5 Mind Blowing facts about “The Mask”

maskFACT 1

Those prosthetic teeths that Jim Carrey wore for the movie were meant to only be used on non speaking scenes.

10 Facts For The Fans of Movie "The Mask" (9)FACT 2

The yellow suit wore by the actor was inspired by his mother, cause the original made by her, was used for his first presentation on a stand up show.

http://www.punchnels.com/wp-content/uploads/Jim_Carrey_Dumb-and-Dumber-Inside.jpgFACT 3

There was a huge difference between the paycheck of  450.000 $ he recived  his role in The mask, in comparison for the paycheck he received on Dumb and Dumber of 6.500.000 $

cameron-diazFACT 4

Cameron Diaz was almost replace by the actress Anna Smith for the role of tina on the movie, which one launched Diaz to the fame.

https://media.ceetiz.com/activity/GRACAN005/thumbnails/642x450/cun-cbnvip-cancun-coco-bongo-gold-member-1.jpgFACT 5

The Coco Bongo’s restaurant on the movie, it’s the actually name of Jim Carrey’s restaurant on Mexico