Unusual wedding dresses made of paper

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The designer Asya Kozina has gained popularity in the fashion world because of its unusual use of paper products. This time he decided to create a series of traditional Mongolian costumes for weddings, using exclusive white paper. The resulting collection is very pretty and unusual.

The photos are awesome!

14 animal eyes watched closely

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Photographer Suren Menevlyan introduced its latest series of close-up photos of the eyes of animals.

These pictures are amazing and provide a high level of detail of the eye, a variety of animals. In parallel with the photography, Suren teaches Physics, Mathematics, Geometry and Astronomy at the Waldorf School in Yerevan during the last decade. In addition, in 1997-2011, he worked as a researcher at the Research Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences.

For those interested, all animals are alive and none of them was damaged during the photo shoot.

1. Catfish.
ojos animales
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Pictures of people sleeping … anywhere

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There are people who take advantage of any place to sleep. Here are alfunas photos of them.

Among the images, they will see Chinese buyers who are sleeping in the showroom of an IKEA store. Of the 10 largest Ikea stores worldwide, 8 are in China, to meet the needs of the growing middle class in China. The tents are made with additional exhibition halls, this is done in view of the fact that customers visit the store for a full day. Warehouse Management does not prevent its customers sleeping in Ikea furniture. Even post signs inviting customers to experience the furniture company.

Awesome ice cave in Alaska

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This photographer captured stunning photos in an ice cave in Alaska. Take that kind of pictures is very dangerous because it could collapse at any moment. The walls of the cave have a dazzling turquoise in its vast open spaces, and it is hard to imagine that this amazing ice cave began to form only in the beginning of 2012. But despite this seemingly mystical charm, this fascinating natural phenomenon is at risk of self-destruction.

The photos were taken by photographer 55 years old, caver Ron Giles.

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