A monkey was arrested in India for being a criminal

When we hear “punished for violation in public order” in our heads, there is an image of a villain, but in India this same villain may be a monkey. On February 5, in India, a monkey was caught stealing food from the people, in addition to that, she screamed and made other inappropriate monkey things.

Therefore, Indian rangers were forced to arrest the monkey, foresters had to tie the animal, as if it did not look cruel, it was necessary to do it, as if a monkey does not stop, it may start to behave very badly.

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The 3D-printer sundial that shows the time in figures

What do you get if you mix the concept of hours of sunshine, digital display and 3D-press? Digital sundial! This gadget was developed by the French a swindler, limestone Mojoptix.

Thanks to the original system of small holes, these watches are able to display time on the numbers of their own shadow, depending on the position of the sun. There is no electricity, only physics and ingenious calculation!

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These cute toys will protect your wrists and make you keep your back straight

Daily work at the computer still is not safe for our health, and for those who regularly spend long time in front of the monitor, knows how can aching pain in the wrists and back be.

But the resourceful Japanese people have found a way to rid the office workers from these problems, and raise them up nice toys that are designed to protect the wrist from compression of the median nerve, as well as to maintain the correct posture. Check out these cute toys will protect your wrists and make you keep your back straight.

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The girl who spent more than $ 14000 for turning into Disney Princesses

25 year old girl, Sarah Ingle, from Denver, USA, is a fan of fairy tales and Disney movies who loves to transform herself into the main Disney princesses. Sarah already has 17 princess dresses, the creation of which, according to most girls, she has spent more than $ 14 000.

As a marketing manager of beauty, Sarah regularly transforms herself into one of the nine Disney princesses in the framework of the project “Princess Ever After” and visited children’s hospitals in that form.

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David Bowie’s paintings which few people know

Like many British rock musicians of the time, as a child, David went to art school and created his first group drew posters crazy for them. The world learned David Bowie was an artist only in 2013, during the exhibition «Is David Bowie», held in London.

In addition to music and acting activities, Bowie was interested in painting and drawing from a young age. Bowie described himself as “a convinced and old expressionist” and said that the greatest influences on his work were Frank Auerbach, Francis Picabia, David Bomberg, and Francis Bacon.

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This is how Disney movies would look if they were painted by Tim Burton

Tim Burton is an American film director, producer, animator and writer, whose dark and slightly grotesque style is known bye everyone. His black humor, childish tales and Gothic films have won the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Painter Andrew Tarusov is a big fan of Disney and his love for the classics of Disney, led the artist to create drawings that show how to Disney movies would look if they were painted by Tim Burton. Take a look!

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His disability didn’t stop him to create stunningly realistic paintings

23 year old Polish artist, Mariusz Kedzierski, was born without arms, and even from childhood Mariusz decided that his disability shouldn’t prevent him from living a full life and to realize his dreams.

The unusual artist has been painting over the past 7 years and during that time he has created more than 700 paintings, on which he spent a total of 15,000 hours. Mariusz work did not go unnoticed, in 2013 in Vienna, he received the 2nd place in the nomination «Best Global Artist», as well as participated in various exhibitions. Congrats!

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The guy who had a private flight because no one bought a ticket

Alex Simon got his private flight for the usual price of an economy class ticket. How? Yes, just besides him no one else bought the ticket for the same flight.

The 28 year old blogger and traveler from Ischgl, Austria, got on the plane of Philippine Airlines, going to Boracay from Manila and he discovered that he was the only passenger. Of course, during the take-off, he was not allowed to be in the cockpit, so he took one of the front seats next to the flight attendant.

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