Beautiful Japanese model is really a man

A popular and beautiful Japanese model, called Kayo Satoh, has confessed on TV that she is a man. He move away from his hometown to prevent anyone from recognising him, and then living as a woman under a new name. Kayo claims he has had no plastic surgery, aside from natural prettiness, it seems much of “her” success is down to very skilful application of makeup.


  • Me:Mario

    How the hell is she a man?!!

  • mat2

    her name is kayo satoh,
    she is a transgender model and really famous for her streetfighter gaming skill A_A


    i wonder if he got implants O_0.I’m also wondering if he like girls or guys

  • eknarak

    if she is a real man, wtf the most of women can compare him?

    • Nina

      It wasn’t that hard for me, I’m becoming a pro in the “is it a boy or a girl?” stuff that happens in asian country’s… That’s what you get when your idols are mostly japanese crossdressers

  • Observer

    I can’t believe my eyes and what I read I think she’s my type,So Cute..unbeliveable…

  • KiiroInfactoid

    well, thank goodness she’s not Nozomi Sasaki.(my fave singer. gotta luv her face) btw, can he talk like a man? I’ll look her up in youtube. hopefully he can prove he’s a guy. (but not in a porn way!)

  • roger d

    She was born as a man.
    If she does not accept being a man, we can’t force her either.

  • pandoramaster

    Are you freaking kidding me? Its like some manga character from those gender-bender genres.

  • p0kem0n

    Wish “she” stayed a man… ='(
    He’d have been quite hot

  • Desu

    Last time I checked he was on hormones.
    It isn’t just ‘natural prettiness’

  • Ruined


  • Killjoy

    But if you look closely you can still see the male jaw structure on him. If it weren’t for that I would have totally been fooled. There are some rally androgynous people out there just so happens most of them are in eastern Asian countries.

  • Aya

    When did natural prettiness (from a boy) give you boobs ? =w=”

    • annea101

      what breasts?

  • Person

    I wonder what she look like before when she was still a man…

  • Rebecca

    I’ve seen women with a masculine looking jaw before, the giveaway for me was his stomach. It’s obviously a man’s stomach. The shape of the pelvis too, even Japanese girls have a natural curve to their hips.

  • Azura

    Don’t judge him u stupid noob website!!! He did had a plastic surgery, you know y? When he was still in high school he was bullied and got beat, everyday he came home with a massive bruise on his face and all over his body, he later left home and work his ass off. He realized that being a boy will bring him pain and suffering so he change his gender and went under the knife. He finally became a motorcycle model and earn much better than before, he’s even a pro gamer at Street Fighter a great cosplayer and all. To him being and looking like a girl makes him more confident and stand up for himself more so he chose to be a women. Feel pity for him and judging is for dirt brain!!!

  • Lyrica

    Hyde is WAY cuter, and has really “natural prettiness”!

  • liam

    1st. this is why you read the passage before looking at bayonetta pics and 2 if thats what s/he wants to do, so be it. im not gonna stop him… on a non-gay note, he looks really cute as a girl… i feel wrong now

  • I would go gay for him..

  • Maidas

    You guys and gals are so mean. So what if she’s a man. Even though I don’t know her, there’s nothing wrong with her choices. It’s like saying when you do drugs and alcohol. No difference. Anyways I aree with other POSITIVE responses.

  • Seppy

    Could tell right away it was a man.
    1. The link said “A man can’t be as beautiful as a woman…” (This one alone makes it obvious it is a man)
    2. Some Asians can be extremely good with make up.
    3. Third picture, imagine with shorter hair.

  • brenda lazo

    no manches ella es una mujer no tiene nada de hombre esta muy bonita jajajaj

  • aho

    oh god why……………….
    such beautiful, but it’s a trap

  • YamiMaindo

    Is it really wrong to wish you were someone else? To feel like you are sporting the wrong body? As my best friend once noted on his psychology paper he wrote for his PHD this sort of feeling is actually quite a common phenomenon and at least 8 out of ten people experience it at least once in their lives. Females generally experience it during early childhood somewhere in their first 6-8 years of life. Males usually get this during puberty especially when they first start to take erotic interests in the opposite gender or as the case may be, their own gender. Also their are many more males and females who wish they where the opposite gender, than most people know or suspect. However almost all these people live their lives in unhappiness and misery as their birth gender, because our so-called land of opportunity and freedom is actually quite surprisingly a closed-minded highhanded ham-fisted culture consisting of old-fashioned white Male ideals that are so ingrained into most people that they reject and hate all that does not meet these ideals

  • Lydia

    Holy fhacking shiet. I’m a girl and im totally jealous !!! He’s so cute !!! Not only that his figure is awesome. Oh how i wish i was that thin xD

  • Soju

    Most likely, this guy is taking estrogen hormones. However, there are a few genetic defects, where a person chromosomes are messed up and is xxy or their body rejects testosterone.

    • Kel Jun H

      smart ass (y)

  • Trevor Glades

    There goes my hopes and dreams…

  • Kel Jun H

    🙁 *ashamed to be a girl now* …. *sigh*

  • morikas

    Idk if most of you realize a lot of asian guys can look really girl like. Look up sungjong from infinite. I swear he could pass 100%