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Second life in wine bottles. There are people who have a lot of imagination

Do not rush to throw away the wine bottles that supposedly do not work. Then think a little, and perhaps with the help of these images, your imagination can start walking.

Imagine those bottles of wine that do not work, decorating your house … and giving them a second second life.

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Beautiful Japanese model is really a man!

A popular and beautiful Japanese model, called Kayo Satoh, has confessed on TV that she is a man. He move away from his hometown to prevent anyone from recognising him, and then living as a woman under a new name. Kayo claims he has had no plastic surgery, aside from natural prettiness, it seems much of «her» success is down to very skilful application of makeup.

campamento abandonado

Abandoned Soviet military camp near Berlin

In the 30s the Nazis built a military town. After the war, military barracks complex, located between Potsdam and Berlin, won the Red Army.

In these pictures you will see what remains of the military camp after more than twenty years. Are abandoned barracks and dark.

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The world's rarest fast food dishes

The world’s rarest fast food dishes

Today, fast food is the most popular type of food on the planet. It can be found almost anywhere in the world. Somewhere they can be noodles, elsewhere there are burritos, somewhere else baked bugs, and hamburgers somewhere.

I suggest this curious selection of the most curious fast food dishes in the world.

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A child accidentally swallows a whistle

An 8 year old boy suffered a dangerous, rare and curious accident. He was playing with a whistle, one of those used by soccer referees, and he swallowed it accidentally, during a children’s party in Argentina.

Obviously the thing is not to laugh … but the truth is that he whistled every time he breathed 😀 ja

Fortunately the doctors managed to get the whistle, not without first allowing them to record this curious video that will remain for the story.

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Record a video of the death of crocodile enchantress

In Indonesia, a man claiming to be a crocodile charmer died after being attacked by one of these unforgivable predators as he tried to find a body in a river that had disappeared the day before.

The daring man was completely devoured by the reptile … he really was «ENCHANTED» with his lunch 😀

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A Dadbag That I Made For People Who Want A Dad Bod Without Eating Junk Food

This is a curious dadbag, who gives you the belly of Dad’s body. Now you can daddy’s body whenever you feel like it, but it also serves to store valuables in it.

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Photos of girls who managed to lose weight

This collection of images shows girls who, with a lot of effort (and probably money), managed to lose weight in an incredible way.

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This Frenchman travels around the world with his favorite hen, Monique

Many people travel with their dogs or cats, but Guirec Soudée, lives his adventures with an unusual companion, a hen named Monique.

This 24-year-old Frenchman has for two years set out to travel around the world with his favorite hen. They started the journey from the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa, then went to the Caribbean and Greenland, where they are living for now.

Guirec says he will continue his tour of more cities, along with his hen.

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A Japanese group concert lasts only 8 seconds!

In Japan there is a famous group called Golden Bomber. These extravagant boys decided to surprise their fans with a different concert. The band Visual Kei, whose characteristics are known for their makeup, hairstyles and rather extravagant costumes, presented their new song «Deatte 8-byo» or «Encounter 8 seconds.» Well that, the show lasted 8 seconds.

After the concert, the members come out all shot, like real crazy 😀 haha!

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10 selfies failed because people forgot to see the background before taking the photos

Something you should know to get a good selfie, is that you do not need to rely on another person’s skills to get a good image. As it is sometimes said, if you want something done right, do it yourself, and nothing can go wrong if you are the one with the finger on the button … right? Well, not exactly.

Check out this list of funny selfies that failed because people just did not check what was behind them.

This collection should serve as a fun reminder that doing something for yourself does not always go well.

Share this fun collection with your friends 😉

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What happened to this trucker?

I guess the truck driver did not notice. You have to be very blind! 😀

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