Funny transformation using makeup to famous people and characters

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With a masterful ability to use makeup can transform into anyone, as it once mocked and the heroes of our articles. Not so long ago on the Internet, appeared cheerful trend called “Makeup Transformations”, for participation in which young boys and girls show what actions with makeup and clothing should be performed to supposedly turn into one or another star. Of these collage of three photos is a fun preparing for reincarnation, and the fourth – a real star photos, which allegedly turned joker. Made a joke not only on the stars, but also the characters of the famous cartoon characters. Bring to your attention some of the funniest pictures of this trend.

:D jajajaja!!

The store, which is composed entirely of only literally sewn goods

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Creative artist Lucy Sparrow, which has apparently vital principle a day without a stitch, opened an unusual exhibition in the form of a store. And this show is unusual in that all of the items in the “shop” were stitched by hands Lucy felt, or rather out of felt. To create a felt shop Lucy took about 7 months. From the side of this shop looks like an absolutely normal, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that all the goods have been made ​​from fabric, and very similar to the original. Chips, ice cream, sauces, etc., all made ​​out of felt!

There is nothing vulgar, It just seemed

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Despite all the genius of our eyes and mind, they love to play with us in their games. Often, without going into details, we see one, and our consciousness shows incomprehensible picture into something quite different, just a collection of photos we decided to show you today. In all these photographs there is nothing vulgar, but there are a lot of things merry with spicy overtones. Many of our readers may see in this collection of anything improper, but it is absolutely harmless pictures in your mind to blame.

Scary pears that look like real babies

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In Beijing, China became available creepy pears that look like real babies, also known as “happy dolls pears.” This unusual form of pears produced by the fetus in the conclusion of a special plastic form in the early stages of development. Then the pear starts to grow, deform and take the form of creepy babies. The Chinese say that one bite “of children’s pear” you add 47,000 years of life, at the cost of the $ 3 pears.

Odessa Barbie Valeria Lukyanova took fitness and build muscle

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Barbie from Odessa Valeria Lukyanova always been painful thinness and not trying to gain weight, but a general boom in fitness classes or her own conclusions, pushed the girl to let into your life sport, do strength training and change the habitual way of fragile girl on the She-Hulk. As a result, puny body Valeria acquired an attractive shape and rounded in the right places. On the miraculous transformation girl look on.

Tower of Pisa: 10 curiosities about his inclination

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The Tower of Pisa, whose official name is Torre Pendente Di Pisa, has become one of the most tourist places of the world, but few are those who know the real story behind this popular building.

Its construction began on August 9, 1173 and began to lean as soon as its construction began. Its height is 55.7 to 55.8 meters from the base, weight is estimated at 14 thousand 700 tons and about 4 degrees inclination has led her to be around 4 meters uneven vertical.

It is considered, along with the Cathedral of the part, a jewel of Romanesque art while the government of Italian country has requested assistance several times to prevent its collapse, eliminating 70 tons of soil from their foundations, reinforcing to seal the interior walls, placing 630 tons of lead on the north side to counteract the thrust of the tower, trying to shore up side down with subsurface injection of liquid nitrogen and removing subsurface rocks, iron bars to place in place; however, none of them got the expected result.


Finally in 1999, the tower was stabilized by controlled from the ground on the north side and pushed back the tower to tilt it had in 1838 a complex monitoring system that allows the millimeter measurement was also installed removal structural behavior of the tower.

1. You know what the real function of this tower? Part of the Cathedral of Pisa is a bell tower. Inside there are 7 bells and is a building of 8 floors.
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