Creative dad creates edible masterpieces for the school lunch to his daughter

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Bo Koffron, better known as Lunchbox Dad, who lives with his family in San Francisco, loves to cook delicious and creative school lunches for her daughter Abby. Bo creates style bento lunches, circulated in Japanese cuisine, using a variety of beneficial ingredients in different shapes and sizes. The heroes of his dinners are popular characters in children’s books and movies. From time to time he makes such meals for their younger children who are not attending school.

Marutaro – the most popular Internet hedgehog

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Meet this new super popular star, Marutaro, from all other animals it is distinguished by its spines because he is a hedgehog. This cute and funny animal more than 40 thousand subscribers on Twitter and 26,500 in the Vine, which makes it the most popular hedgehog in the world! And as it continues to host new pictures every day puts Marutaro network, it is becoming more popular every day. Photo Marutaro are very popular on the Internet, but special attention is attracted public a series of pictures in which his master substitutes to attractive face hedgehog funny faces drawn on paper.

Creepy parks and playgrounds for children in Russia

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Collection of Creepy Russian park and playgrounds for children over which were worked by utilities, which obviously hate children. Otherwise, why would they create creepy creatures, vaguely resembling animals and unsuitable building playgrounds? Of course, on some yards bother tenants, but basically all the handiwork of housing and communal services.

Picdump: The world’s funniest, curious and weirdest pictures #31

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This is the thirty first post of the world’s funniest, curious and weirdest pictures, where you will find a lot of funny and very rare photos, it is a combination of all, you never know what you will see in these photos and that’s what makes them so interesting!

The Muslim community in Shanghai

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Muslims make up 1.6% of China’s population, which means that the country has 21 million followers of Islam. The largest concentration of Muslims observed in Gansu, and Ningxia Hui and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions. Nevertheless, they can be found anywhere in the country. Integration of Muslims in contemporary Chinese society is associated with certain problems of racial, cultural and economic sense. These pictures were taken in Shanghai photographer Tim Franco, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Financial Times and Le Monde.

Ring in the form of animals from Jiro Miura

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These rings in the form of animals invented by Japanese artist Jiro Miura, operating under the brand name «Count Blue». Miura creates these exquisite, detailed ring in the form of animals . His projects have also been used for mass production of phone chargers and rings. This is a happy artist who sees his work became so popular.

The natural beauty of Hollywood celebrities in everyday life without makeup

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Instagram – this is a place where people post their photos of everyday life and the stars are no exception. Many celebrities are not afraid to stand in front of their fans and the rest of the public without makeup and boldly spread photos without makeup in the network. Suggest you watch the daily photos of famous Hollywood beauties without professional makeup and retouching.

Rescue of a lost sea lion in the forest

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Elena from Kavalerovo, Russia, tells how her parents met with the sea lion … in the woods. Animal wandered too far into the forest, distance to the coast was not less than 400 meters and there is certainly the poor animal would have died if it were not for the good people who saved him.

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