Family with werewolf syndrome

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Here is a family of Nepal suffers from a rare disease called hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis – a disease which manifests itself in excessive hair growth, not peculiar to this part of the skin, not the appropriate gender and / or age. Also, the disease is called “werewolf syndrome.” A mother and her three children have decided to resort to laser hair removal for permanent hair removal, to rid itself of excess hair and live a normal life.

The most amazing and realistic cakes

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Debbie Goard is known for the past 25 years, it creates a “sculpted” cakes that are sold for thousands of dollars these culinary works of art at first glance it is difficult to distinguish from ordinary food. For maximum realism Debbie first examines the actual dish or product, and only then does it on the cake.

How do animals live in zoos?

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Canadian photographer Gaston Lacombe presented a series of photographs titled “Prisoners”, dedicated to what he had seen in zoos in different countries. I propose to look at the real living conditions of animals in captivity. These frames are capable of shock. According to the photographer, even in the best zoos can see animals in appalling prison concrete fences or glass boxes.

It is noteworthy that preserves anonymity Gaston zoos located in 9 countries on 5 different continents.

Happy moments of life

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A collection of shots that just the positive message! When viewing photos of happy people and would like to smile and just start to enjoy life, because when you rejoice every day, you realize that life is beautiful!
Stop for a moment and remember when was the last time you made a harmless prank, which would have brought you joy? If you can not remember, then immediately do it!

The Owl Cafe: Japanese cafe for lovers of owls

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Irrepressible imagination of Japanese does not allow them to live peacefully. This time, they came up with the idea of ​​creating “The Owl Café”, in which they live and delight visitors real owl. Visitors are offered a cup of coffee surrounded by mysterious birds, and put them on his hand.

You probably heard about the Japanese cat cafes. The meaning of these institutions is quite simple: most Japanese people live in overcrowded homes so that there is not even room for pets. Therefore, whenever a person wants to pet a cat or a little play with this furry little animal, he can recover in the cafe cats and relax there. Come and have a cup of tea or coffee.

I bet this wedding cake you’ve ever seen

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In the continuation of this article, you will see a chur original cake, which suggests that the newlyweds a very good sense of humor or a problem with the head. Here’s a monstrous “beauty” cake presented on trial guests harsh Texan couple. The bride and groom, explicit lovers of black humor, ordered a cake depicting their baked version with the severed heads and the words “Til Death Do Us Part”.

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