They are rare turtle-crocodile in the Amur River

Residents living near the Amur River found a large turtle-crocodile. Two people were walking around the place, not realizing that before them the prehistoric exotic reptile that normally lives in South America was.

She was detained for a few minutes to take pictures of the rare animal (say it showed aggressive), then he was released back into the river.

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Chilling floods in Sochi

The heavy rains that have plagued the Russian city of Sochi caused dangerous flooding. Drains exploded and flooded the city and affected almost all areas of the city. In some places, the water level reached more than one meter. The authorities carried out the evacuation of residents of the severely affected areas. Houses, public institutions and other infrastructure were flooded.

Train stations and airports are not working, there are serious problems with the movement of people. Tourists can not leave the city.

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