Terrible shoes with hundreds of teeth on the sole

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Designer people whose head is not exactly all right, and it’s wonderful, just so you can come up with unimaginable things that surprised then the entire planet. Designers from Fantich and Young threw a real challenge to common sense to create an unusual shoes with hundreds of artificial teeth on the sole, which they called “Apex Predators”. They put more than 1,000 denture on the soles of the shoes.

The guy spent 16.7 thousand dollars on body modifications to become like the devil

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With the development of the Internet, there are many freaks who dream of their unusual and sometimes crazy predilections to become famous all over the world. Gavin Paslow, from Kent, England, also known as Diablo Delenfer spent 16,700 dollars on body modifications, to become like the devil. His modifications include: a forked tongue, sharp fangs, horns, implants and large spikes sticking out of his forehead, and more. He also got a tattoo on the eyeball by filling it with red color.

10 funny pictures of shadows, similar to something else

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Photo is the union of light and shadow, whose interaction results in great shots. With the right perspective and placement of light can be amazing, funny, and sometimes mysterious photographs. Observant people made these photos playful shadows that show something different from the object from which falls the shadow. One gets the impression as if the shadow life of their own, and can tell us amazing stories.

For a role in new movie Johnny Depp has changed beyond recognition

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Famous American actor Johnny Depp was invited to play in the title role of a new film called “Black Mass”, where the Hollywood sex symbol to play the famous Boston gangster James Bulger, which account for more than 11 murders and participated in a number of other crimes. For more accurate transformation into a ruthless killer, the famous actor had to gain a few extra pounds and change beyond recognition!

Girl lost 61 kg, after her father promised to pay her breast augmentation surgery

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Losing weight is hard, but if there is a right and a powerful motivation, then anything is possible! 26-year-old Georgina Baird from Southampton, England, weighed 112 kg, she was a pretty girl and could not lose weight .. While her 56-year-old father Simon Clayton promised to pay for breast augmentation surgery to his daughter £ 4,000 if she lose weight. This is the best impact on the emotional state of the girl and she took herself, she lost 61 kg victory!

Chinese could not fly out of South Korea, because the son has painted his passport

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Children are flowers of life no doubt, but sometimes they are capable of flowers turn into real Godzilla, which though not out of malice, but still can spoil life. Chinese family decided to make a tourist trip to South Korea, taking his 4-year-old son, from which all possible ways tried to escape artist. And the artist is very inappropriately broke while traveling .. 4-year-old son while traveling has painted black pen scribbles passport making his dad unrecognizable. Creation of the young bully you can see below. Usually parents would proudly hang this picture on the refrigerator, but it is not the case here soon boy hanged fridge.

With the help of plastic surgery Korean turned into a copy of Miranda Kerr

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Young cute South Korean model Rem Hong Yu, who is also a mad fan of Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, decided to move closer to her idol, becoming her exact copy. The girl fell under the surgeon’s knife in hopes closer to the exterior model and despite the racial differences she got it!

Light Festival in Sydney

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On Friday in Sydney kicked off the annual Festival of Lights «Vivid Sydney», during which the best lighting designers from around the world turn the town into an amazing canvas of light, music and fantasy. Projection with music arranged in the most iconic locations, including one of the most famous and popular architectural masterpieces of our time – the Sydney Opera House.

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