The most charming dealer of a Japanese store

Usually behind the counter store we always met the seller in the human form, because we did not even expect to see there is someone else. But in a small Tokyo store that sells cigarettes, a window opens to potential buyers is not a man, is a dog with breed Shiba Inu. Fluffy the seller lives in the store with his own and attracts both locals and tourists from all over the country who come to buy a pack of cigarettes or a snack and say “hello” charming seller.

Charming cats recreating models photos

Hardly on this planet you can find someone who would be more graceful than cats regard posing and supplications, these guys know exactly how and what to do with her body. Cats from our article decided to teach a lesson venerable models, showing them how to make a real business model, which is true for paid meals. The main thing that the model did not fall into a deep depression because the cat took one paw and crushed all their years of training and rehearsals.

It was a quiet Japanese town until it was flooded of hundreds of deer

See a wild animal in the city – a rarity, as they usually tend to stay away from people, but this is not the case. Hundreds of deer came in a small Japanese town of Nara Park Kansai, which is home to more than 1,000 deers. No, animals do not come into town for shopping, they flee from the park to hide in the shade to escape the heat. Each year, the deer come in Nara, filling the sidewalks of the city in small groups. Local deer are so used to people that not only are not afraid to approach him, but also specifically suited asking lint.

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Funny pictures of animals who love ice cream

What could be better than a delicious, cooling ice cream on a hot day? Right! Only two scoops of ice cream! Animals also like to eat this wonderful product and where it is not just cats and squirrels, lizards, monkeys and even anteaters. We offer you a collection of endearing images of animals that have seized up ice cream and enjoy it to the fullest. Animals, of course, ice cream is bad, but if a little bit, then nothing bad will happen.

Animal rights groups have accused Lady Gaga of abusing her own dog

Back in April of this year outrageous singer Lady Gaga has got a French bulldog puppy, which the star called Asia. Dog has gained popularity due to the fact that the singer take her dog to all the social events and she puts to the dog an accessory. But animal rights advocates is not that excited. Not so long ago, Lady Gaga has posted pictures of her pet in Instagram, where the poor animal was wearing an outlandish outfit as a necklace, and ears adorned bulky clips.

Very rare animals and insects, in which one half of the body differs from another

In biology, there is also such a thing as a chimera, which means the body consisting of genetically dissimilar cells, ie the body simultaneously inherits genes from both parents, which in a strange way affect their body, dividing the body into two halves. We offer you a collection of images of animals and insects chimeras whose half body differ from each other due to a rare physical anomaly.