Funny and strange family photos

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Family photos are an important part in the life of any family as a way to remember the members at some point in their lives. But these pictures from the past can not be called simple and typical family portraits, they twist! No one can say exactly what was on the minds of these people when they were taking pictures, but we can say for sure that these undeniably absurd and weird pictures were very funny and ridiculous.

Conjoined twins, finds Indian deity, refuse separation operation.

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Conjoined twins from India, Shivram Shivanath Sahu born conjoined at the waist. His birth, they caused quite a stir in the small Indian village where many residents began to worship them as a god. When he was 12 years old doctor suggested operation to separate them, but the guys have flatly refused, and confidently said that they wanted to be together forever.

Charming portraits of the 10-month Jasper with his four-legged friend Zoe

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Photographer Grace Chon specializes in filming animals and celebrities with their pets. Grace, who admits that often puts his dog rescue Zoe in ridiculous costumes, 10 months ago gave birth to a wonderful baby named Jasper and she came up with the idea to dress up in funny hats her little son, not forgetting about her beloved dog. As a result, a series of charming series of portraits of the baby and her four-legged friend in funny hats.

Fantastic Infinity Box that hides the real magic

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All these pictures cannot convey those amazing sensations when personally look inside this box. It’s called “Infinity Box” and inside it hides a real magic, infinite peace. This box is one continuous optical illusion that is guaranteed to blow your mind, make smile and do not believe your eyes.

Lizard “bearded dragon” of cardboard with his hands

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Artist Zhongkai Xiang a magician, because he manages to turn an ordinary piece of cardboard into a work of art. Your eyes will become a piece of cardboard in a realistic model of a lizard called bearded agama, also known as the bearded dragon. Everything is simple and clear, you can try to do this yourself, and it will be a good decoration for your apartment, which you can be proud of.

Unusual fashion outfits by crazy designers

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Regularly hosts fashion week presented with more surprises, surprising crazy outfits. Naturally, the collection showcased at the catwalks are not suitable for everyday wear, but many designers rush to extremes and create unimaginable psychedelic costumes, surprising and even shocking mere mortals. Hail surrealism!

Most charming “sad” cats on Internet

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Cats, perhaps, one of the most endearing animals on the planet! When their expression snouts resemble human emotion is very amusing and can not leave a person indifferent. Especially when they look sad, there’s human legs give way and hands reaching out to grab a fluffy poor man and regret his stormy hugs and caresses. Collection of the most charming furry cats on Internet.

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