Rescue of a lost sea lion in the forest

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Elena from Kavalerovo, Russia, tells how her parents met with the sea lion … in the woods. Animal wandered too far into the forest, distance to the coast was not less than 400 meters and there is certainly the poor animal would have died if it were not for the good people who saved him.

130-pound ballerina she lost 50 pounds for dancing

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22-year-old Tiffany Broadfoot loves to dance and it was the biggest dancer in college, she dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but weighed 130 pounds. Tiffany complexed about their extra pounds and she was very tired of her classmates of being ridiculed. The girl pulled herself together and she lost 50 pounds. Now she was able to wear without shame Tutu.

Fantastically beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan

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Every year, huge crowds gather in Japan from around the world to see the pink cherry blossom. Sakura (In japanese) is closely connected with the culture of Japan, the National Weather Service even tracks where at the moment cherry blossoms, not to miss this wonderful moment. Sakura blossoms every year, but its beauty and splendor never gets old.

Unusual and very handy gadgets that will make your life easier

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Every day, thousands of brains all sorts of designers and creatives emerge from the cranium, while the invention of something sort of to surprise you. We offer you a truly amazing, interesting and certainly undoubtedly useful gadgets that are invented in order to diversify as much as possible and make your life easier.

Rescue baby baboon from the clutches of a lioness that killed its mother

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Photographer Evan Schiller and his wife Lisa Holzwarth managed to make a truly amazing shots in the park Bostvany. Lioness in front of them attacked the baboon and killed him, but what was their surprise when belly murdered mother-baboon crawled on the ground of her baby. Baboon-baby tried to escape, but did not give him a lion to do this, then she gently shifted near the murder scene and started playing with baboon gently.

Cat owners will understand

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Cats are truly special animals and let them not as faithful and loyal, but you can not resist their charm and grace. And these cute tailed animals have an infinite amount of crazyness and all sorts of kinks, which I do not know those who have no house cat. We offer you a selection of funny cat leap, who understand only the owners of cats.

Dad found an unusual way to punish his daughter for did not clean the room

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War generations – is the eternal problem of mankind, adults, as always, stupid and do not understand the real problems of the universe, and the kids are lazy and generally, in my youth, this didn’t happen. The hero of this article is the father of the family, who has repeatedly warned her daughter that she was cleaning in his room.

“Miss Tiffany 2014.” Beauty contest for transsexuals in Thailand

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Beauty contest under the original name “Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2014” conducted for transgender, transsexual more simply. Suggest you look at participating in this unusual competition, which takes place in 2014. Contestants (or contestants) really just impossible to distinguish from natural women!

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