10 girls models with a rare beauty

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Beauty is an abstract notion that depends on personal taste, but in this collection of images will have the opportunity to see a few models with a very particular kind of beauty; in that it is very likely that we agree. Every time we are more used to seeing models with the most exotic beauties, well, in these images you will see some of that excel in this regard.

The existence of this strange concept dates back to the very existence of humanity as rational beings, and that can be included as one of our mental qualities. One of the cultures that were more interested in this concept was Greek, was the Pythagorean school which saw a strong connection between mathematics and beauty, in other words, they realized that objects possess certain symmetry proved them more nice to see more beautiful.

This article is a bit strange beauty, which, moreover, is increasingly quoted in the fashion world.

Masha Tyelna
modelos raras
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Funny faces of the people who decided to ride on the extreme rides

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The world-famous amusement park called Disneyland is famous not only for its performances and parades for kids, but also a truly extreme rides for desperate daredevils. On some of these rides in the most dangerous moment the shutter is triggered camera that photographs the frightened faces of people in panic from the upcoming fall. Presenting your attention the most epic and funny moments of entertainment.

15 selfie you NOT to do (funny pics)

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Thanks to the fashion of the selfie is very common to find people everywhere autofotos taken, although some go too far. People taking pictures compulsively at the gym for his followers to see the progress they have made, people who take selfie in the privacy of your bathroom, but reveal the toilet. Do not!

In recent months we have heard of accidents that have been caused by people taking your phone to make a selfie and did not survive to tell the tale, so it is important you do not take pictures while driving.

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