Photos from the International exhibition of cakes “Cake International” in 2013

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From 8 to 10 November in the English city of Birmingham was the largest international exhibition of confectionery art under the name “Cake International“. This event was especially welcome for Birmingham, as the show was the 20th in a row. This festival attracts enthusiasts of sweets known confectioners and professional decorators from around the world who share a passion for creating and decorating cakes! We suggest you take a look at the sweet masterpieces from the previous exhibition.

5 Stories about strange people enter into marriage with animals

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Sometimes it seems. that the world has gone mad, but then you realize that fools always enough. We have already written to you about the most ridiculous marriage , it’s time to talk about those crazy people who decided to cast its lot with the animals. Some of them got married on their own, and someone on a stupid coincidence.

American married to a pony, 1992

marriage with animals

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Cool and trendy tattoos of modern masters

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Time blue and incomprehensible portakov long been in the past. Today is tattooist can fill a real masterpiece that even hang on the wall. Ironically, too, but the tattoo is fashion and we’ll show you the most fashionable tattoo from these masters of their craft. Tattooists, which will be discussed in this article are real artists, in every sense of the word.

Creepy things Customs confiscated at the airport in London

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Every year the black market is gaining more and more momentum. The tusks of elephants, lions, skulls, stuffed animals, rare butterflies and illegal sports supplements: this is not a complete list of all the smuggled items that were confiscated by British customs. The alarming rise in smuggling was seen in the period from April 2012 to April 2013. We suggest you take a look at the list of items that the smugglers had planned to import into the UK.

All these items were seized by customs officers in the framework of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna, located on the verge of extinction (CITES). For the period 2012/2013 years. confiscated 690 items, up 509 items more than in the previous year. Including: 3890 kg of drugs with extracts of rare species of plants, 326 ivories and 93 live animals.

Top 10 strangest guiness world records

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Not all people are willing to get into the Guinness Book of Records attempt to do this in the usual way. Of course it is hard to beat someone’s record, especially if it’s already been broken many times. Especially for some of the inventors come up with a strange record, having achieved that they want to put aside their mark in history. We present to you the most bizarre and unusual records that people have come to mind.

Kenichi Ito vigorously goes through his hands and feet during the race on the way to setting the Guinness record for the shortest time in the 100 meters moving in fours Komazawa, Tokyo. 30-year-old Japanese sprinter on all fours ran the distance in 16.87 seconds.

strangest guiness world records

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The annual fashion show of lingerie “Victoria’s Secret 2013″

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Well-known companies producing and promoting new trends in fashion lingerie bottom Victoria’s Secret recently staged its annual show “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013.” This company is famous not only for its linen, but also luxurious annual show is a show that is worth visiting. This year, the show was attended by country star, singer Taylor Swift. Luxurious linens on no less gorgeous girls waiting for you on.

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