Awesome camp in the snow Kolyma Gulag

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This is one of Stalin’s camps in Kolyma. The July 11, 1929 adopted a resolution “On the use of labor of convicted criminal prisoners” for a period of three years, this decision was the starting point to create a labor camp in the Soviet Union jobs. A very difficult place, especially listening to the stories about the lives of the prisoners and the presentation of their work in harsh weather conditions.

In 1928, in the Kolyma found rich deposits of gold. Before 1931, the authorities decided to develop these deposits prisoners. In the fall of 1931, the first group of prisoners, some 200 people were sent to the Kolyma.

The new things in life Resale

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Due to the constantly rising prices and the rapid evolution of modern fashion trends, there is often no time to change your wardrobe as we would like. The solution to this problem has found a writer and designer Gillian Owens, who went to thrift stores in search of cheap and old fashioned clothes. Gillian clothing became a truly modern design!

Harmonious masterpieces of ancient architecture and modern combinations

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Worldwide, architecture, built hundreds of years ago, are increasingly replaced by modern skyscrapers. However, as these images show they can exist together.

Modern Nekstauer near Eshenhaem Tower – a medieval defense tower, Frankfurt. Old and new bridge across the bay in San Francisco. Downtown Shanghai, China. Church of Sant Francesc 4, Spain. Notre-Dame de Saigon near the modern buildings in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. English London bank on the background of skyscrapers and others.

6 more crazy feats Bear Grylls

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Scientists have discovered that if you happen to nuclear apocalypse, then the world will be only cockroaches … and Bear Grylls. Do not believe me? In this post, the most insane feats of British survival expert.

1. Heart …. eating raw meat.

Trapped in the Arctic Circle, Grylls ate reindeer reindeer heart.

bear grylls

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