Jennifer Lawrence showed all her breast for Dior fashion show in Paris

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Jennifer Lawrence – Actress conquered many hearts of men and the star of such famous films as “The Hunger Games”, “My boyfriend is crazy” and others, was honored to become the face of fashion house Dior. On a recent show of famous actress, as expected, was in a dress by Dior, which proved to be extremely frank. Dress Jennifer looked very elegant, but very naughty side opened up views of her breasts. However, it seems that the very candid celebrity these species did not hesitate.

Agony of fans of Brazil because of the loss of their team with Germany

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What no one could have expected, so it’s a complete rout of the football team of Brazil, the German national team. This bill was more like yard score of the game in football because it is 1:7 overkill. All were convinced that Brazil is a country living football and spawned the most effective modern footballer Pele, so easy to give up. When Brazil fans realized that their team lost, then experienced a profound disappointment, and some real agony began.

Man-fox – strange creature from the Pakistani zoo

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In the Pakistani city of Karachi Zoo, along with enclosures for the elephants and deer in a luxurious pavilion is a creature, the likes of which you will not find in the wild. Mumtaz Begum – a mythical creature with the body of the fox and the head of the woman, for 40 years, is one of the main attractions of this zoo. Sounds improbable doesn’t it? And this is not surprising, because in fact it’s just an optical illusion, which takes the role of a live fox and 33-year-old Murad Ali.

Lolita Richie – new living doll from Russia

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Introducing you Lolita Richie – new living doll from Russia. Looking at this girl is hard to believe that she is actually alive, so very much proportions of her body shape ideals fits with Barbie dolls. By popularity, it can be a serious competitor Valeria Lukyanova. Photos of this wonderful girl, we offer you to see more.

Ronnie and Donnie – the oldest conjoined twins alive today

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Ronnie and Donnie Galyon - 62-year-old conjoined twins from Ohio, who currently they are the oldest of all living conjoined twins. In October this year, when the brothers will turn 63 years old, they will become champions on longevity of conjoined twins in history. The other day, Ronnie and Donnie and their family celebrated the victory over the “friends in misfortune,” Thai twins Chang and Ang, died in Carolina in 1874. At the time of the death of Thai twins were 62 years old, eight months and six days, and Ronnie and Donnie have already experienced Chang and Eng by one day.

Girl lost 30 kg and was turned into a sexual beauty, after her husband’s hurtful words

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Mother of two children 25-year-old Stacey Hammond-Moore was fed with everything she wanted and led a sedentary lifestyle. After a while she looked at herself and realized that won too many extra pounds, until the appearance of dyspnea. But how many of us, it is not long attached importance to this, while her husband Stacey said that she ceased to be attractive to him. To save their marriage, Stacey was determined to lose weight. She took off 30 kilos and become a real beauty.

Cruel bloodthirsty hobby of cheerleader Kendall Jones

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Looking for a radiant smile of this 19-year-old girl from Texas is difficult to imagine that she was capable of committing these acts of cruelty, inhuman, but unfortunately it is. Kendall Jones, who is a member of a support group, unleashed a wave of anger among netizens Facebook, posting photos on her page it killed animals. In the pictures, the girl with the same sweet smile posing near the bloodied corpses of animals in Africa, which, according to the girl, so she rescues from extinction.

Disgusting speed competition of eating duck embryos

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If you crave sharp and incomparable sensations, try Balut-already formed duck embryo, with plumage, beak and cartilage. In Asia, this dish is considered a delicacy, and the Philippines, and all is an integral part of the daily diet. Eggs are eaten raw, boiled and fried, after drinking the amniotic fluid. For a man who is not accustomed to such exotic, any description of this dish should cause nausea, but no secret that for the sake of money and fame people are willing to go to extreme measures, such as such as participation in the competition for speed eating balut, which takes place on an annual basis in New York.

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