Cruel bloodthirsty hobby of cheerleader Kendall Jones

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Looking for a radiant smile of this 19-year-old girl from Texas is difficult to imagine that she was capable of committing these acts of cruelty, inhuman, but unfortunately it is. Kendall Jones, who is a member of a support group, unleashed a wave of anger among netizens Facebook, posting photos on her page it killed animals. In the pictures, the girl with the same sweet smile posing near the bloodied corpses of animals in Africa, which, according to the girl, so she rescues from extinction.

Disgusting speed competition of eating duck embryos

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If you crave sharp and incomparable sensations, try Balut-already formed duck embryo, with plumage, beak and cartilage. In Asia, this dish is considered a delicacy, and the Philippines, and all is an integral part of the daily diet. Eggs are eaten raw, boiled and fried, after drinking the amniotic fluid. For a man who is not accustomed to such exotic, any description of this dish should cause nausea, but no secret that for the sake of money and fame people are willing to go to extreme measures, such as such as participation in the competition for speed eating balut, which takes place on an annual basis in New York.

A woman gave birth in the car on the way to hospital

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Pregnancy – is one of the most difficult periods in the life of any woman who has a baby. Not only is the figure after a merciless battle with goes nowhere, so even the most terrible fear overcomes the birth process. In pregnancy, childbirth – the most important and controversial point, but it is ambiguous because the kid does not tell in advance exactly when he was going to be born. This case involved a 29-year-old Australian Corinne Cinatl, who failed to recognize that her baby was about to be born. Once the situation is cleared up, Corinne husband quickly put her in the car and drove to the hospital. But the little Matilda decided she wasn’t going to wait so long, and the woman had to give birth in the car.

How stars of adult movies looked before starting their career

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Certainly, before to come to shoot in erotic films, these actors tried out in different roles and in the pictures you will see in the continuation of the article, they are still very young imprinted with clean, innocent eyes. We suggest you to look at how the stars of adult movies looked before they start their career.

Coolest street art graffiti of the world for June 2014

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On the streets of cities are increasingly found painted walls, not meaningless graffiti and tags, and works of art. Some of the street art reflects the reality that surrounds us, others convey human emotion and mood. Each of these “rock art” carries a message, or calling thinking lets just enjoy the beautiful. Tirelessly, street artists from around the world, adorn the streets with their creativity and we, once again, decided to share it with you!

Things infested with bacteria, which we touch almost every day

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Verminophobia – compulsive man’s fear of bacteria, and this fear is justified, because they are not visible, but they are. Be afraid of bacteria, despite their nano-sized, they are able to get you to spend an evening in the toilet, or at all to send to the light. We offer you a list of things familiar to us, which we touch almost every day, thinking about the fact that they are teeming with disease-causing bacteria that can harm us.

Visual differences between North Korea and South Korea comparative photographs

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The whole planet knows that in North Korea there is still preserved totalitarian communist regime. We offer you to see the radical difference between the life style in the North and South Korea in comparative photographs, which show the same moments of the inhabitants of these two countries.

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