A second before the accident

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Accidents are always dumped on us like a bolt from the blue. The sad thing is that we can not predict the unpleasant situation. Let’s look at unexpected moments that were filmed amateur photographers.

Night of terror in South Florida

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Maybe you do not even suspect, but Halloween - not the scariest night of the year. Florida has long been considered the abode of supernatural towns. According to legend, some of them were killed many soldiers in wars, and many sailors did not return from the sea. Therefore, they say that there is frequently seen ghosts. And once a year for one day (maximum – two), Florida offers a range of exhibition under the title “Night of Fear”, dedicated to this unusual features of the state – anyone in this day can enjoy specially prepared for this “house with ghosts” to check the nerves to the test.

Over two days under the water

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British diver Sean McGahern set a world record for the longest scuba dive in warm water. record of 49 hours and 56 minutes was set in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Malta. All this time the diver managed to not only eat, but even sleep at depth. Briton managed to beat the previous record of 48 hours and 8 minutes, set by Will Goodman in 2010. It is worth noting that in the past, Sean set record immersion in cold sea water – 12 hours and 34 minutes.

As you can overdo it with nail polish

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Nails should be kept clean and tidy as peasants, and women. Only if a strong half of humanity quite a few minutes poorudovat scissors, the girls can do manicure clock – even walking for the sake of a beauty salon. Be that as it may, the nails do not grow arms, and the beauty of it is better not to overdo it – and even then not even scratch his ass out.

French candy with insects

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French chocolatier Sylvain Muskuar prepares unusual candy: his pastry flavored with gold-coated crickets and worms. Of course, most sweet lovers prefer something more classic, but in fact such a delicacy, sold for $ 30 for a box of nine candy, it may be more useful than you imagine. According to a recent report by the UN, the eating of insects can help in the fight against overweight. In addition, they contain large amounts of protein.

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