Weird pictures of fat people from social networks

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In social networks lacks the behavior because of their strange and absurd pictures from fat people that don’t care about nothing. Please unplug your brain and laugh seeing this pictures of weird people in social networks.

Stunning sculpture of bricks from Brad Spencer

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To create his own amazing sculpture, artist named Brad Spencer used this fancy stuff like a brick. Brad feels love to bricks, in mind its historical value as the first sculptures were made ​​of bricks in Ancient Babylon. Sculpture exhibited in the street for all to see, the people passing by can not understand how the artist was able to make such a magnificent sculpture of ordinary brick.

17 X-ray images, which prove that idiots are perverts

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In the life of a doctor can be very naughty moments, such as when extracted various items in patients out of their asses. Some excited guys love to experiment with their own anus and tuck there incredible things. And they aren’t incredible unclear how does items might be thought to shove it up their asses. You will find 17 X-ray images of fabulous idiots who have thrust themselves into the anus any unexpected things happen.

Young teenage mothers in Honduras

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To date, Honduras has the second highest number of murders, as well as mostly men killing each other, the republic captivated by single women, no husband, no money, but with a lot of children that need care. Also, according to the UN, Honduras ranks second in the world in terms of teenage pregnancy. In 2012, teenage pregnancies, according to official data, There were about 50,000 people every 22 pregnancies in the country accounted for female teenager. Hospitals Honduras filled teen pregnancy from 12 to 18 year girls. Lack of sex education, contraceptives and the absolute prohibition of abortion does the job. We offer you a report from the hospital in Honduras, which is filled with pregnant teens.

Picdump: The world’s funniest, curious and weirdest pictures #24

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This is the twentyfourth installment of the world’s funniest, curious and weirdest images, where you will find a lot of funny and amazing pictures. Do not even try to make sense of these images or don’t try to do the same what the pictures shows.

Wildlife Photography

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Happy John William works as an IT specialist, but at night John, who spends extraordinary manipulation of photographs. John embodies fantasies to life in his photographs and edit them using the software Photoshop. John William from Switzerland inherited his love of photography from his father, an experienced hobby-photographer who has created at least two local associations photos.

Incredibly realistic oil portraits from Eloy Morales

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First look at these images, it seems that it is pictures of real people, and not think of the idea that in fact it is oil paintings. Spanish 39-year-old artist Eloy Morales is considered one of the best artists in the world of realistic art. He claims that the secret of his portraits not in detail, and color combinations that adds a sense of his paintings. Protagonist of his paintings is himself, but besides the magnificent portraits, Eloy, as models, uses members of his family and friends, focusing not only on the physical aspects of their faces, but more importantly, trying to convey the character portrayed person.

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