Happy children of different countries

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Regardless of the political situation, wealth and poverty, children always find plenty of ways to have fun. Many fear that modern technology steal the childhood of children sitting around looking at monitors and smartphones. In fact, for fun mud puddles is enough. Here are some emotive images showing you that childhood is fine, no matter where you are, and even if you have absolutely nothing.

These pictures are awesome!

Hatchery lettuce

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Today scientists developed two projects create similar substitutes for vegetables and salads. In this post you will see pictures of a giant complex lettuce seedlings. It is expected that in the long run, about 4,000 packages of lettuce a day will occur.

The most delicious and curious cakes

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These photos were taken in November last year competing in a contest where the most fantastic works of culinary art in the world. For the first time, the competition was launched in 2007, participation in which can take both professionals and lovers of cakes.

The basic rule of competition is high eating quality cake, with the inclusion of a minimum use of inedible supports that are needed to build 3D baked products.

25 ways to decorate the home penniless

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Major repairs in the house, not a cheap pleasure. Particularly mind spending the money, if you live in a rented apartment. Or if the funds available at the moment are not there. A change of scenery is sometimes necessary for us all.

Here we bring 25 inexpensive ways to change the interior of your home with style. When stylish interior is not enough money, rescue good ideas and useful tools.

Snails are not slow. They just appreciate life

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Photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko took beautiful photos of snails.

Photographer says that “as a child, my father taught me to pick mushrooms and always face a variety of insects. When I got older, I grew an interest in photography, and I decided to take these magical scenes on camera.”

For him, the snail is similar to people. They also know how to love, empathy and fight for their right to live.

The most expensive dog in the world

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This is intended for those who want to have a version of a purebred puppy. To breed and pedigree will pay a fairly large amount, from a few thousand dollars. To understand this better, here’s a selection of the most expensive breeds.

1. Akita Inu, price 1,5-4 thousand dollars. The price may vary significantly depending on the pedigree.

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