Brunette or blonde?

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Year after year, Hollywood divas are brought before their fans with a new hair color. Some of the stars change their image to get the role in the new film, the other – for the sake of pleasure. In any case, the Hollywood hair color is interesting and the rest of the fair sex.

Interesting sculptures of wax crayons

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As a child, many of us learned how to paint. In order to understand this art, we took up the brush, pencils, crayons, even. Recently on Tumblr page appeared under the name Wax Nostalgic. It is dedicated to cute figurines, carved into crayons Crayola. You will see the famous characters: Darth Vader, the robot R2D2, Zoidberg, Boba Fett, etc.

Severe competition in endurance Tough Mudder

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Recently, the Cholmondeley (Cheshire, England) is an annual event held in endurance Tough Mudder. Participants had to overcome a difficult obstacle course, which usually extends to 12-16 kilometers. Initially, such a distance was designed for the British Special Forces, it checks the skills, stamina, physical strength, even mental health. In Tough Mudder is very difficult to win alone, so people are often combined into a team.

Can the containers to solve the housing crisis?

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In Britain, as in other countries, the housing crisis progresses. To cope with this problem, for rent apartment began to fail containers. They need to help young people who want to find temporary housing. Since rent is relatively low, you can even save up for their own apartment. Why is this type of housing is so comfortable? Installation of prefabricated occurs in a short time with minimal material cost. The building can be moved.

Residential containers insulated, equipped with electrical wiring, sanitary items. Containers, which you can see in the photos, brought from China. They can be rented for £ 75 a week.

Incredible penthouse in the clock tower of New York

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This incredible 3-story penthouse is notable because it is located at the top of the famous clock tower «ClockTower» in Brooklyn. For a long time, exclusive apartments sold for $ 25 million, but did not find a buyer. Now he rents a famous magazine “Esquire” , conducting a photo shoot there and charity party.

The building was built in 1914 and was long considered the tallest “skyscraper” in New York at the time. 12 floors, cast in concrete, crowned with a 4-level tower in the 4 walls of which were implanted with massive round clock with a diameter of 4.5 meters, which served as a guide for the courts.

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