2 Friends went to the cinema like they were just one person

In youtube, Bo Johnson and his best friend, Matthew, had the idea to go secretly to the cinema 2 of them like they were just one person. After trying a variety of options, friends finally found the most optimal.

The boys took off their funny attempts to put two people in a sport suit and posted the video on YouTube, where it is currently viewed by nearly 3 million people.

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The guy who had a private flight because no one bought a ticket

Alex Simon got his private flight for the usual price of an economy class ticket. How? Yes, just besides him no one else bought the ticket for the same flight.

The 28 year old blogger and traveler from Ischgl, Austria, got on the plane of Philippine Airlines, going to Boracay from Manila and he discovered that he was the only passenger. Of course, during the take-off, he was not allowed to be in the cockpit, so he took one of the front seats next to the flight attendant.

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Scientists found bolts and gears 300 million years

It is probably often find yourself with news somewhat outlandish as you’ll see in this post. People who claim to have found objects from the age of rocks, hundreds of millions of years old.

In the summer of 1998, Russian scientists studied an area 300 kilometers south-west of Moscow, seeking meteor fragments. In their search, they found some stones with nuts, bolts, gears, springs, nails and other elements of human activity, which supposedly are millions of years old.

It is obvious that these ideas are really crazy, and has generated ideas found. It seems to me a clown who think they have existed bolts and other things at this time in our history; but in life anything can happen :)

What do you think?

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