Incredible penthouse in the clock tower of New York

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This incredible 3-story penthouse is notable because it is located at the top of the famous clock tower «ClockTower» in Brooklyn. For a long time, exclusive apartments sold for $ 25 million, but did not find a buyer. Now he rents a famous magazine “Esquire” , conducting a photo shoot there and charity party.

The building was built in 1914 and was long considered the tallest “skyscraper” in New York at the time. 12 floors, cast in concrete, crowned with a 4-level tower in the 4 walls of which were implanted with massive round clock with a diameter of 4.5 meters, which served as a guide for the courts.

Celest-jewel-ale – an incredible beer with the addition of lunar dust

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Our ancestors have always celebrated the autumnal equinox, which usually falls on 22 or 23 September. Now, this holiday is only recognized by some countries. The Autumnal Equinox has decided to celebrate the brewery Dogfish Head, which is located in Delaware. On this occasion was made intoxicating drink Celest-jewel-ale. The new beer is amazing in that it comprises the lunar dust.

Where Dogfish Head produced lunar dust? In so doing, it has helped the company ILC Dover, which manufactures space suits for NASA.

In addition to the lunar dust in the Celest-jewel-ale malt and hops come from Germany. These ingredients give the drink a toast and a light taste bitter herbs.

Martin Lourello: The owl man

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People with extraordinary abilities have always attracted attention, but unfortunately, many years ago there was no such opportunities, as now, to capture their talent on the photo. However, the pictures and even a video about one such person, which was born in the nineteenth century, preserved. Meet – Joe Martin electrophoresis – a man-owl!

Martin electrophoresis was born in Nuremberg (Germany) in 1886. He became internationally known as the “Man-owl” or “person with a rotating head” after the first time demonstrated the ability to turn his head as much as 180 degrees!

Painter who paints pictures with colored tears

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The artist from Buenos Aires named Leandro Granato paints an unusual way: from draws watercolors through the nose and then sprinkle on the colored canvas tears through the eyes. On each picture consumes about 800 ml of paint, and the cost of one “masterpiece” is about $ 2,500. In general, by the standards of the world of high art, bubble at Granato – enough to swear.

5 inventions that make people more lazy

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Man is designed so that no end improves the world around us – that his life was easy, comfortable and nothing is burdened its existence. However, in this his quest he sometimes goes face and then … the light appears useful things, however, make us lazy. I offer you a top 5 inventions that develop in us a bad quality as laziness.

1. Escalator

inventions that make people more lazy

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