David Bowie’s paintings which few people know

Like many British rock musicians of the time, as a child, David went to art school and created his first group drew posters crazy for them. The world learned David Bowie was an artist only in 2013, during the exhibition «Is David Bowie», held in London.

In addition to music and acting activities, Bowie was interested in painting and drawing from a young age. Bowie described himself as “a convinced and old expressionist” and said that the greatest influences on his work were Frank Auerbach, Francis Picabia, David Bomberg, and Francis Bacon.

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14 celebrities who have the secret of eternal youth

The legendary icon of style and beauty, Sophia Loren once said: “It’s hard to be irresistible, if you’re lazy.” Almost always, beauty requires sacrifice. To reach 100, you must, without doubt, a great effort, because time is passing like the wind and can lead to instant youth and charm.

But the big screen some stars know, or are fortunate enough to stay and look really good. One might even say they have the secret of “eternal youth”. Watch these 14 celebrities who, over time, not aged.

Will Smith, Jamie Foxx., Jay-Z, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Jared Leto, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Avril Lavigne, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Aniston, Elijah Wood, Beyoncé, Neil Patrick Harris.

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The 10 bathrooms and dressing celebrities

When it comes to interior design, the stars spare them much money. Some of the celebrities have opened their luxury villas and apartments for the paparazzi, and captured the interiors, the locker full of clothes, thousands of dollars.

In this collection you will see the dressing rooms and bathrooms celebrities like Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Brooke Shields and others.

1. Kourtney Kardashian.

If you grew up in a large family like Kourtney, you’ve probably had to fight hard battles in the time to take a shower. Kourtney was with some tpo of trauma, because in his new mansion, the rich girl has 9 bathrooms, which will surely make you happy: D

batrooms celeb


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10 famous and successful characters with autism

Autism is one of the most controversial neurological conditions that exist and that its mysterious origin gives a lot to talk about.

It is a condition that affects the nervous system and produces various developmental disabilities. The severity of autism varies widely: 45% of patients lack the basic communication skills, but many others such as those with Asperger syndrome have had very productive lives.

That is why it has designated 2 April as World Day for Autism Awareness; And according to UN figures, over 80% of adults with autism are unemployed. Research indicates that employers are letting out capacities presented more usually between people with autism spectrum disorders than among the “neurotypical” workers, such as increased competition in the pattern recognition and logical reasoning, and a greater attention to detail.

However things are not so bad, because as we’ll show below, this condition is not at all an impediment to a successful life; And, throughout history, there have been famous people with autism, and yet have reached the peak of their careers.

1. Beethoven.
An example of genius in music. Since very little was evident talent. However, it says that it was hard to leave the musical routine and socialize.

autism celebrities


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The 10 women who loved Paul McCartney

They are the women who have shared, but above all, have left their mark on the life of former Beatles.

Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England. Raised in a family of opposing religious beliefs, because his mother was a fervent Catholicism, his father was a Protestant, but later became an agnostic.

Paul’s mother, Mary, died of cancer in 1956, which represented a hard blow to the economy and morale McCartney. Jim, the head of the family was in charge of Paul and his brother Michael.

Paul studied at various schools, but to the renowned Liverpool Insitute where he met George Harrison, who shared his love for the guitar, and the person who introduced him to John Lennon, the three, along with Stuart Sutcliffe in 1954, they formed The Quarrymen, who years later would evolve into The Beatles, Ringo Starr.

Along with Lennon, Paul broke his skills as composer topic She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand, however, also he enjoyed his own honey with songs like Hello, Goodbye, Hey Jude and Yesterday. After the dissolution of the quartet in 1970, Paul decided with his wife Linda, create Wings, which remained in effect for a couple of decades. With an important role, so Linda, one of the pillars of the life of former Beatle, who say, no one knows to be unfolded.

To celebrate his birthday, here we have for you a collection of women who have been vertices in the musician’s life, not only their partners, also their daughters and other surprises.

1. Jane Asher.
A British actress who was dating musician for five years. A special love. They met in April 1963 in Juke Box Jury Festival where The Beatles were presented. Jane was the muse hits like “For No One” and “And I love her”.

paul mccartney loves


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