Funny photo illusions style “It seemed” but no

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Funny and amazing collection of fresh pictures that it might seemed something but it isn’t. We suggest you to look more of our great photo illusions who were taken at the right moment.

photo illusions

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Thomas Neuwirth before becoming a bearded woman, Conchita Wurst

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All conservative countries were shocked by the winner of the international song festival “Eurovision-2014″, which became a transvestite, Thomas Neuwirth, acting under the strange pseudonym, Conchita Wurst. But he was not always “bearded lady,” when he was a child, then a teenager, but from early childhood he began to show mania for dressing like a woman. In this article you will learn how Tom Neuwirth looks before his conversion to Conchita Wurst and a few interesting facts.

Excursion to the Chinese exhibition of wax figures

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In Guangzhou, China, was opened an exhibition of wax figures. Here are celebrities like Leo DiCaprio, and Steve Jobs, and even Obama with Putin. That’s just to know celebrities are not so simple – because the Chinese worked. And they have something with quality copies of whatever the situation is bad.

Colorful ring on a finger of colored pencils made with his own hands

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Now on the Internet you can find all sorts of examples of how the finished items to do something incredible, here’s another one of them. In this article, we show you how you can make yourself a bright and colorful wooden ring from the package of colored pencils. Making rings certainly require some skills and equipment, but if you really want it all must succeed.

Highest girl in the world marries her boyfriend undersized

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Highest Brazilian girl with 18-year-old, Elisani da Cruz Silva, whose growth rate is a staggering 2.3 meters, will now become the highest bride in the world! Elisani met with her boyfriend Frankinaldo da Silva Carvalho, whose height is 1.63 meters, for three years, and that’s the guy finally made her an offer of marriage. The difference in their growth is as much as 60 cm!

Happy childhood without computers

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In the world there are many things much more fun than a computer or tablet. Three students from the school of digital media pasted on sandboxes, carousels and other items the label “not available in the App Store». In this way they wanted to remind the parents and children that the real world is full of entertainment besides the screen of their computer.

“Black Lifestyle” – a new fashion trend of Japanese youth

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Tokyo is one of the world’s fashion capitals, and Japanese teens are known to come up with the most ridiculous style trends. B-Style - new fad Japanese youth, meaning “black lifestyle“. The main feature is the popular trend of the Japanese commitment to the African-American rap culture: imitation appearance frames and music in the style of hip-hop. Remember the time when the Japanese were bleached their skin, now Japanese fashionistas, not only dress like blacks, but also give their skin tan hue, using tanning and solarium. Hair adherent B-style often braided in Brady or tied in a high ponytail as in videos hot RnB singers.

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