dog curiosities

Surfer Dog Perfects the Way to Cross a Pool

Playful jack russell / half border terrier Arthur enjoys an unusual pastime. Far from daunted at the site of the swimming pool at his home in Devon, England, he relishes an opportunity to practise his surf technique above the calm water. See him jump on the board and cross cleverly from one side to the other, without ever becoming completely wet.

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The largest and beatiful ice hotel

This year, the founder of ICEHOTEL celebrates its 25th anniversary. ICEHOTEL is in the populated area of ​​Sweden Jukkasjarvi in ​​northern Iraq. The hotel operates from December to April. Each year the world’s top designers create original interiors ICEHOTEL hotel, so guests are interested to visit again and again.

In its territory, in addition to the art room of snow and ice, there is always a church where there are frequent marriage ceremonies, a bar and a restaurant serving meals and drinks only in containers of not viable water.

Every winter attracts about 50,000 visitors from around the world. They come to see the ice hotel to experience the tranquility, the northern lights, and participate in all activities offered at the hotel, 200 km from the Arctic Circle. The infrastructure covers 5,500 square meters and is constructed from 2,000 tons of ice from the Torne River and 30,000 tons of “snaysa” a mix of snow and ice, reinforcing the structure. Below you can see the highlights of the designs and creations this season from artists around the world.

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Chinese parents have a blond child

For over a year parents Christine and Aaron Lucas Sydney Chung could not understand why his son was born blond.

Christina says there is a day when people do not ask if your child is his. When the child, who was born blond hair, appeared incessant diarrhea, immune deficiencies were found. But doctors could not explain why it happened. He spent a year and a half to ensure that doctors were able to diagnose the disease. It is an extremely rare syndrome, hepato-enteropathic trichomes, which explains his blond hair. It is known that there are only 44 cases of the disease worldwide.

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