What happened to the face of Angelina Jolie?

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Recently in New York, was the premiere screening of “Normal Heart”, which gathered a lot of invited celebrities, among whom was one of the most prominent Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been put in an awkward position due to the fault of her make-up artist who went too far with reflective powder, invisible to the eye. And only under the flashes of cameras revealed that the star face covered with white spots.

The guy has lost 108 kg, but surgery to remove excess skin has being denied

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With 16 years, Jacob Horner weighed 178 kg, because he ate all like a real monster, sitting in his room and playing Xbox. But at one point he became overweight, he has become so hard that his bones and chest started to hurt. Jacob took himself in hand, losing weight up to 70 kg by dieting and exercising at the gym. Skin on it hung like an old coat, but due to gain muscle mass, he was denied the removal of excess skin. Thanks to bodybuilding, Jacob began to weigh 82.5 kg and is still classified as overweight people.

10 crazy Japanese inventions

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Asians are again transmitting to us through their crazy inventions. To not talk about Asians, they have a certain freedom of thought, especially the Japanese inventors who create incredible things. Looking at these inventions have questions in mind: what, why and how all might come to mind the idea of ​​the invention, “this.” Some inventions Japanese designers are quite funny and somehow can be used in real life, and others were all made on the notes of a madman.

Nemo 33 – the deepest pool in the world

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In Brussels, Belgium, is the center of recreational diving, which is the deepest in the world indoor swimming pool. The pool has a few ledges at depths of 5 and 10 meters for those who do not want to delve too much, several artificial underwater caves and round well depth of 34.5 meters. All this monstrous 2500 cubic meters of container filled with pure chlorine-filtered fresh water. The temperature in the pool is always kept around 30 degrees, also in the pool walls made-ups, so you can watch the other swimmers at different depths.

Duck living in the colony of flamingos since more than a month

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In a zoo in South America, the ducks had a genetic malfunction. She did not want to live among relatives and moved into the box adjacent colony of flamingos. This month duck fully learned the habits of flamingos, so you could say – assimilation is complete.

How did the girl change in two years because of continuous bodymodifications

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Almost everyone has a favorite hobby, whether it be computer games, drawing, or other kind of creative activity. People are trying to develop their talent to be successful in the future. Difficult to understand what purpose sought this young girl, when she began to actively change their appearance using bodymodifications. As usual, it all started with piercings and tattoos, which seems so enthusiastic about the girl that in two years it has evolved into a completely different person.

10 most extreme Body modifications made in the mouth

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At all times, young boys and girls go against society, or just want express themselves and stand out from the crowd by extravagant appearance, with tattoos, piercings, creative haircuts and flashy hair colors. This is not surprising, because youth is the time when you can afford it. But sometimes, excessive desire to shock the audience, leads to the fact that young people sometimes they go “too far”, resorting to too extreme kinds of body piercing. In this article we describe only a small part of body modifications that young people are a part of its body. It’s about the modifications of the mouth.

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