Ingenious inventors who were able to find a way out of any situation

In life, it often happens that we something is missing, but most of us, unfortunately, not enough brains. These guys apparently a problem with it not experience, because they are simply unable to find ingenious ways to reach even the most difficult situations.

Hole in a sock? There is a marker! No mailbox? There dumbbell and chair! You see, you have nothing to understand, and the heroes of our articles not only invented it, they more and implement! Perhaps their mother is very proud of them.

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Madness and courage: the strange outfits of visitors in American supermarkets

Going to the store many dress up as a holiday, while others do not see anything wrong to go to the nearest supermarket in a bathrobe and slippers. But not the other, and not even hold a candle to no good crazy American mods that trip to the store to choose the most crazy and ridiculous outfits of all that can be.

Looking at these pictures, you begin to doubt the adequacy of some Americans. :D

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Amazing competition of frozen hairstyles in Canada

When the temperature drops below zero, for Canadian visitors hot springs Tahini starts something interesting. As soon as the temperature drops below -30 ° C, and all that is a little wet, instantly turning into an icicle, comes the time of the competition frozen hairstyles!

Every year at the hot springs tahini, in Canada, there is a contest of frozen hair, where visitors are competing with each other, trying to create the most unusual and funny hairstyle from icy hair. This year’s contestants have surpassed themselves, their most colorful pictures are waiting for you on :D

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Impressive hammock 50 meters high

Want to take a nap in a hammock outdoors? The idea sounds great. But it is not so cute when you hang in the air at a height of one thousand meters above sea level between two mountains in the Italian Alps!

This is exactly what these people perform during the International Festival in Monte Piana Highline in Italy.

To do this madness, a special system that could support the weight of all the people on the line at the same time was used. In total 22 people participated in 16 hammocks. The line runs 50 meters above the ground. The whole event lasted about 2 hours and the people involved in the stunt were athletes.

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