The rich have their quirks

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Millionaires, businessmen, politicians – all of these people share one thing, they do not fit into the standard public perceptions about millionaires. Many of these rich people give more of their money to charity, while others still live in modest apartments and biking. These people understand that money is not everything in life.

Hippie-billionaire Richard Branson

rich people

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Tattoos on a woman’s breast instead of mastectomy scars

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Breast cancer - it is frequently diagnosed cancer in women whose treatment is often mastoektomiya, ie removal of the affected breast cancer. The heroines of this article do not lose heart and the place of the lost breast they decided to get a tattoo. Women who have had to pull myself together and be strong. Not for impressionable.

Funny pics cat and human

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Of course, there are two things that can touch the heart of any woman and turn her keen interest – it’s sexy men and cats. Some men poses and grimaces like a surprising movement and posture felines. They may also lick ice cream, purring sleepily in bed, playing on the beach, as young kittens.

Thus, in these pictures the authors were able to combine the two things on which women are crazy – sexy men and cute kittens.

The world’s largest camera

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American photographer Dennis Manarchy is the creator of the world’s largest camera. It is noteworthy that the giant gadget copying classical chamber-accordion is not a sham, and really works. The camera is in record length of 10.66 meters and a maximum width – 3.66 m. In fact, its dimensions are equivalent to a small two-story building.

Currently, the camera exhibited at the Chicago Exhibition Center Monroe, because it is a local company has created a trailer for the camera itself. It will remain there until November 17, and then travel across America – “remove” the indigenous peoples of the continent.

Lady Gaga flaunts underwear

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We all know that Lady Gaga loves the unusual outfits, besides she is not only a singer but also a designer. Her images are always original and feature an unusual combination of familiar elements. The new dress looks very sexy. It has demonstrated the public’s underwear famous singer.

As such, the singer went to rehearsal Saturday Night Live in New York City. Dress in an interesting way opens eyes some part of the body of Lady Gaga. Through the translucent fabric is clearly visible flesh-colored underwear.

What terrible secrets hide this house?

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The family moved into this house about a year ago. The house itself was built in the early 2000, and its owners have moved to live in India a couple of years ago. After a year of living in this house, its residents have made ​​a terrible discovery, after which simply could not continue to live there.

“After we crawled on the manhole, we saw the following picture. Someone living in the walls of our house. Within the walls of our house! I found a candy that I gave on Halloween. That is, someone came into my room, took my things and brought them here. We put a banana peel – for scale. We made a few pictures and got out of there in good time.”

And these children are our future

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Teens in these pictures clearly show us that society is inevitably degraded. Many children today are completely absent any moral and ethical standards of behavior. Perhaps all the fault of bad parenting parents, and this may adversely impact the Internet. This behavior of children is not just scary, it’s shocking!

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