Japanese artist carries moments of real life on paper

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There are works of art that exist outside of museums and galleries. For example, these sketches from the artist from Tokyo under the name Hama-House. When he’s not busy creating advertising illustrations for film, television and books, the artist makes a wonderful outline of the existing reality. Inspired by everyday situations, he carries in his notebook of people sitting over a cup of coffee, or those who travel in the metro. The beauty and appeal of illustrations website in their simplicity and plainness.

Strange furniture ​​from stuffed livestock

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Austrian designer Armin Blasbichler has created a limited edition collection of furniture made ​​from stuffed livestock. The project is the original name of “Orson, I’m Home ! ” As This concept demonstrates that animals to humans only source of food, so why not use them as furniture. According to the authors, such interior items should discourage people desire to eat meat.

A son is like his father! Funny pictures of dads with their fathers

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These people just have no reason to doubt the relationship of the child with their daddies and without test. Heroes of our article are not just similar, there is such a feeling that this is the same person, only one of them is an adult, and the other is small. And this relationship can be seen not only in humans but also in animals. We offer you a selection of photos of funny dads with their baby boys.

Accident in The museum Chevrolet Corvette with 8 cars underground

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In the U.S., The Chevrolet Corvette Museum a sinkhole occurred, which resulted in the underground cars exposure. Failure occurred in the center of the exhibition hall. Fortunately, in the hall at the moment nobody were there. Therefore, apart from expensive car brand Chevrolet Corvette, no one else was hurt.

The girl raised a butterfly from a caterpillar

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Girl watering a flower in her room noticed a fat caterpillar on one of the stems. Then here we have a very good girl, and instead of throwing away or kill the caterpillar, she decided to help it, whether she was just wondering what will happen and if it will work at all. As a result, the girl to observe all stages of transformation into a beautiful butterfly caterpillars and took it all with the camera. Suggest you watch her report on growing butterfly.

Photos that will prove to you that love is one of the most difficult things in life

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It would seem that love is easy, there are people who like each other, they are in love and all things, but the reality is, love is not so simple. Unfortunately, there is no recipes of love, the more everyone is different and everyone has their own cockroaches in their head and some have their entire republic. Love is one of the most confusing and difficult things in life, and these pictures prove it to you.

Sam Bryant – 70-year-old bodybuilder, proved that age does not matter

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Sam Bryant says that a person is old only when he feels himself to be. Looking at this muscular man is hard to imagine that he is already 70 years old! In his elderly age Sam was awarded the title of “Best bodybuilder in Georgia” and is not going to stop there.

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