Scary Experiments with humans while 2nd World War

In concentration fields, nazis scientifics made some test varieties on humans under extreme violence, with interrogations and torture, sickness virus injections, steralization, and surgery researchs.churchill__s_genocide__by_ss_standartenfuhrer-d5r5j48For example Dr. Heissmeyer inject a bacteria causing on prisioners tuberculosis on Neungamme fields, and a average humans were exposed to phosgene gases, to find an antidote for the sickness they caused on first place, the cause was they were using tuberculosis as biological weapons.adolf_hitlerThere was thousands cases with prisioners which legs were amputated, to be transplanted on nazis militar men, but saddly on that century sanitary measures were really poor, and men died for infections. c53fa4090a4273d29de8f80f44025406