About Us

We are open to both the readers and the writers with different offerings.

For readers

We publish articles on topics that you need to know or search for very often. We have a wide range of genres like Tech, How to, Lifestyle, and Tips on various subjects.

You’ll get to know about the latest technologies on our website to enrich your knowledge of technology. Nowadays life is incomplete without technology, and you have to be well-aware of the latest technologies and should know how to use them. We’ll here to help you with that.

You’ll find solutions to all of your problems in our How to section. Be it how to install things at your home, how to solve a video game problem, how to cook any particular dish, and many more.

You’ll get amazing ideas in our Lifestyle section. You’ll get to know about how to increase water pressure at your house, how to decorate your terrace, how to paint your walls… the list goes on. We provide tips too to add more sophistication to your life.

For writers

We always seek for talented, skillful, aspiring writers to write for us on our website. It’s not everyone who can create a beautiful and engaging article which readers will enjoy reading.

We always admire the skill of writing, and always take extra care of our writers and make sure they get the accurate values for their work and the time they invest. We always pay our writers, because, without writers, the world of content writing just doesn’t exist!

We ask the writers to send their applications to us. We promise that we’ll scrutiny each application and reply to the applicants if we found the writer meets our criteria.

Once you are accepted as a writer by us, you’ll be given articles to write for us, and we’ll pay you for your effort and skill. Payment will be as per the agreement. It could be per article, per word, or the length of the article, or something else.