10 incredible animals of tropical forests

There is nothing better than the old stories about animals. But today I will not talk about pets, but those who live in tropical forests. The rainforest is home to a variety of animals. One reason for this is the wide variety of weather. Tropical forests also provide an almost constant presence of water and a wide variety of feed.

Here are 10 amazing animals in tropical forests, and some curiosities. If you are an animal lover you probably want to read the text.

1. Toucans.

They are found in South and Central America, under the canopy of the jungle. During sleep, toucans hide their heads and put their beaks under their wings and tail. Toucans are very important in the jungle because they help spread the seeds of fruits and berries to eat. There are about 40 different species of toucans, but unfortunately, some species are under threat. The two main threats to the existence of toucans are missing an environment where they can live (plundered forests) and increasing demand on the black market pet.

curious animals


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The 10 bathrooms and dressing celebrities

When it comes to interior design, the stars spare them much money. Some of the celebrities have opened their luxury villas and apartments for the paparazzi, and captured the interiors, the locker full of clothes, thousands of dollars.

In this collection you will see the dressing rooms and bathrooms celebrities like Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Brooke Shields and others.

1. Kourtney Kardashian.

If you grew up in a large family like Kourtney, you’ve probably had to fight hard battles in the time to take a shower. Kourtney was with some tpo of trauma, because in his new mansion, the rich girl has 9 bathrooms, which will surely make you happy: D

batrooms celeb


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8 more rare and impressive of the Japanese genius inventions

In recent years, the Western media have discussed the strange, hilarious and disconcerting Japanese inventions ever. It is true that almost all Japanese inventions are really curious and 100% useful; but there are also some very rare and perhaps even “useless” for a certain group of people, although they are still curious and inventions at last.

This list includes some Japanese inventions that can change our lives. Japan is undoubtedly a technological superpower, and for a long time developing new technologies demonstrate a real breakthrough in engineering. Some of these follies are still under study, but perhaps within a short time could now become reality.

1. Vending machines “bounce around”.

It may seem that the vending machines do not belong to the number of inventions that can change the world; but if we see otherwise, you may change your thinking. With the passage of time Japan became a vending machine in a convenient tool to meet other needs. Most people use these machines for snacks, while the Japanese have announced a new era of these machines: can now be used to buy anything , from umbrella, even eggs and fresh salad . Will it the rest of the world the example of the Japanese, is hard to say. However, seeing a sell fresh vegetables machine is already quite curious.



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8 effective yoga postures to sleep soundly

I am sure that few of us manage to stay asleep quickly, once thrown on the bed. Lack of sleep is mostly due to stress. The saddest thing is that if we do not stop in time, this situation can become a vicious cycle that prevent us from sleeping as we really need.

Today it is common to experience stress or concerns, due to the recharged agent modern activities. This leaves no sleep properly or get adequate rest. Far more often than we would like, we have trouble sleeping because we are worried and anxious, participating in activities, walks, meetings, sometimes unenjoyable. The fact of not getting enough sleep makes us lift stressed the next day, and ended the day on a never-ending circle.

Here we bring something that could help you. We have collected 8 Simple but effective exercises that will help you relax and tune quickly with sleep.

1. Legs up.

Lie on your back facing the wall at a distance, so you can stretch your legs and lean against the wall. Lift your legs so that your heels and knees are at the same level. If you find it difficult to keep your feet in this position, try to move away from the wall a little. Place your hands, palms up. Breathe deeply and evenly. Stay in this position for about 2 minutes.

yoga sleep


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tiburon blanco

“Give me five” white shark!

This gorgeous, a monstrous female white shark issue that the perpetrators of this video cameramen christened “Deep Blue” is one of the most filmed to date, exceeding 6 meters in length. The image was captured in Isla Guadalupe (Mexico belonging to) a researcher named Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.

The place where the images are recorded is known for its high concentration of Great White, because there are dozens of adult congregate every year for reproductive purposes. Within the safety cage protection, and drawing female parsimony when passing in front of the cameras, photographers could get great close-ups of this massive predator.

However there is always a “restless ass”, and as you can see in the video, one of the cameras decided to leave the safety of the cage and go to the top, from where he “hit the five” with the flap of Deep Blue. Fortunately the large female (males are always smaller) was just browsing, so it ended up disappearing into the ocean, leaving everyone stunned with his imposing presence.

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