20 images: it is not what it seems

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Experts in psychology that people tend to see faces and objects which do not really say no. I’m sure it happens to you too. The reason for this psychological mechanism is based on our animal origins, and we still have many reactions in our brains of times when we were still being who we are today. According to experts, we tend to see faces in inanimate objects as a survival mechanism.

In other words, when we were small mammals in a world full of dangers, was very valuable recognize asap any kind of threat, so our brain, when in doubt, generating an image shaped face so run asap .

Here is this humorous collection of images that you will see faces and objects where none exist in reality; note that we are still a great survivors.

Rabaul 21st century

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Today I want to show how and under what conditions people live in the city of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, which is surrounded by three dangerous active volcanoes. On September 19, 1994 the city was almost completely destroyed and covered with ash from the eruption of the volcano Tavurvur. During the eruption killed a third of the population of Rabaul, but later the city was partially rebuilt, and at this time the population of the city is 7,882 men.

Mysterious Siberian lake Tere-Khol

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I want to tell you about one of the most beautiful and mysterious lakes of Siberia, which is called Tere-Khol. Over the years it has attracted the attention of not only tourists, but also archaeologists. On the lake crossing a huge bridge!

Fortress ruins clay on the island of Puerto Bazhyn for hundreds of years are of interest to scientists. Studies of historians and archaeologists have shown that the fort was built in the eighth century.

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