Due to his illness Lareske Brown became the strongest British schoolgirl

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Lareske Brown, a 16-year-old schoolgirl from the UK, whose illness has helped her become a successful weightlifter. Two years ago she was diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome. Disease brought her constant pain and was a high risk of dislocation of the joint. But she did not put her hands, and took up weightlifting, which helped her not only to cope with the pain, but also to become the strongest schoolgirl UK.

From childhood Lareske had health problems. Her toes and knees were turned inward, which is a form of clubfoot. Typically, this condition is held in children and does not require further treatment. Also, doctors diagnosed the girl hypermobility, which means a greater range of motion in the joints, than the average person. This disease can cause severe pain in the joints and lead to dislocation.

Exciting Peruvian dances with scissors

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Original Dance «Danza de las tijeras» is considered traditional among the peoples of Latin America, living in the south of the Andes. Dancers themselves called danzakami that is derived from the word «danza» (dance). The essence of competition is that several danzakov perform the music of various stringed instruments and strings their intricate dances and thus wielded the scissors. I propose to look at such an unusual, bright and exciting spectacle.

This kind of elaborate ritual. Both blades are disconnected and dance are brought together only in the most climactic moments of choreography. These moments are a symbol collision with evil spirits and resilience.

5 spectacular sex world records

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Records in sex is always interesting, and if they are moving beyond all limits that they even listed in the book of world records, it’s all sensation. You will find 10 most bizarre stories of people who got into the book of world records because of their superhuman abilities in sex.

The longest penis in the world – 34.3 cm

sex world records

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