by light illumination, aerial choreography and pyrotechnic show. Presentation to the public free of charge. The event will last until April 21.

Royal trolley

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Think this salon is a private jet?

No, this is the place for vip-passenger trolley in Saudi Arabia. These trolleys Viseon LT-20 created in the German town Pilsting specifically for King Saud University in Riyadh. On campus passes trolleybus line. Just bought 12 trolleybuses. Travel free. One of the trolley – for members of the royal family. Therefore, its interior is different luxury. Oak flooring, 17 luxurious leather chairs, ceiling chipped skin. Yield on the forecourt small kitchen with refrigerator.

Most strange and ridiculous attire Hollywood celebrities lately

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At Hollywood, celebrities do not always get to look stylish and refined, sometimes their outfits are tasteless and even absurd than cause genuine interest of the paparazzi who do not miss an opportunity to photograph the stars dips. Here is a collection of the worst outfits of celebrities on the red carpet as well as in everyday life.

Japanese farmer refuses to leave the city because of the remaining infected animals there

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53-year-old Naoto Matsumura is the only remaining resident of Tomioka, located ten kilometers from the NPP Fokusima-1. Japanese farmer had made ​​such a risky move because of the animals left alone in an infected city. This man has earned the nickname “Radioactive Man” because he refused to leave his hometown, despite the fact that it is less than ten kilometers from the nuclear power plant Fukushima-1.

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