Photo of giant snake (55ft): biggest snake in the world

Photo of huge snake, biggest snake in the world. Photograph purporting to show a 55ft snake found in a forest in Indonesia has become an internet sensation. Biggest snake in the world. The huge snake is really a monster. It’s a huge, huge snake ever seen before. Worlds biggest snake pictures.

Although some think this snake measures are exaggerated, we believe that the photo has truthfulness. In the world there are places still not esplorados by man, where animals may also be unknown and huge sizes.

Clearly, it is a giant snake. They may be able to grow even more, which would make them truly exceptional animals. The giant snake that we see in the photo was discovered in Indonesia in the province of Bangka Belitung Islands, before being killed and buried.

Some say that the snake picture would measure no more than 40 feet long. But, as seen in the picture, this snake could be the largest snake on Earth.

The thread claimed the huge snake was one of two enormous boas found by workers clearing forest for a new road. They apparently woke up the sleeping snakes during attempts to bulldoze a huge mound of earth. This is Biggest snake in the world!!

“On the third dig, the operator found there was blood amongst the soil, and with a further dig, a dying huge snake appeared,” said the post.

serpiente gigante

“By the time the workers came back, the wounded boa had died, while the other snake had disappeared. The bulldozer operator was so sick that he couldn’t even stand up.”

The post claimed that the digger driver was so traumatised that he suffered a heart attack on his way to hospital and later died.

The dead snake was 55ft (16.7m) long, weighed 300kg and was estimated to be 140 years old. Biggest snake in the world Huge snake!

  • Garfield

    That snake is no longer then 23 feet. The longest reticulated python that was ever recorded was a 33 foot female.

    • Tom

      If you figure the workers there are between 5 and 5 1/2 ft tall, then measure 1 of them along the snake, then yes, it will come out to about 55 ft long! But either length is enough to make my ass run… even if there is no way I could get away from that monster. I’ve seen a 2 foot garter snake slither along the ground pretty fast, that thing would have had to be really fast. but at least you’re not retarded like the professor!

      • Luke

        If you compare the scoop to the base of the arm you can tell that the scoop and the snake are much further in the foreground. This snake is not longer than 19ft, which is still a large snake, but not 55ft status. Though they have found fossil remains of a snake around 50ft before, it is call the titanoboa, which died out about 60 million years ago.

  • kilbeboy

    Nobody is born immortal….we take life into this planet, we live ,and there will come a time when we die…..the snake would have died sooner or later…so no big deal -_-

  • amour

    it is kill nice that it was kill because it could have someone

  • Meskalyyn

    @kilbeboy By your logic, Charles MAnson and Ted Bundy shouldn’t have been treated the way that they were. No big deal right? You are a dumbass. Maybe read what you type before posting it. A living thing is a living thing. If I ran over your puppy and said ‘No big deal’ you’d probably try to kill me.

  • If you kill you will be killed. This explains why the operator died. Thou shall not kill. The killing did not say or define the victim whether snake or man.

    • First of all, did you even read it? The driver didnt kill it.. it was wounded. And when they went back it was dead. The driver died because of a heart attack because he was in shock….read it before you start saying stuff.

    • Tom

      What are you talking about, PROFESSOR? It explains why the man died because he killed the snake? For one thing, the guy didn’t kill the snake on purpose, and another, if life was actually like that… if you kill you will be killed, bulls__t, then why are you still alive, I’m sure you have killed ants and flies and other things in nature, but you’re still alive, and you killed most of those things on purpose!

  • calli

    Killing this particular snake is the last of your worries, there are other snakes just like this one alive and roaming the earth right this minute. I say you should worry about them and then figure out the minor details.

  • horse2002

    that is so creepy. it would be weird to have that as a pet

  • tsunami

    OOh look a gargantuan snake!! let’s kill it and show to them this is biggest snake on the world just based on the photohraph with no corpses evidence wich it can be identify and examine..

  • Freddy Tap

    amour dice: ‘it is kill nice that it was kill because it could have someone’
    Yoda you are?

  • steve

    Imagine that snake in action, the horror movie of red orchid could came true ! We have luck that so big snakes are very rare otherwise … The bigger the animal the bigger the brain and their intelligence to kill in order to survive and one could end on lower end of food chain occasionally !

  • Maria

    Poor snake..
    Snakes are so misunderstood..

    And btw, that snake is not the biggest in the world, and it is not 55 ft.
    And I would LOVE to have that as a pet.

    • Braveheart

      I would to see that thing in your house with your kids playing with it, pendeja.

  • TheDante

    I just might be a titanoboa but alot more has to be answer before it can come to that conclusion.

  • Michael Warren

    Just a few photoshop tricks, folks. This kind of photo fraud has been going around alot lately. Have you seen the commercials with people flying around?

  • SooYun

    Not necesary Big animal means big brain~ Have you study science by any chance? Dinasours where Huge and their brains where much good~ take for example us Humans~ some suffer of a deficit that makes the body Grow into huge proportions but the Brain works same as normal humans~ it doesnt grow bigger~ So i may correct on that this Boa just had same intelligence as the other boas but was wiser cuz of the years that it had live~ How come? well easy, Animals have good memories~ So is it dangerous? Ofcurse cuz we are still food to any Animal~ so i may also say Its a pity it died cuz it didnt do a thing to them~ but also things happend for a reason~ I really sorry that man died from a heart attack though it wasnt his fault much~ and if animals make humans become the last in the chain may i aswell say it has been us who teach them how to exterminate us by not being conciderated with them in a lot of ways~ I dont apreciate this things at all~ Huge or Tiny we are all dangerous to this world so dont be happy of this death~ that makes you an ignorant~

    • Leslie P

      Love this comment!

  • peirre

    poor snake…they just wanna live..

    • Bear Bingham

      look at all the boots you could make out of it!

  • amazing snake!
    wish we have that in University of Nigeria museum

  • Maireen

    that snake isnt as big as stated
    its a camera trick
    look at the crane scoop, its way in front of the camera

  • Alberto

    No puedo creer que esten discutiendo sobre esta ridicula historia.
    Luke esta en lo correcto

  • evil_bat

    apparently all of you herpetologists should spend more time at a construction site than arguing on the web, camera trick my ass, do you know how big the scoop on a track hoe like that is?? its not the little bobcat they put you faggy patio in with- JS

  • Carlos A. Moran

    sounds like someones escaped pet snake..

  • orichimaru

    i summoned that thing

  • Lawrence Sia

    Isn’t anyone worried that there’s still another gigantic boa and that it might be mad that we killed its friend?

    • Michael Castro

      it’s optical illusion dumb ass. it’s big, but not gigantic.. your stupidity is amazing. lol

  • jake

    if only titano boa is alive

  • fep
  • Ali

    not sure if this story is true though. no proof so far of any snake that exceeded 10 meter in length.

  • Kofi Essel

    woow at where..?

  • 212100

    It’s so funny how these stories are so ridiculous and inaccurate. The link to this page said

  • 212100

    It was an anaconda

  • alex

    that snake is so poor! but they killed it! it can’t live any more! 🙁

  • Braveheart

    Snakes that have the potential to grow that large shouldn’t exist.