The 5 most expensive cars in the world

autos caros

In this post you will see the most expensive cars in the world. They are exclusive cars (no more than 10 worldwide), so with only say this because you may go getting an idea of exclusivity and exquisiteness they represent. These cars cost more than a mansion.

Running at the speed of light, it is generally not possible, because they always put us limits on the roads, and if you live in a rather unsafe country, chances are that your car will not last parked even a month in your garage (there are too many offenders). What would be then?

1. Maybach Exelero $8 million.
autos caros

2. Lamborghini Poison, $ 3.9 million.
autos caros

3. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: $ 2,38 million
autos caros

4. Poison Lamborghini Roadster, $ 4.4 million.
autos caros

5. Lykan Hypersport, $ 3,5 million.
autos caros


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