How to easily draw a black and white picture on your wall

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One resourceful young man decided to transform his kitchen into a drawing of samurais. But what if you do not know how to draw, and to embellish the home you want? He found a cunning and easy way out of the situation, which will help everyone to inexpensively decorate the walls of his house. A total of 10 pictures, you will learn to create beauty yourself at home!

Delicious fruits that will make your life easier

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Presenting your attention on the useful fruits tips that will help make life easier not only for housewives, but also for people who value their time and money.

What raccoons can transform a family house

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How often you go away on holiday, you are afraid that your lack of presence would be the cause of something terrible will happen to your house? Causing a fire, earthquake, flood the neighbors, but you yourself can not even imagine how much raccoons can transform your home family. The guy literally went for a few days in his house and saw raccoons climbed and they just destroyed it from the inside. Hard to believe all were done by raccoons, but if you dealt with them at least once, then you will realize that it’s true.

Inside a unusual cozy home on wheels

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Web designer Alek Lisefski wanted to build a house, but it’s very expensive, and even for land rent must be paid not small money, and then he found an interesting way out. He built his house on wheels for very little money – 30 thousand dollars. Despite the relatively modest size of 2.5 x 6 meters, the house is very cozy.

Mysterious ghostly forest that resemble scenes from fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm

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These mysterious photos of fabulous places in Europe that makes the photographer Kilian Schönberger. Kilian travels around Europe, photographing the mysterious forests and buildings that are very similar to scenes from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm or the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.” Kilian is colorblind and he goes in life trying to find his style in photography and this he successfully turned. These wonderful photos were made ​​in Germany, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Austria.

“Colored Smoke” by artist Kim Keever

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American artist Kim Keever creates abstract “underwater” pattern, using only paint and plain water. Paint dissolves in water, creating intricate patterns, more resembling colored fog or clouds, and decorated the bottom of the aquarium only completes the picture. The artist chooses paint, decorate the bottom and photographs, everyone else is doing physics.

Okunoshima Island. Journey to the “Island of rabbits” in Japan

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Okunoshima is a small island in the inland waters of Japan in Hiroshima Prefecture. But around the world, It is better known as “Rabbit Island” because of the huge amount of fluffy rabbits that live on this island. Earlier the island was a secret base on which was manufactured deadly chemical weapons to supply them by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. We offer you to come with us on a journey through this amazing island full of cute fluffy bunnies.

Funny bears that behave like humans

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For all its external danger and ferocity, it’s hard not be touched by bears. Bears feature is that they are able to get along well with people and even manage to copy their habits, and even they know a lot about things to do. We offer you a fun collection of funny bears, which are so similar to us!

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