Woman she lost 63.5 kg by her daughter hugs

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37-year-old Janice had serious problems with being overweight, her waist has become so big that her 10-year-old daughter, Amelia could not hug her normally. After a stroke Janice firmly resolved to lose weight, to motivate and measure the results it used the method of “test for a hug,” coined by her daughter, when she will be able to hug her mother to close her hands on her waist, then the result is achieved.

Russian fashion show for people with disabilities “Bez Graniz Couture” 2014

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March 31 with the support of «Mercedes-Benz» in Moscow held a special fashion show on the project «Bezgraniz Couture: Fashion Without Borders.” In the fashion show was attended by people with all sorts of disabilities: amputation survivors, people with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, blind, little people, as well as those who use a wheelchair. This show is a great opportunity for people with disabilities to be full-fledged unit of society and not feel its limitations.

Amazing handmade little pool in the backyard

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One family wanted a pool in their backyard. Since the backyard is quite small, it turned out a pretty small pool, but the small size of the pool more than compensated for by its beauty. We offer you to observe the process of transformation and creating a backyard pool on it, from the beginning to the end.

Picdump: The world’s funniest, curious and weirdest pictures #30

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This is the thirtieth post of the world’s funniest, curious and weirdest pictures, where you will find a lot of funny and very rare photos, it is a combination of all, you never know what you will see in these photos and that’s what makes them so interesting!

Funny and amazing photos taken at the right moment of animals

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So much in this life defining moments. Just one point separates the past from the present. And each of us knows how hard to catch “that” moment is, but photographers of our articles managed to do it! We offer you a great collection of masterpiece of photos taken at the right moment with animals, which can impress any audience.

Man built a house of his dreams in a half month, spending only $ 9,000

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Agree to have a house that would cost 9000 dollars. Everyone dreams, especially if it will look like you want it! Steve Arin from Thailand realized his dream and built a house with his own hands, in just six weeks, while spending 9000 dollars! After that Steve in Thailand he is engaged in building dome homes.

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