Impressive mansion $ 17 million

This stunning 4-story mansion is located in Brooklyn, New York, USA .. The house has 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and has an area of 1370 square meters. It has a private elevator, gas fireplaces, pool, garden, terrace, library, office and laundry.

The interior is made at the highest level, according to the seller, this house is the most luxurious of all Brooklyn. The floors are marble, has large interior spaces, art and new technologies create a strong impression.

They say that the annual tax is $ 27,000 !!!, about the same as is required for the maintenance of the house. And of course, it costs $ 17 million.

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Scientists found bolts and gears 300 million years

It is probably often find yourself with news somewhat outlandish as you’ll see in this post. People who claim to have found objects from the age of rocks, hundreds of millions of years old.

In the summer of 1998, Russian scientists studied an area 300 kilometers south-west of Moscow, seeking meteor fragments. In their search, they found some stones with nuts, bolts, gears, springs, nails and other elements of human activity, which supposedly are millions of years old.

It is obvious that these ideas are really crazy, and has generated ideas found. It seems to me a clown who think they have existed bolts and other things at this time in our history; but in life anything can happen :)

What do you think?

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Keys to interpret body language


Have you ever wondered how others perceive you? 70% of what we say is in our attitudes and gestures, not our words. in this article are the main keys to interpret body language in others and understand what message you are projecting your body.

The eyes

Look away to the side is a sign of boredom or mistrust. When someone looks at you when talking is because their attention is focused elsewhere, either because he does not care what you say or do not believe you. When you want to establish an empathic link with someone, be sure to look carefully.

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The method of “green pen”

In this article we want to tell the experience of a mother who decided to change the technical education in which only highlights the errors, and analyzed in practice the consequences it could have on the child’s point of view in the future. believes she exposes the arguments relate to the truth.

“I’ll start from the beginning. My daughter almost never went to school early stimulation, I myself was the one who always took care of that. When we were training her hand before admission to regular school, our notebook looked like this:

pen green

Do you see the difference? He not highlighted with red pen errors but highlighted with green letters and balls that had gone well. She liked it a lot and always after completing a line asking me, Mommy, what all I went better “And even more pleased when I circled the nicest letter with the words” very good “?.

What is the difference between the two techniques? Have you already understand?


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