Amazing examples of people who Defeated overweight

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Of excess weight affects millions of people, but not everyone can overcome themself and declare war on it. People whose photos we will show you achieved outstanding success in working on themselves, they won a crushing victory over their excess weight. Their bodies have undergone a remarkable transformation from a jelly-like form, to lean, athletic.

Trying to beat a world record ended in tragedy

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Unusual facts that entailed setting a world record September 27, 1986. To break the world record for the largest number of running in the sky balloons enthusiasts prepared 1500000 balloons on the area of Cleveland, USA. But the attempt to break the world record ended tragically, as the balls separated by a large distance from each other and brought a lot of critical problems and even a few deaths. Part of balloons flew into the airspace of Burke Lakefront Airport, there thus preventing normal operation of the equipment. They made ​​a real chaos and knocked on radar navigation system. Some of the balloons hit on pastures, thereby frighten livestock, which then had a few more days to seek and catch. But the most tragic consequence, thousands of balloons landed right in Lake Erie, where capsized yacht with two sailors. Rescuers arrived at the scene did not see anything except the balloons on the surface of the lake, look for balls in the water prevented people involved in the accident.

Famous brothers and sisters in Hollywood

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Brothers and sisters, celebrities often remain in the shadow of their successful relatives and few people know them, but it also happens that celebrities are both relative. Bring to your attention a collection of images with famous siblings of Hollywood, some of them are as like as two peas in a pod!

Riddle of the day: Find the grandmother in pictures

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You would think that there must be some mistake, because the pictures have no grandmother! Everyone knows that Asian women have the secret of eternal youth and even at the age of forty years look like a blooming young girl. And yet, try to guess which of the women depicted in the photograph is the grandmother.

500 cats were rescued for Owners of chinese restaurant

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Truck delivering food in a Chinese restaurant, was intercepted in Xuzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province. As it turned out in the truck were 500 cats. San Hai officer and his colleague stopped a truck during a routine check. The driver said that the truck is filled with rabbits, but the officers were shocked when, during the inspection of the goods, they found that the truck was completely clogged live cats.

Inside a luxury yacht Quattroelle, which can be rent for every one million euros per week

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Just some poor one million euros for one week yacht named “Quattroelle” can be yours! This is certainly a joke, only millionaires can afford space of such expensive pleasure. And while we are not millionaires, we suggest you to go inside the yacht and appreciate all its luxury appreciated.

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