Charming cats recreating models photos

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Hardly on this planet you can find someone who would be more graceful than cats regard posing and supplications, these guys know exactly how and what to do with her body. Cats from our article decided to teach a lesson venerable models, showing them how to make a real business model, which is true for paid meals. The main thing that the model did not fall into a deep depression because the cat took one paw and crushed all their years of training and rehearsals.

Photos of famous models before and after makeup

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It’s no secret that using makeup can transform any girl in the dazzling beauty, with absolutely any. These interesting pictures shared a famous make-up artist named Melissa Murphy, placing in their profile Instagram. On duty, the talented makeup artist Melissa Murphy often have to work with actresses, models and even adult film stars whose pictures before and after make-up you can see below.

The most ridiculous selfies made at the most inopportune moment

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Selfies …Who needs to look at the same pictures in which only occasionally changing clothes and the background? Of course a different matter when you’re a celebrity, but they fortunately rarely suffer so. To draw attention to its own self, people begin making their perverted and at the most inopportune moment, like, “I look at the funeral,” or “my plane now seems to fall.” The most ridiculous selfies made in the moments when they just about had to forget await you on.

“Shark mouth” or teenager with 232 extra teeth were removed from his mouth

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No, “shark mouth” is not the last part of a series of horrors “Jaws,” this is the disease which affects the poor 17-year old Indian teenager named Ashik Gawai. After prolonged suffering and pain complaints teen mouth, doctors began to look for the reason for discomfort. What they found them plunged into shock. Surgeons at JJ Hospital in Mumbai, India, spent a teenager 7-hour operation, which resulted from his jaws were successfully removed 232 additional teeth.

How to make a budget Jacuzzi in your yard with your own hands

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Only a madman does not like to relax in the hot tub with friends, but the jacuzzi is not at all. Creative Fibber decided to make a jacuzzi with his own hands in his yard. Materials he used the most common, which can be found in almost every sector of a private home. During construction budget jacuzzi guys have not spent a single dollar, but despite this, it turned out quite functional. Give a jacuzzi in every yard!

8 year old boy crossed the finish line of triathlon with his paralyzed brother

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8-year-old boy named Noah, wanted to take part in a small sports triathlon held in his city especially for children. But Noah wanted to cross the finish line together with his best friend and brother of 6-year-old, Lucas. Brothers always did everything together, and Noah felt that participation in the triathlon should not be an exception. Unfortunately Lucas suffered from a rare genetic disorder called Lissencephaly, due to which he could not move on their own. Noah did not refuse any ideas from any participation in the competition, he still decided to take his brother. What came out of it, see below.

It was a quiet Japanese town until it was flooded of hundreds of deer

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See a wild animal in the city – a rarity, as they usually tend to stay away from people, but this is not the case. Hundreds of deer came in a small Japanese town of Nara Park Kansai, which is home to more than 1,000 deers. No, animals do not come into town for shopping, they flee from the park to hide in the shade to escape the heat. Each year, the deer come in Nara, filling the sidewalks of the city in small groups. Local deer are so used to people that not only are not afraid to approach him, but also specifically suited asking lint.

div class=”center”japan nara full of deers

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7 useful tips to take a good picture of your body at the beach in a swimsuit

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Midsummer heat and mercilessly attacking us, in an attempt to escape from it and have a good time, people go to the beach or a swimming pool. We sometimes face many dangers, such as the probability of burn in the sun, can steal your stuff, you can cut your foot on a piece of glass in water, but the most dangerous – a bad picture of your body in a bad position, you will slowly but surely destroy your self-esteem. Just follow this 7 tips to take a good picture of your body at the beach in a swimsuit.

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