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Salt of the earth

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 24 de noviembre de 2014

These photos show many cars where machines for the production of sea salt, located on Lake Siwash near Yalta in Crimea were installed.

In this area, there is an ancient tradition of salt production. It is extracted from the salt marshes, flooded the Black Sea.

Pictures of people sleeping … anywhere

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 24 de noviembre de 2014

There are people who take advantage of any place to sleep. Here are alfunas photos of them.

Among the images, they will see Chinese buyers who are sleeping in the showroom of an IKEA store. Of the 10 largest Ikea stores worldwide, 8 are in China, to meet the needs of the growing middle class in China. The tents are made with additional exhibition halls, this is done in view of the fact that customers visit the store for a full day. Warehouse Management does not prevent its customers sleeping in Ikea furniture. Even post signs inviting customers to experience the furniture company.

Awesome ice cave in Alaska

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 24 de noviembre de 2014

This photographer captured stunning photos in an ice cave in Alaska. Take that kind of pictures is very dangerous because it could collapse at any moment. The walls of the cave have a dazzling turquoise in its vast open spaces, and it is hard to imagine that this amazing ice cave began to form only in the beginning of 2012. But despite this seemingly mystical charm, this fascinating natural phenomenon is at risk of self-destruction.

The photos were taken by photographer 55 years old, caver Ron Giles.

Objects created by aliens

Posted by Filed in Curiosity, Mysteries 18 de noviembre de 2014

Here are the most famous monuments of the bygone era. Many people, including paranormal investigators say that these structures are involved with strange beings who came from other planets. Of course, most of these states does not withstand scientific criticism, but some have no clear explanation.

For example “Indian Chief” located in Alberta, Canada, there is a huge image of the head of an Indian with something that resembles a headset music player. This rare figure can be found in Google Earth coordinates 500’38.20 ‘north latitude and 1106’48.32′ west longitude. It’s a huge geomorphological occurred almost without human intervention. The headset is a path to an oil that appeared here recently.

There are many other strange cases scattered throughout the world. Below you will see some images, traces of aliens.

23 people defying death

Posted by Filed in Crazy, Curiosity 13 de noviembre de 2014

Be amazed watching these 23 people defying death. Would you dare to let you shoot in any of these poses?I would not!

These images will leave you in shock; To be honest, there is only a qualifier for these people: exciting! Very few would dare to do that.

Imagine a picture frame in your room, and that the character of any of these images you. These photos show extreme activities that only few people dare to do.

Top 13 funny and curious houses you’ve ever seen

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 13 de noviembre de 2014

Do not forget to see the 13 most funny and curious houses you’ve ever seen. Let your imagination run wild!

Homes that have shaped curved track skating, bathrooms floors that overlook huge cliffs, gardens inside a kitchen, rooms that simulate an authentic pirate ship, portable offices, wave pools within a room, cinemas outdoors, tree houses which are actually a baby’s room, stairs to replace the functions of a closet and slides for cats that are placed along the walls of an apartment. We are sure that these houses are fascinating and very original.

The creativity and ingenuity of man has no limits. To what extent can reach followed reinventing the world of architecture and engineering? How far our imagination can fly?

Enjoy these pictures and tell us what you identify with you more.

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