How stars of adult movies looked before starting their career

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Certainly, before to come to shoot in erotic films, these actors tried out in different roles and in the pictures you will see in the continuation of the article, they are still very young imprinted with clean, innocent eyes. We suggest you to look at how the stars of adult movies looked before they start their career.

Coolest street art graffiti of the world for June 2014

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On the streets of cities are increasingly found painted walls, not meaningless graffiti and tags, and works of art. Some of the street art reflects the reality that surrounds us, others convey human emotion and mood. Each of these “rock art” carries a message, or calling thinking lets just enjoy the beautiful. Tirelessly, street artists from around the world, adorn the streets with their creativity and we, once again, decided to share it with you!

Things infested with bacteria, which we touch almost every day

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Verminophobia – compulsive man’s fear of bacteria, and this fear is justified, because they are not visible, but they are. Be afraid of bacteria, despite their nano-sized, they are able to get you to spend an evening in the toilet, or at all to send to the light. We offer you a list of things familiar to us, which we touch almost every day, thinking about the fact that they are teeming with disease-causing bacteria that can harm us.

Visual differences between North Korea and South Korea comparative photographs

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The whole planet knows that in North Korea there is still preserved totalitarian communist regime. We offer you to see the radical difference between the life style in the North and South Korea in comparative photographs, which show the same moments of the inhabitants of these two countries.

Britney Spears shows her true figure, wearing shorts and tiny top

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A popular singer with love of all teenagers, Britney Spears has gone downhill. Paparazzi tends to provide pictures star that has ceased to look after themselves, put on weight and is increasingly appearing in public in an unfavorable light, and its long-standing trick with shaving head left an indelible impression on many. Although recently a 32-year old singer slowly began to come to herself and her long-time fans have hope again that Britney will delight them with its beautiful appearance, but it was not like that…

An Inside Look at the hellish Russian hospital with appalling conditions

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Russian health care system is not what people wants, it is infinitely worse. Certainly in Russia many excellent hospitals where they work really qualified, but usually in such hospitals access to ordinary mortals is strictly prohibited. We offer you a selection of photographs taken in the hospitals of cities and towns in Russia between 2012 and 2014, where conditions are dire for patients. Perhaps hell looks that way.

The gradual transformation of a Man into a Woman, by hormone replacement therapy

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It’s hard to believe, but this is the real story of one of the unknown guy under the nickname Diaphony. Since his youth, he was very shy and reclusive and very complexes about their appearance, although the guy was quite nice and quite brutal look with a beard. It turned out that he just felt uncomfortable in a male body. He decided to change his sex, which began hormone replacement therapy and in a half years it was simply not to distinguish him from a girl. The gradual transformation of a Man into a Woman look further.

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