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10 Hollywood celebrities who despite the great difference in appearance, were born in the same year

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Celebrities, Curiosity 18 de julio de 2014

All people are different, and that’s fine, just imagine how it would be boring if everyone were the same. But while all of us ever equilibrate .. Time spares no one, but some manage to maintain your youthful appearance much longer. All depends not only on lifestyle and plastic surgery, but also on genetics. We offer you a collection of comparative photos of Hollywood stars, looking at which it is difficult to believe that they are the same age, but nevertheless it is!

Famous Russian rapper Seryoga, losing weight has changed beyond recognition

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity, Health 11 de julio de 2014

All Russian citizens at least once in your life heard once trendy track Belarusian rapper Seryoga “Black boomer” and will remember, looked like a cheerful artist. Had come to him after the glory, 37-year-old Sergei, whose real name is Sergei Parkhomenko, temporarily disappear from the scene and returned to a new unrecognizable image: Artist considerably thinner, pumped muscles and, if not strange, began to look gloomy and the aged. By the way, now it sounds like a nickname Seryoga.

Jennifer Lawrence showed all her breast for Dior fashion show in Paris

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity, Girls 10 de julio de 2014

Jennifer Lawrence – Actress conquered many hearts of men and the star of such famous films as “The Hunger Games”, “My boyfriend is crazy” and others, was honored to become the face of fashion house Dior. On a recent show of famous actress, as expected, was in a dress by Dior, which proved to be extremely frank. Dress Jennifer looked very elegant, but very naughty side opened up views of her breasts. However, it seems that the very candid celebrity these species did not hesitate.

How stars of adult movies looked before starting their career

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity, Girls 1 de julio de 2014

Certainly, before to come to shoot in erotic films, these actors tried out in different roles and in the pictures you will see in the continuation of the article, they are still very young imprinted with clean, innocent eyes. We suggest you to look at how the stars of adult movies looked before they start their career.

Britney Spears shows her true figure, wearing shorts and tiny top

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity, Ugliest 26 de junio de 2014

A popular singer with love of all teenagers, Britney Spears has gone downhill. Paparazzi tends to provide pictures star that has ceased to look after themselves, put on weight and is increasingly appearing in public in an unfavorable light, and its long-standing trick with shaving head left an indelible impression on many. Although recently a 32-year old singer slowly began to come to herself and her long-time fans have hope again that Britney will delight them with its beautiful appearance, but it was not like that…

Girl chooses the most unfortunate place for yoga

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Celebrities, Curiosity 21 de junio de 2014

Yoga is a very rewarding sport that helps to achieve harmony with your body, but to achieve harmony this lady chooses a very unusual place. Hilary Baldwin, who is also the wife of the famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, loves to practice yoga in the oddest places, so she decided to add to her popularity. Almost every day she puts pictures on her Instagram, adding new subscribers currently, the number of which has already exceeded 42,000. We offer you to admire this beautiful girl and her crazy yoga on.

For a role in new movie Johnny Depp has changed beyond recognition

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Celebrities, Curiosity 5 de junio de 2014

Famous American actor Johnny Depp was invited to play in the title role of a new film called “Black Mass”, where the Hollywood sex symbol to play the famous Boston gangster James Bulger, which account for more than 11 murders and participated in a number of other crimes. For more accurate transformation into a ruthless killer, the famous actor had to gain a few extra pounds and change beyond recognition!

With the help of plastic surgery Korean turned into a copy of Miranda Kerr

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Crazy, Girls 1 de junio de 2014

Young cute South Korean model Rem Hong Yu, who is also a mad fan of Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, decided to move closer to her idol, becoming her exact copy. The girl fell under the surgeon’s knife in hopes closer to the exterior model and despite the racial differences she got it!

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