As two drops of water. Similar Hollywood star moms and their daughters

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It’s no secret that children resemble their parents and star kids is no exception. Present to you a collection of images of joint famous women in Hollywood with his daughters, who like two peas similar to their mothers with the only difference that they are younger than they are 20-30 years old.

Picdump: The world’s funniest, curious and weirdest images

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This time we present the world’s funniest, weirdest and curious images, this is a new collection in which you can amuse you and having a good time watching images completely funny and a little strange. We will be showing this type of collections quite often, so if you like, the best thing is that you’re watchful for new deliveries of this funny image collection.

Mortsafe – protection of graves from medical students in Scotland

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From the 18th century in Scotland opened a school of anatomy, where I studied medical students. All is good, but so to say “educational material” for the practice was extremely small, and the autopsy of executed criminals were strictly controlled. Thus cemeteries increased cases of opening graves. The government turned a blind eye to it, since it promoted medicine forward and people were forced to defend their own graves of their loved ones from opening. Scots invented devices which were later called “Mortsafe”

Luxury home Michael Jordan put up for sale

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Legendary Michael Jordan does not seem to get rid off from his Chicago mansion. In the 1990s, American basketball player lived precisely in this “modest” cloister area of ​​56,000 square feet with 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms and th basketball court in full size. Of course, besides the above benefits, the house has so much more interesting, for example, tennis court, private salon, a wine cellar with tasting room, library room and all kinds of recreation.

Only thing: asking price of $ 29 million did not attract potential buyers. And the legend of world basketball decided to put his “hut” at auction. The decision to sell the house was made 5 years after an expensive divorce with Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita – in a luxury apartment athlete family lived for 17 years. According to rumors, this estate has got the name of Juan as a result of divorce, which cost Michael $ 168 million.

The most unusual architectural structures

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Probably looking at these buildings (which, by the way, and the building is not something similar), you might think this is crazy. But they live ordinary people, are the exhibition centers and offices. Designed these buildings talented architects with limitless and sometimes crazy fantasy, but without such amazing architectural structures agree, it would be gray and dull. I propose to make a short journey to different corners of the planet and look at the most amazing buildings and buildings created by man.

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