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Indian boy with giant hands that are larger than its own head

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Curiosity 22 de agosto de 2014

India is recorded many cases of children born with birth defects and rare genetic diseases, also this anomaly was born with an Indian boy, plunge into shock anyone. The child was born with huge hands, twice the permissible limits. Now, Kelim with 8 years and his hands, weighing more than 12 pounds, continue to grow, perplexing local doctors, who do not know what to do.

Giant Life-Like Moths And Butterflies Made Of Embroidered Fabric by Yumi Okita

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 22 de agosto de 2014

Yumi Okita, a talented North Carolina-based artist, creates beautiful embroidered art depicting large moths, the less popular but no less beautiful cousin of the ubiquitous butterfly.

Okita’s creations, replete with fur, eyes, legs, antennae, and finely-embroidered wing patterns, strike a fine balance between artistry and realism.

Picturesque farm poplars

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 22 de agosto de 2014

This beautiful estate is owned by the company GreenWood Tree Farm Fund, located in the district of Morrow, Oregon. Manages team Portland Lumberjacks. This unique property occupies 10117 hectares and consists of a variety of hybrid poplars. All trees neatly planted in neat rows estate at the same distance from each other.

The creativity of balloons

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 21 de agosto de 2014

Jason Sekoda (Airheads Entertainment) artist and animator who uses balloons in their work. This Philadelphia artist dedicated to creativity balloons for over 15 years. On his Facebook page, he describes his philosophy as follows:

“My philosophy of creativity with balloons – the destruction of the myths about the futility of such a work, and the balloons are just for kids I am very careful in the details, and as a result, my work consists of many layers. is very complicated. During events, I often see no less than adults admiring my work. Briefly, what I do with quality, high-end work for any customer, regardless of their status and age. ”

How to make caviar in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Filed in Curiosity 21 de agosto de 2014

These photos were taken in Saudi Arabia. The photos will do the procedure for caviar. On the farm well water is extracted. Caviar is literally built with his own hands. The technology is unique. It is difficult to imagine that in the Saudi desert make the best caviar in the world. Eggs and fish are raised on a farm, and are appreciated.

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