Funny pictures of animals who love ice cream

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What could be better than a delicious, cooling ice cream on a hot day? Right! Only two scoops of ice cream! Animals also like to eat this wonderful product and where it is not just cats and squirrels, lizards, monkeys and even anteaters. We offer you a collection of endearing images of animals that have seized up ice cream and enjoy it to the fullest. Animals, of course, ice cream is bad, but if a little bit, then nothing bad will happen.

Multifunction useful gadgets that will make your life easier

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The ultra-fast rhythm of modern life makes us save time wherever possible. But people living in the XXI century can not complain, developers, researchers and designers have equipped us with all sorts of multifunctional gadgets that greatly simplify life, saving valuable time. Some of the existing devices are so brilliant and at the same time it is obvious that there is a question I ask myself, don’t you think this is a bright idea?

Strong men with skinny legs, proving that the legs also need to train

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Many bodybuilders do not train legs guided by the fact that “in the pants legs is not visible,” apparently pants they never filmed. They do a very good reason, because seeing ourselves inflated torso men you lower your eyes down to where you are greeted by white chick legs, a very funny picture. We offer you a collection of images of men with skinny legs that all attention to only the top, and that´s why they become like cartoon characters.

Little boy named Asher, who loves to wear girly dresses

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Not only girls, but some little boys as children love to dress up in girly dress and shoes and walk around in a room or at the park. That’s just the boys do it for fun, and the girls in this outfit are themselves grown solid aunts. Perhaps in a family where growing 4-year-old Sydney and 2-year-old boy Asher, this game would be disguises same harmless fun, if not strange craving boy walking in the girlish dress constantly.

10 Hollywood celebrities who despite the great difference in appearance, were born in the same year

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All people are different, and that’s fine, just imagine how it would be boring if everyone were the same. But while all of us ever equilibrate .. Time spares no one, but some manage to maintain your youthful appearance much longer. All depends not only on lifestyle and plastic surgery, but also on genetics. We offer you a collection of comparative photos of Hollywood stars, looking at which it is difficult to believe that they are the same age, but nevertheless it is!

Crazy fan turned herself into a replica of Kim Kardashian

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Become a replica of Kim Kardashian is not cheap, it can confirm the 24-year-old Englishwoman Claire Leeson, which spends thousands of dollars to look like the reality TV star. Obsessed fan has spent more than $ 30 000 for a wide range of treatments, which include breast implants, hair extensions, fake tan, as well as buying clothes from brands. According to the girl, the impetus for change was the appearance that in her teens she was attacked by their peers. She hoped that by doing so can gain confidence in themselves.

That’s what happen when adults recreate their childhood photos

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Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still, we all grow old. Someone refers to this with sadness, and someone knows how to laugh at it. All people love to get their old family album and laugh at their children’s photographs, but these guys brought this process to a new level. People united by a common idea of ​​humor, the network spread their funny photos, which they recreate their old baby pictures. The best of them you can see below.

Rescue of tourists stranded in the mountains at an altitude of 1500 m, filmed from a helicopter

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This video shared tourist rescue in Snohomish County, Washington. 6.30.14 County Sheriff received a message that is not far from the lake Melakva, stuck in the mountains tourist. The rescue team went to rescue the unfortunate tourist helicopter where actually survey was conducted. Tourist has managed to get stuck on a small ledge on the western side of the mountain at 1,500 m above sea level. The quick processing of rescuers and equipment, tourists were rescued. All ended well and no one was hurt, well, can only underwear and pride traveler.

mountains rescue Snohomish County

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