17 photos showing the tragic consequences of population growth on the planet

It’s no secret that ruthlessly exploit our planet’s natural resources running at the speed of light. These photos of “The overcrowding, excessive consumption, overproduction” reveal the tragic consequences resulting from population growth in the world. To learn how to change the ecology of the planet, the book tells the scale with the help of pictures and quotes from famous writers, scientists and environmentalists.

1. Waves of debris.
Suprinayya Dede Indonesian surfer catches a wave, but covered in debris from the coast of the island of Java. Java is the world’s most populous island.

planeta sucio


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40 awesome pictures of Thailand

Lots of interesting things in Thailand. Its territory includes 1,430 islands; tropical coastline that stretches 3200 km. The country is home to the oldest rainforest in the world evergreen protected by the Khao Sok National Park, ecosystems, where 160 million years.

There are also wildlife. Asian elephants and Indochinese tiger receive much attention, is also home to 10% of the world’s bird species – about 300 species than the entire European continent. The country has more than 33,902 active churches.

Here are 40 stunning images of Thailand that you will like.

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The 10 rarest parks in the world

1. Park 200 Buddhas, Laos.

Is this unique park, 5 km from the town of Nong Khai and can be reached on foot or by bicycle. The creator Buddha Park is one of the religious leaders of Laos Bunlya Sulitat.

Today it is the creation of a fully completed and everyone can visit this amazing outdoor park in a small area collected more than 200 sculptures of gods Buddhas, snakes and many heroes of the Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

Each of these statues in the park can be screened, approaching her. Of course you can admire from afar, but then you can not see that each stone statues inherent in his face. The height of the statues of the most diverse: some few centimeters, and some who spend 15 meters.

In the park you can admire not only the statues, there are also beautiful ponds and a glass sphere in which lies the embalmed body of the founder of the park Bunlya Sulitata.

park rarest


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