Unusual way of cooking a turkey

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Thanksgiving Day in the United States is respected large-scale celebration with parades and gala dinner. Traditionally, the main dish of the day is the Thanksgiving turkey. One American family every year prepares a huge amount of roasted turkey and ham at a time to feed a crowd of homeless people. How they get it and what kind of an unusual way – see below

Picdump: The world’s funniest, curious and weirdest images. Part 2.

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This is the second time that we present the world’s funniest, weirdest and curious images, this is a new collection in which you can amuse you and having a great time watching these images completely funny and a little weird. We will be showing this type of collections quite often, so if you like, the best thing is that you’re watchful for new deliveries of this funny image collection.

South American Championship pole dance 2013

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November 25 in Buenos Aires An annual sports and dance contest «Miss Pole Dance South America». Dancers from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela competed in three categories: amateurs, professionals and craftsmen. All participants demonstrated high mastery of their own bodies and incredible composure, which I propose to look under the cut.

A fisherman captures a stunning sea monster

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A shark fisherman found a kind of rather unique marine animal. With an impressive size and the appearance of having hundreds or even thousands of years of existence. It weighed about 387 kg., Was like “a dinosaur” as the fisherman said, while the captain of the ship said it was a very old animal and had barnacles everywhere.

He was later identified as dactylobatus clarkii, species about which we know very often live as 1,000 feet deep. Although, according to George H. Burgess Museum of Natural History in Florida, seemed centroura Dasyatis, a line which normally grows only about 300 kg. and has a poisonous tail.

Of course, to get the sea monster, Grind spent four hours fighting to achieve his capture, then he took a picture and released it back into the ocean.

sea monster

108 pound Kirstie Thomson 7 years wedding postponed due to excess weight

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26 year old Kirsty Thompson, from Callander, weighed almost 108 pounds, when in 2006, she became engaged to her future husband. Kirstie accepted the proposal, but the idea that she would kill her fiancee colon. For this reason, she postponed the wedding as much as 7 years until enough not lose weight to get into the coveted wedding dress. The groom waited not in vain!

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