Lost and Found in London

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In the heart of London, you can find Aladdin’s Cave: Lost and Found TfL Lost Property Office. This door on Baker Street leads to the treasure, which was formed of the things that people have forgotten in buses, trains, taxis and the subway in London.

French candy with insects

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French chocolatier Sylvain Muskuar prepares unusual candy: his pastry flavored with gold-coated crickets and worms. Of course, most sweet lovers prefer something more classic, but in fact such a delicacy, sold for $ 30 for a box of nine candy, it may be more useful than you imagine. According to a recent report by the UN, the eating of insects can help in the fight against overweight. In addition, they contain large amounts of protein.

Amazing festival “Burning Man” in Nevada

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Festival of expression «Burning Man» assembles the most unusual venues and “Berner” from different parts of the Earth. The event is held in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, and has no specific targets – the participants are given complete creative freedom. , Read the most interesting moments of the festival, which this year attracted more than 68,000 people.

For a week, from around the world gathered in the desert people to express themselves dramatically – in the middle of sand were erected various unusual structures and installations, often fantastic forms. Here you can find hundreds of cars most incredible view, many of the participants attend in costume characters of animals and even different items.

The main point of the event – this is the burning of the Man.

Love in a vacuum from a Japanese photographer Hal

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Japanese photographer Hal makes unusual shots of couples who he specifically for their work places in vacuum packs. It is noteworthy that the interpretation of this image could be many – for example, in an attempt to preserve the freshness of feeling and the romance of the first relationship we are trying to protect itself from the outside world and “shove his feelings in a vacuum package,” instead of giving them to grow with us.

Also, in a figurative sense, these images illustrate the amazing diversity of emotions that can arise between lovers. This proximity can affect both positively – as if you are in your own little world, and negatively – as if you are completely isolated from the outside world.

Chinese water park: from the Olympic Games to the underwater adventure

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The National Aquatics Center was built in Beijing for the Olympic Games in 2008, but after the Olympics he lost his relevance. Therefore, in 2011 it was decided to convert it into an amazing indoor water park called “Happy Magic Water Cube” , which can be visited throughout the year.

In the park you can find a lot of slides, tubes, giant bubbles, etc. The main feature of the “water town” lies in the fact that there are many secret passages, and occasionally on holiday suddenly dumped a huge “bucket” of water.

When you’re inside a building, creates a feeling that you have become a hero of the cartoon about the underwater life: hanging around seaweed, jellyfish and air bubbles, and all of this all colors of the rainbow and glows in the dark. Visitors are welcomed 7-storey slides, a wave pool and a hot tub with underwater tornado. But the most vivid emotions are provided to those who dare to ride in «AquaLoop» – a closed tube with a translucent path dead loop.

Power of Makeup!

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Modern make-up – it is a miracle! For example, to remove skin imperfections (redness, pimples, yellow spots, etc.) will help a variety of concealers and foundation. To make the eyes more expressive, is to put the shadows and eyeliner. All of these techniques skillfully used the girl. Take a look at this nice Asian girl. Do you think she always looks like, or helps her make-up?

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