Kazan Helicopter Plant

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History of Kazan helicopter plant has its origins in 1933, when the Volga in Kazan was founded wood processing manufacturing. And the plant itself calculates its history since the September 4, 1940, when the Order of People’s Commissariat of the aviation industry was created number aircraft factory in Leningrad 387, which later was evacuated to Kazan and was associated with plant parts denoted №169. Destination Aviation Company was defined in 1940.

Here are some photos of the manufacturing process helicopters.

“Batman” and their homemade Batmobile

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This superhero has rejected a six-figure sum for your home Batmobile, and therefore will continue to help sick children. He is a fan of Batman. It’s called Zach M. Camden, Australia. He built his own version of the car from the movie 1989. He dresses in the costume of Batman and surprise children. Some of them are struggling for life, and are very velientes.

Zach says that when he drives his car is an unforgettable experience. Occasionally, some reporters follow him down the highway.

It is believed that there are ten replicas of the Batmobile 1989 but Zach thinks his car is the only one who can legally travel on the roads.

Impressive too small to travel home

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House very comfortable to use on vacation. This mobile home is a successful combination of a small living space and optimal organization of space. At 37 square meters has everything you need for a great stay. This home is truly últil, even for trips!

The house is built in a rustic style, inside is built of thick planks of wood and stones. This home is decorated with a decorative fireplace, which gives you the comfort of rooms. It has a small granite kitchen dishwasher, sink, stove and small refrigerator integrated. On the wall is a microwave and cabinets.

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