18 photos of the food they eat Google employees worldwide

They say that Google currently has about 57,100 employees, and all have free food, which is one of the good advantages. Employees can eat banana cheesecake, lobster lunch, salads Hawaiian fish. For us, ordinary people, some of those meals simply beyond the bounds of possibility.

Google spends every year about $ 80 million to feed their workers. The company operates more than 185 cafes around the world and every day served more than 108,000 meals.

Look at these curious dishes. Let’s see the photos shared by workers at Google offices worldwide.

Texas pulled pork tacos from the taco truck

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So yummmy as a corporate meal. 123820160811 #googlepanorama

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Fancy food #freelunch #nyc #adventuresnearbae #businesstrip

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Made myself this elaborate breakfast and the forks run out!

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Jjajiangmyeon for lunch #instafood

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