monstruo marino

Found remains of an unknown sea monster

On the shores of Sakhalin (a Russian island), they found remains in a horrible putrefaction unknown animal. The monster is relatively large (greater than 4 meters in length) and dolphin resembles India, although there are many inconsistencies. For example, the animal has a rather rare fin also has !!! claws. As if that were not enough, it is similar to that of a duck head.

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Animal lover shared her bedroom with three hundred filthy rats

Just a week ago, staff of animal protection organizations Munich found inside a room to a man lover of animals, living with more than three hundred rats. It was a real breeding ground for nasty rats.

The apartment was completely given to rodents, sawdust and straw covering the floor and bowls set out for unusual pets. Rescuers found animal nests full of hungry chicks in drawers, behind the closets and under the bed.

They assume that the man tried to take over rats, raising them in their own way. However, given the large number of rats, the matter got out of hand.

A picture really disgusting!

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