An alien in China

This strange monkey decently frightened inhabitants of one village in China. They took her by the alien.
The animal part no hair, big eyes and small body. Monkey stealing food from a house until it was caught by the mistress. Now scientists find out what species of monkeys, it applies.

alien monkey

alien monkey

alien monkey

  • Ana

    Esto que veo es un claro caso de mal trato animal, otra que especie rara estos monos creo son de Australia, o alrededores así que no hay ningún animal nuevo o especie rara que le quiten el animalito a la dueña y le hagan tratamiento alimenticio, que por ello le falta pelo

  • mapple

    its not alien! that animal name is kuskus from indonesian! why you say this animal is an alien?

  • somebody

    @mapple : i’ve searched this kuskus image on google.. are u sure it’s a kuskus? they’re as different as squirel and monkey.. i mean, i think the only thing similar between them is their round head.

  • tommyriantoro

    that’s definitly a kuskus from indonesia

  • White Sun

    Actualy this one called kukang
    but with skinny head. ‘_’

  • renz

    i think thats a species of lemur

  • Virginia

    Looks like an Indonesian animal which was abused. Those animals are docile. Why would anyone do that to the cute little creature.

  • Kenneth

    No way

  • jam

    its a freaking mutated tarsier search it in google they look a like.