How did the girl change in two years because of continuous bodymodifications

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Almost everyone has a favorite hobby, whether it be computer games, drawing, or other kind of creative activity. People are trying to develop their talent to be successful in the future. Difficult to understand what purpose sought this young girl, when she began to actively change their appearance using bodymodifications. As usual, it all started with piercings and tattoos, which seems so enthusiastic about the girl that in two years it has evolved into a completely different person.

10 most extreme Body modifications made in the mouth

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At all times, young boys and girls go against society, or just want express themselves and stand out from the crowd by extravagant appearance, with tattoos, piercings, creative haircuts and flashy hair colors. This is not surprising, because youth is the time when you can afford it. But sometimes, excessive desire to shock the audience, leads to the fact that young people sometimes they go “too far”, resorting to too extreme kinds of body piercing. In this article we describe only a small part of body modifications that young people are a part of its body. It’s about the modifications of the mouth.

Bride refused to walk down the aisle until the groom pay for her breast augmentation surgery

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The cult of beauty and perfect appearance covered the entire planet to such an extent that breast augmentation can now be considered as a wedding gift. 22-year-old mother of two children, Rochelle Bathew, hated her small breasts, which drives her into depression. She agreed to marry her fiancé Ryan, but refused to walk down the aisle until he does not pay for her breast enlargement surgery. As a result, the groom was forced to pay for the operation cost £ 4,000, as a wedding gift to his bride.

New attraction for daring tourists in Chicago

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In the newly built skyscraper in Chicago was opened a new extreme attraction. At an altitude of 304 meters is an observation deck that hangs at an angle over the city and everyone can experience the thrill of an unusual view of the city, unless you have the courage.

Thomas Neuwirth before becoming a bearded woman, Conchita Wurst

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All conservative countries were shocked by the winner of the international song festival “Eurovision-2014″, which became a transvestite, Thomas Neuwirth, acting under the strange pseudonym, Conchita Wurst. But he was not always “bearded lady,” when he was a child, then a teenager, but from early childhood he began to show mania for dressing like a woman. In this article you will learn how Tom Neuwirth looks before his conversion to Conchita Wurst and a few interesting facts.

Excursion to the Chinese exhibition of wax figures

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In Guangzhou, China, was opened an exhibition of wax figures. Here are celebrities like Leo DiCaprio, and Steve Jobs, and even Obama with Putin. That’s just to know celebrities are not so simple – because the Chinese worked. And they have something with quality copies of whatever the situation is bad.

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