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It was a quiet Japanese town until it was flooded of hundreds of deer

Posted by Filed in Amazing, animals, Curiosity, Curious animals 28 de julio de 2014

See a wild animal in the city – a rarity, as they usually tend to stay away from people, but this is not the case. Hundreds of deer came in a small Japanese town of Nara Park Kansai, which is home to more than 1,000 deers. No, animals do not come into town for shopping, they flee from the park to hide in the shade to escape the heat. Each year, the deer come in Nara, filling the sidewalks of the city in small groups. Local deer are so used to people that not only are not afraid to approach him, but also specifically suited asking lint.

div class=”center”>japan nara full of deers


7 useful tips to take a good picture of your body at the beach in a swimsuit

Posted by Filed in Curiosity, Funny, Girls 26 de julio de 2014

Midsummer heat and mercilessly attacking us, in an attempt to escape from it and have a good time, people go to the beach or a swimming pool. We sometimes face many dangers, such as the probability of burn in the sun, can steal your stuff, you can cut your foot on a piece of glass in water, but the most dangerous – a bad picture of your body in a bad position, you will slowly but surely destroy your self-esteem. Just follow this 7 tips to take a good picture of your body at the beach in a swimsuit.

Building a beautiful blue pool in summer cottage with their own hands

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Curiosity, Spectacular buildings 25 de julio de 2014

Pool – the ideal place to have rest and cool off in the summer. But the trouble is, it is not for everyone, exactly like the suburban area. But for those who have it, fell a great chance to build on it a wonderful pool with their hands. We offer you a photo story about self-construction of the pool “from scratch” and to the final version. Tribute to the builder, who was able to turn a nondescript piece of land in the amazing beauty of the pool, no worse than Turkey.

Canadian iceberg that looks just like Batman

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Curiosity, Funny, Spectacular 24 de julio de 2014

This superhero Batman was coined many years ago, so it’s hard to find someone who would not know what he looks like. Despite the fact that the superhero was forgotten, but thanks to the movie “The Dark Knight,” which opened in 2008, its history shone new dark colors. It was possible to make a funny photo by Mike Parsons on acute Little Bay, Canada. Huge iceberg looks exactly as Batman, with his stern face in a mask with pointy ears.

Dirty annual festival of mud in South Korea

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Culture, Curiosity, Funny 24 de julio de 2014

Traditionally, the annual mud festival is held in South Korea, Boryeong. This is 17 times when Koreans roll grand dirty party. During the festival, everyone, and not afraid to get dirty in the muddy mire from head to toe, can participate in the mud fights, mud racing, or just very well lie and roll for fun. We offer you a small collection of this sordid event where dirt enough for everyone!

Funny pictures of animals who love ice cream

Posted by Filed in Curiosity, Curious animals, Funny, Humor 22 de julio de 2014

What could be better than a delicious, cooling ice cream on a hot day? Right! Only two scoops of ice cream! Animals also like to eat this wonderful product and where it is not just cats and squirrels, lizards, monkeys and even anteaters. We offer you a collection of endearing images of animals that have seized up ice cream and enjoy it to the fullest. Animals, of course, ice cream is bad, but if a little bit, then nothing bad will happen.

Multifunction useful gadgets that will make your life easier

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Curiosity, Spectacular 21 de julio de 2014

The ultra-fast rhythm of modern life makes us save time wherever possible. But people living in the XXI century can not complain, developers, researchers and designers have equipped us with all sorts of multifunctional gadgets that greatly simplify life, saving valuable time. Some of the existing devices are so brilliant and at the same time it is obvious that there is a question I ask myself, don’t you think this is a bright idea?

Strong men with skinny legs, proving that the legs also need to train

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Crazy, Curiosity, Funny 21 de julio de 2014

Many bodybuilders do not train legs guided by the fact that “in the pants legs is not visible,” apparently pants they never filmed. They do a very good reason, because seeing ourselves inflated torso men you lower your eyes down to where you are greeted by white chick legs, a very funny picture. We offer you a collection of images of men with skinny legs that all attention to only the top, and that´s why they become like cartoon characters.

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