That’s what happen when adults recreate their childhood photos

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Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still, we all grow old. Someone refers to this with sadness, and someone knows how to laugh at it. All people love to get their old family album and laugh at their children’s photographs, but these guys brought this process to a new level. People united by a common idea of ​​humor, the network spread their funny photos, which they recreate their old baby pictures. The best of them you can see below.

Rescue of tourists stranded in the mountains at an altitude of 1500 m, filmed from a helicopter

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This video shared tourist rescue in Snohomish County, Washington. 6.30.14 County Sheriff received a message that is not far from the lake Melakva, stuck in the mountains tourist. The rescue team went to rescue the unfortunate tourist helicopter where actually survey was conducted. Tourist has managed to get stuck on a small ledge on the western side of the mountain at 1,500 m above sea level. The quick processing of rescuers and equipment, tourists were rescued. All ended well and no one was hurt, well, can only underwear and pride traveler.

mountains rescue Snohomish County

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Life underground what people do for the money

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Residents of a small Australian town called Coober Pedy famous throughout the world because of its unusual life. Residents of this town live deep in the underground, far away from civilization. In order to live in a place where dust storms occur constantly, and daytime temperatures can rise to 50 degrees Celsius in the shade, Coober Pedy residents began to build underground dwellings. But why did they live here, you ask? Opals. Coober Pedy is the largest opal mine in the world.

Insanely cool pictures made without photoshop

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Thanks to Photoshop, people cease to believe their eyes, because they know that with it you can do just a fantastic thing. Very hard to believe, but nevertheless, all the photos in this collection are not subjected to digital processing, which makes it even more cool. We bring you the amazing shots that were made in different parts of our planet, combined with its incredible and naturalness.

From a decent family, man has tattooed all of his body

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Many of us out of fear of losing their jobs are afraid to express themselves, and in fact one of the diligent office workers dreaming to make a fancy hairstyle, piercing or tattoo. Keith Gordon was once a skinhead and had a tattoo on the body, from which he then had to get rid of by skin grafting, to get a job as a “white collar”. But lusty and 58-year-old Keith spent about 15,000 pounds, in order to fully score your body with tattoos.

Famous Russian rapper Seryoga, losing weight has changed beyond recognition

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All Russian citizens at least once in your life heard once trendy track Belarusian rapper Seryoga “Black boomer” and will remember, looked like a cheerful artist. Had come to him after the glory, 37-year-old Sergei, whose real name is Sergei Parkhomenko, temporarily disappear from the scene and returned to a new unrecognizable image: Artist considerably thinner, pumped muscles and, if not strange, began to look gloomy and the aged. By the way, now it sounds like a nickname Seryoga.

Jennifer Lawrence showed all her breast for Dior fashion show in Paris

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Jennifer Lawrence – Actress conquered many hearts of men and the star of such famous films as “The Hunger Games”, “My boyfriend is crazy” and others, was honored to become the face of fashion house Dior. On a recent show of famous actress, as expected, was in a dress by Dior, which proved to be extremely frank. Dress Jennifer looked very elegant, but very naughty side opened up views of her breasts. However, it seems that the very candid celebrity these species did not hesitate.

Agony of fans of Brazil because of the loss of their team with Germany

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What no one could have expected, so it’s a complete rout of the football team of Brazil, the German national team. This bill was more like yard score of the game in football because it is 1:7 overkill. All were convinced that Brazil is a country living football and spawned the most effective modern footballer Pele, so easy to give up. When Brazil fans realized that their team lost, then experienced a profound disappointment, and some real agony began.

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