Visual differences between North Korea and South Korea comparative photographs

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The whole planet knows that in North Korea there is still preserved totalitarian communist regime. We offer you to see the radical difference between the life style in the North and South Korea in comparative photographs, which show the same moments of the inhabitants of these two countries.

Britney Spears shows her true figure, wearing shorts and tiny top

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A popular singer with love of all teenagers, Britney Spears has gone downhill. Paparazzi tends to provide pictures star that has ceased to look after themselves, put on weight and is increasingly appearing in public in an unfavorable light, and its long-standing trick with shaving head left an indelible impression on many. Although recently a 32-year old singer slowly began to come to herself and her long-time fans have hope again that Britney will delight them with its beautiful appearance, but it was not like that…

An Inside Look at the hellish Russian hospital with appalling conditions

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Russian health care system is not what people wants, it is infinitely worse. Certainly in Russia many excellent hospitals where they work really qualified, but usually in such hospitals access to ordinary mortals is strictly prohibited. We offer you a selection of photographs taken in the hospitals of cities and towns in Russia between 2012 and 2014, where conditions are dire for patients. Perhaps hell looks that way.

The gradual transformation of a Man into a Woman, by hormone replacement therapy

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It’s hard to believe, but this is the real story of one of the unknown guy under the nickname Diaphony. Since his youth, he was very shy and reclusive and very complexes about their appearance, although the guy was quite nice and quite brutal look with a beard. It turned out that he just felt uncomfortable in a male body. He decided to change his sex, which began hormone replacement therapy and in a half years it was simply not to distinguish him from a girl. The gradual transformation of a Man into a Woman look further.

Animal rights groups have accused Lady Gaga of abusing her own dog

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Back in April of this year outrageous singer Lady Gaga has got a French bulldog puppy, which the star called Asia. Dog has gained popularity due to the fact that the singer take her dog to all the social events and she puts to the dog an accessory. But animal rights advocates is not that excited. Not so long ago, Lady Gaga has posted pictures of her pet in Instagram, where the poor animal was wearing an outlandish outfit as a necklace, and ears adorned bulky clips.

Woman gave birth to twins who were born holding hands

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In Ohio, United States, there was not a seasoned case, a woman gave birth to two twin girls, who amazed everyone. While still in the womb, doctors were surprised by the fact that the twins shared a placenta and amniotic sac, which is rare, because of what their mom Sarah Thistlethwaite spent in hospital by 66 days. The girls were born by caesarean section during birth, they did not want to leave and they were born holding hands. Cute couple, newly born, named Jenna and Gilani.

How would a Pokemon look like if they existed in reality

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Today’s rare to find a person who never have heard of Pokemon. Once upon a time an Asian boy called Satoshi Tajiri presented worldwide blockbuster cute monsters, whom he called Pokémon. After the release of the first series to the light, there still are many different stories sequels, and not once mocked Pokemon for all this time. We offer you a wonderful reflection illustrator named Steven Lefcourt on how Pokemon would look if they really existed.

Girl chooses the most unfortunate place for yoga

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Yoga is a very rewarding sport that helps to achieve harmony with your body, but to achieve harmony this lady chooses a very unusual place. Hilary Baldwin, who is also the wife of the famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, loves to practice yoga in the oddest places, so she decided to add to her popularity. Almost every day she puts pictures on her Instagram, adding new subscribers currently, the number of which has already exceeded 42,000. We offer you to admire this beautiful girl and her crazy yoga on.

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