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    A trunk is opened and a three-year-old girl falls onto the road

    The safety camera of a car caught the moment when the trunk of the car in front of the car suddenly opened and a small girl fell in the middle of the road. Fortunately, the vehicles behind could stop in time and help the three-year-old girl, who was stunned after the crash. The minor was […]

  • He planted a tree in a desert every day

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    He planted a tree in a desert every day. You will not believe what it looks like 37 years later

    Incredible as it may seem, Jadav Payeng, better known by his nickname “Molai”, is responsible for creating a forest of approximately 550 hectares (almost double the Central Park, New York), on a sandbar of the river Brahmaputra, India. 55-year-old humbled environmentalist Jadav has shown the world that the will to achieve incredible changes in this […]

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    A Brazilian is shocked at the ATMs in a supermarket

    When leaving with the purchases of a Brazilian supermarket, one of the cases falls from the hands of this ordinary Brazilian, who does not hesitate to lead a spectacular acrobatics with his feet to avoid dropping the object to the ground.

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    The president of Costa Rica swallows a live wasp in full interview

    In an interview broadcast on Costa Rican television, a wasp entered the mouth of the president of this country, Luis Guillermo Solis, without the president has reacted. “I ate it,” were the words of the president, quickly assisted by his companions, who found nothing better to offer than a bottle of water 😀 jaja

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    A Nigerian athlete loses her wig during a jump

    The curious fact occurred during the IAAF Diamond League Long Jump Test that takes place in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Nigerian athlete Blessing Okagbare, a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics, did not lose control after what happened and waited for judges to validate her jump (6.21 meters) to pick up her wig from the […]

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