Gym transformation: what the gym can do (amazing transformation!)

Gym transformation: what the gym can do (amazing transformation!). Definitely, when we suggest what we can do seemingly impossible things. Such is the case with these people, living examples of perseverance, men and women who decided to lose weight based on physical fitness exercises, aided by a proper diet.

The results are simply amazing. Gym transformation!!

  • que insiero estas personas para cambiar

  • Willem

    Only gym will not work. You also need good food, food for sporters!

  • jayson

    well it’s quite true.. the chubby ones are the ones likely to get those muscles… if you’re the lean type, you can go to the gym everyday but will still not get those muscles to bulk…

  • can u pls guide me how to gain weight and shape up my body for show competitions pls….

  • yah

    go america! soon you won’t be the most fattest country in the whole world!

  • Lolgto

    Some are fakes and some are good but some are photoshoped and wants a great body u need good food and good endurance to get stuff like those and some doesn’t have abbs it’s all about abbs and muscle fOr most poeple but for me it’s what they can do or what they could do study mix martial art and call mE and match up with Ne go 1on1 with me lawl do a deathmatch with me thts even beter

  • coreen

    hey, I wanna see the one in the pic that led me here!

  • aziz

    How can I put my picture ? Cause I have one before and after

  • Lisa

    Gym? More like steroids for some of these! :\

  • Ray

    Amazing result, well if you just get started, result is guarantee, with proper exercise, proper rest and eating smart (not diet) you’ll be amaze of your own result. though there is a way to get big without using steroids.