5 parts of the body that are useless

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The human body is a complicated set of systems and organs that allow us to live, mobilize and interact with the environment. But when one of these organs missing, things tend to get complicated for systemic body function. You ever wonder what body spare you?

body parts

Then we will see 5 organs of the human body from the functional point of view and as far as the science of medicine has proven us are useless:

The appendix is a terminal in our large intestine that sometimes makes many go through high-risk situations. As we know, the appendix to swell and rupture can cause not only a sharp pain, but also infections that can lead to dangerous peritonitis that can lead to death.
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15 tricks to lose weight really fast

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The basic premises for weight loss are known by everyone. Eating less fat, less sugar, less of each food group; but the real challenge is to apply this inhuman austerity sometimes for many.

bajar peso

Here are some interesting tricks to help you get your goal to lose weight in a quick manner.

1. Eat sitting, standing as it does tend to eat more.
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10 ways to sleep that reveal much about the relationship

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We want to share this interesting article about relationships and the influence of the position in which you sleep. Have you appreciated that after a discussion with your partner usually sleep on your back to him or her; or after a romantic day, sleeping with the bodies linked? According to experts, the time we are living in a relationship can be reflected in the position where the couple sleeps.

For the psychologist and teacher in cognition and language João Oliveira is important to note the position of the couple in the morning as those you opted from a bedtime occasionally remain the same after a break. Paulo Sergio de Camargo, a specialist in body language, author of “Body Language: Techniques for improving personal and professional relationships” and Ronaldo Antonio Cavalli, who teaches workshops and courses on the subject, also think about it. Check out what the most common sleep positions and what they can indicate with respect to a relationship.

1. Sleeping on your back and touching.

sleeping position

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