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Funny pictures of animals who love ice cream

Posted by Filed in Curiosity, Curious animals, Funny, Humor 22 de julio de 2014

What could be better than a delicious, cooling ice cream on a hot day? Right! Only two scoops of ice cream! Animals also like to eat this wonderful product and where it is not just cats and squirrels, lizards, monkeys and even anteaters. We offer you a collection of endearing images of animals that have seized up ice cream and enjoy it to the fullest. Animals, of course, ice cream is bad, but if a little bit, then nothing bad will happen.

Strong men with skinny legs, proving that the legs also need to train

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Crazy, Curiosity, Funny 21 de julio de 2014

Many bodybuilders do not train legs guided by the fact that “in the pants legs is not visible,” apparently pants they never filmed. They do a very good reason, because seeing ourselves inflated torso men you lower your eyes down to where you are greeted by white chick legs, a very funny picture. We offer you a collection of images of men with skinny legs that all attention to only the top, and that´s why they become like cartoon characters.

That’s what happen when adults recreate their childhood photos

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Crazy, Funny 17 de julio de 2014

Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still, we all grow old. Someone refers to this with sadness, and someone knows how to laugh at it. All people love to get their old family album and laugh at their children’s photographs, but these guys brought this process to a new level. People united by a common idea of ​​humor, the network spread their funny photos, which they recreate their old baby pictures. The best of them you can see below.

Insanely cool pictures made without photoshop

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Curiosity, Funny, Mysteries 14 de julio de 2014

Thanks to Photoshop, people cease to believe their eyes, because they know that with it you can do just a fantastic thing. Very hard to believe, but nevertheless, all the photos in this collection are not subjected to digital processing, which makes it even more cool. We bring you the amazing shots that were made in different parts of our planet, combined with its incredible and naturalness.

Disgusting speed competition of eating duck embryos

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Funny, Rare foods 4 de julio de 2014

If you crave sharp and incomparable sensations, try Balut-already formed duck embryo, with plumage, beak and cartilage. In Asia, this dish is considered a delicacy, and the Philippines, and all is an integral part of the daily diet. Eggs are eaten raw, boiled and fried, after drinking the amniotic fluid. For a man who is not accustomed to such exotic, any description of this dish should cause nausea, but no secret that for the sake of money and fame people are willing to go to extreme measures, such as such as participation in the competition for speed eating balut, which takes place on an annual basis in New York.

Collection of silly and ridiculous selfies

Posted by Filed in Crazy, Freaks, Funny, Humor 19 de junio de 2014

The last trend is to photographing using your mobile phone, along with good shots, generates a myriad of incredibly stupid, ridiculous and even strange selfies, lovers of crossbows that seek to share with the world and fill the Internet. Photos on the memory that’s fine, because looking at them can remember a lot of pleasant moments of life, but what kind of nostalgic thoughts can cause photos creators of these selfies remains a mystery.

Unexpected surprise for a woman that bought a dozen quail eggs

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Funny 10 de junio de 2014

Quail eggs are considered very useful, at least they can drink freely of raw, as infected with salmonella from them is simply not possible. People use quail eggs in different ways, some like to drink them raw, while others need them to decorate dishes and salads. Mandy Clayton needed quail egg salad, and she did so, as I have done to any of us – went to the store and bought a tray. But what happened next could not expect anybody.

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