The nine-year girl with irrepressible appetite, which weighs 92 kilograms

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Nine-year-old girl from India named Suman Khatun stunning weighs 92 kilograms and is one of the fattest children in the world. Despite the health risks, the girl’s parents are not thrown her child on a diet and do not teach her healthy eating rules, but only continue to overfeeding her daughter.

Disneyland of the past – the most horrible place in the world

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Disneyland is known worldwide as “the happiest place on Earth”, a place where fairy-tale characters come to life from early childhood. All around the happiness in the world, the whole situation of the park is literally saturated with joy and magic. But it wasn´t always. Presenting your attention the vintage photos of Disneyland, the characters of which are still dreams to children who visited it. If you are not frightened by the prospect of painful nightmares, feel free to watch vintage photos of Disneyland, but remember – we told you so.

Creative offices around the world where dreams of working come from

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With the development of the Internet has made the work of his hands more competition work in an office with computer and papers. Most office workers hates his job so much that some of them even commit suicide. Not all offices are the same, there are even some of the workers did not want to leave. In this article we will show you creative offices around the world, because of which even the most desperate “plankton”, with a smile will rush to work.

Extreme and fascinating photos of Hong Kong, shot from the edge of tall buildings

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Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Mahora love Hong Kong, but not for what everyone else loves. Friends, extreme of Russia had already once to visit in this wonderful city and a lot of crap fascinating photographs, from the sight of which have already dizzy. Friends visited many roofs of tall buildings in Hong Kong, which offer amazing views of the city. It is from these roofs and the highest points and were made to the photo data, but that they were even more extreme, the guys did their standing on the very edge.

Sylvester Stallone and his compelling family consisting of beautiful girls

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Many remember Sylvester Stallone for his roles in the good old action movies have long since become classics of the genre, such as “Rambo: First Blood,” “Judge Dredd”, “Rocky”, etc. How can one forget his fierce distorted face, long became his trademark. Despite his advanced age, Sylvester is still in great shape and continues to shoot and star in a movie. During the premiere screening of the film “The Expendables 3″ Sylvester Stallone posing on the red carpet with his compelling family, which consists exclusively of the female. Suggest you look at a beautiful daughters of Stallone’s family.

10 real people and places that have inspired artists to create studio Disney characters and castles

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In this world, nothing happens for a reason, and nothing comes out of nowhere. All that was once created, it was inspired by something, whether it be painting, inventions, sculptures, films and even cartoons. As it turned out, many of the characters of the world famous cartoon studios Disney, were drawn from real people. Inspiration to create cartoons were not only people, but also various historical sites, in particular locks. We offer you to see for themselves the similarities Disney characters and castles with their counterparts.

Alexandra Botez – most beautiful chess player in the world

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Chess – sport strong mind and a very vain society bypassed. Girl named Alexandra Botez from Canada with all her heart loves chess and tries to promote them to the masses, such as their appearance .. Alexandra, perhaps the most beautiful chess player in the world. Girl regularly competes in chess, representing her country on them. Alexandra Botez offers assistance in learning the game of chess online and in person, and all for the sake of their popularity.

Unusual and funny ways to tell everyone about the pregnancy

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Before the imminent appearance of the child, first only relatives and close friends know about it, but with the advent of the Internet, this ritual took more mass, creative and wacky character. Today many seek, using social networks to tell everyone that they soon will have a baby. But among them there are too creative parents who just take a little and tell them they invent all sorts of funny ways trivial and implement them. The best of them are waiting for you on.

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