12 odd photos of the Grand Canyon in Arizona

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A few months ago, a rare natural phenomenon happened at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA .. The whole canyon was full of fog, about once every 10 years occurs. This effect was decorated with a clear and cloudless sky.

This phenomenon is known as “inversion” when the air is heated acts as a lid, sealing the cold air near the ground, and not let the fog dissipate.

25 photos showing the passage of time … with pets

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See 25 photos showing the passage of time … with pets

See a great collection of photographs showing pets with their owners for years and today. If you’re nostalgic or like to remember this gallery is certainly made ​​for you. Such pictures show the passage of time. Some become nostalgic because they retain a great deal of the emotions of the moment captured.

You probably have a pet that you love and aware as anyone else. Try this kind of pictures, take pictures with your pet now will be a good reminder of those good times.

10 Signs that show that your partner is unfaithful

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Do you feel that your partner acting strange? For it is necessary that you know these tips to find out if your partner is unfaithful.

It is very important that you evaluate the behavior of your partner. If you are aware of the small details find out what is hidden, or if you really have nothing to worry about.


It is better to learn the truth even if it hurts, you live a lie. These tips will help you identify changes in small details of your partner, that could be really suspicious. But before you face your partner, make sure you have sufficient evidence of his deception. Otherwise, you could spend a very awkward moment in which you would be as paranoid and would ruin your relationship.

Then you have 10 signs that your partner is unfaithful.

1. The Cell

Becomes suspicious when your partner hides the phone screen constantly when you approach. And look a thousand excuses to justify what it is they’re writing or reviewing. Social networks now allow cheating on their partner has become very easy.
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Diamond from the ashes of dead husband

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Glynis Barnett shows his friends a yellow diamond, which is really amazing. The gem was made from the ashes of the dead husband. According Glynis, when her husband died after a long battle with throat cancer, and liver. She could not decide how to do with his ashes.

  “Although we have been married for 42 years but never discussed what to do if one of us dies, – says the widow of 63 years old -. So while I was trying to cope with their pain, urn with his ashes was in my bed for 18 months. Eventually I decided to dissipate under a willow tree in our garden, but then I remembered the words of his friend, who somehow escaped that in the case of death her husband’s plans to turn it into a diamond., I thought I could carry around with them a piece of John, and I liked the idea. I think John would have laughed at my extravagant act, because I’m pretty modest person by nature, but I feel I did the right thing and having a tribute to my dear husband. And I do not regret that he had paid 5000 pounds ($ 8295), because now he is always there with me, “- concluded Glynis.

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