19 photos body art that will surprise you

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When we talk about this if art is truly revolutionary. If you’re a fan of modern art and revolutionary, this photo gallery will be one of your favorites. When you see this you will know that when someone decides to explain what art falls short, because there are many types of art.

Art is an expression of all materially embodied soul; but explain the different types of art would take a lifetime, and we all have an artist inside.

Look at these photos of the art on the human body.

19 pictures of animal camouflage

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The term refers mainly to camouflage biology concealment strategy focused on both the environment and for imitation blur the figure itself. With this incredible power, the animals are able to pass unnoticed before predators also hunt easier, because the camouflage also allows deceive the prey.

Humans mainly use camouflage to military matters and to a lesser extent, in fashion. What is certain is that it may never get to handle the camouflage with the mastery of these animals. Check out this collection of pictures and you will understand what I say.

Migrating animals … deadly!

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Stunning photos were taken in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Photographers are French Laurent Renault and Dominic Haution. Herds of animals were taken jumping over a crocodile-infested river for further migration in search of food. Many animals will not survive this migration, and die from injuries and teeth of crocodiles.

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