Creative Ways Of Bathroom Window Coverings For Privacy

Bathroom windows are always unique in their functions as well as forms. While the windows need to let in the perfect amount of sunlight into the bathroom, Bathroom Window Coverings For Privacy, it also needs to maintain your privacy.

You can use curtains as well as other types of bathroom window coverings for privacy. Bathrooms window coverings need to be such that they can let in the light and air for ventilation but at the same time doesn’t stand inconvenient for one to use the bathroom.

Here we have come up with some creative solutions for best window treatment for bathrooms.

Covering Shower Window- Ways

Bathroom Window Coverings For Privacy
Bathroom Window Coverings For Privacy

If you’re wondering about how to cover bathroom windows without using curtains, here are a few ideas that you can follow to make the covering of shower windows easy and simpler.

  • You can go for installation shades to cover windows in view of showers. The shades aren’t very expensive and can easily prevent outsiders from getting a glimpse of your private space.
  • Windows shutters are great options too that offer a greater degree of light into the room at the same time can afford to protect privacy. There are many waterproof shutters for shower window that can be the perfect option to use for bathrooms.
  • You can use frosted glass that blurs the images to protect privacy.  You can use DIY techniques to frost paint windows using spray paint, etc.
  • You can turn the shower windows to replace them with glass blocks. Single pane windows can be easily replaced with glass blocks. These glass blocks are thick and solid that blur the glass windows of washrooms. It also adds luxury to the shower.

How To Choose Right Protection For Shower Window

Before you choose any protection for your shower window, you’ve to consider a few things.

How To Choose Right Protection
How To Choose Right Protection
  • You’ve to be sure of the type of window protection you want to use. You can go for shower curtains with matching window curtains, or try other modern shower window treatments.
  • Measure the width of the window along with the size of the room.
  • Know the amount of lighting you need in your bathroom. Keeping in the amount of air and light you want to let into the bathroom, choose the best window treatment that’s suitable. 

Bathroom Windows Decorating Ideas

If you’re willing to try on some decorating hacks for bathrooms window covering, here are some alternatives to window curtains that let lights in but provide privacy.

  • Use super-sized artworks as a shade on the bathroom windows. This also enables the natural light to stream through into the room.
  • You can use hanging beads instead of shower curtains. It’s a kind of DIY window treatment that gives a retro vibe to the space.
  • You may find traditional blinds out of style but the traditional blinds offer plenty of privacy as well as natural lights to get in.
  • You can use stained glasses.  There are many creative ways to hang stained glass in bathrooms to protect privacy. Stained glass is decorative arts glasses that can blur the image from outside too.
  • Even hanging plants work to provide an aesthetic look as well as cover up the bathroom window to provide enough privacy.
  • Using window clings can Bathroom Window Coverings For Privacy.
  • You can hang lace as it has a timeless look that can diffuse the lights beautifully.
  • Macrame is also beautiful option that you can use as a window covering.
  • Metal screens and roman shades can also match beautifully to cover up bathroom windows for privacy.  You can consider this option for high-end custom windows.

Importance Of Bathroom Window Coverings

Using a proper bathroom window covering not only benefits by protecting the privacy of the users but also enhances the bathroom look. Here are a few benefits of using bathroom window coverings that you need to know.

best window treatment for bathroom
best window treatment for bathroom
  • Window films in bathrooms provides a lot of natural lighting to the space that helps in brightening dark and dreary rooms.
  • It prevents mold and mildew build-ups in the damp washroom by allowing the entering of extra ventilation in the room.
  • Window protections are an internal part of the color and the design of the room.
  • Protects the privacy to blur images from outside.
  • They also prevent dust particles from coming into the bathroom. The bathroom curtains gather the dust and do not let them get in.
  • Window coverings in bathroom stops the entering of direct sunlight into the room.
  • It cancels the noise coming from outside which helps in having a calm and peaceful shower time.
  • It overall enhances the decor of the place by increasing the aristocracy.

How to Cover Bathroom Window Creatively?

There are several creative ways by which you can protect your windows in the shower. If you’re hooked up with the thought of how to protect windows in shower, you can try these creative ways.

Bathroom Window Creatively
Bathroom Window Creatively
  • You can use the one-sided mirror Bathroom Window Coverings For Privacy for your bathroom windows. This is a permanent option that you can consider.
  • Frosted contact papers can also make the glass window opaquein bathrooms.It’s an inexpensive temporary solution that costs less than $10.
  • You can use a privacy screen.  DIY privacy screens using sheer fabrics, sheer, etc can also be used.
  • Use inexpensive shower curtains with matching window curtains to protect your privacy.
  • If you’re sticking to the double curtain ideas, you can even sew your own shower curtains which is a cheaper option.
  • You can consult a windows tinting expert who will be able to provide creative advice on tinting windows based on the style and design of your bathroom window.

Hanging Curtains Over Vertical Blinds- Steps

If you want to go traditional with the bathroom window coverings, you can use vertical blinds with curtains attached to them. Here are steps to attached curtains over vertical blinds.

Bathroom Windows Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Windows Decorating Ideas
  • Pick an installations method to hang the curtains on the vertical blinds. It’s best to go for sheer curtains or any other lights curtains that lets lights in but provide privacy.

You can also opt for the velcro or other no drill options to attach curtains.

  •  Next, you need to measure the width of the window as well as the whole area that you want to cover with the curtains. .
  • Buy the curtains bigger than the minimum measurement.

Modern Treatment For Bathroom Window

If you’re looking for modern bathroom window coverings, here are your options for the best window treatment for bathroom. These bathroom window treatments control the lights coming into the room as well as ensure good privacy.

Although every bathroom has its unique requirements, you’ve to always plan well while dressing a bathroom window.

  • Roller blinds:It fits at the bottom of the window that providing an effect of a cafe curtain in blind form. You can use waterproof bathroom roller blinds for better treatment.
  • Specialist blinds: Specialist blinds are custom-designed for sloping windows. These blinds need to be fitted to the window frame itself, which is very convenient as there are no hanging cords.
  • Obscure glass windows: Obscure glass windows for bathrooms is what the darker bathroom needs. It comes in different designs like choose textured, sandblasted, or acid-etched. It not only provides privacy and lights but also acts as a decorative feature at the same time.
  • Venetians: If you don’t want to have frosted glass, you can go for Venetians. It can be adjusted to varying light levels. It also puts a horizontal interest in the overall scheme and design.
Importance Of Bathroom Window Coverings
Importance Of Bathroom Window Coverings

DIY Ideas To Block Sun From Bathroom Window

Wondering how to block sun from windows DIY ? Here are a few tips that you can consider to block the sun from your bathroom window.

  • You can use double shower curtains ideas. Sew one fabric with another at home to make a double curtain.
  • Mounting waterproof shutters for shower windows that are made of aluminum, steel, etc can also help.
  • Awnings can also help to limit sunlight. It’s the perfect answer of how to cover up a window from the outide. You can use awnings at the exterior of the bathroom window to shield windows from sunlight.
  • Use aluminum foils as a cheaper alternative to completely block sunlight. This also lowers your cooling bills.
  • You can use paneled blackout curtains in darker shades to block out light properly.

Dos And Don’ts Of Window Treatment

Here are a few dos and don’ts of window treatment that you need to remember to get the best window treatments for bathrooms.


  • Use the correct hardware and fittings to hang shower curtains with matching window curtains.
  • List out the choices that offer light control, durability, privacy as well as style.
  • Use waterproof shutters and films for long-lasting protection.
  • Think about the maintenance and sustainability of the protection


  •  Don’t choose the wrong material for shower window covering.
  • Avoid going for wooden window coverings.
  •  Don’t neglect the overall theme and style.
how to protect windows in shower
how to protect windows in shower

Steps For Shower Glass Installation

If you’re looking for shower glass installation near me, here are the steps that you need to know to install shower glass in your bathroom.

Materials required

  • Caulking gun
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Drilling bits
  • Hacksaw
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Sand cloth
  • Scissors

Steps to install a shower glass

  • Start by fixating the two rails on the horizontal walls.
  • Position the bottom rail properly and fit it in.
  • Use pencils to draw and then drill the holes.
  • Measure the upper rail and then cut it to fix it.
  • Put the rollers in their place and adjust them.
  • Install the door and handles.


1. How can I make my bathroom window not see through?

You can install waterproof shades and shutters as a cover for your window. It will prevent outsiders from seeing through the window.

2. Can you see through frosted bathroom windows?

The frosted bathroom windows aren’t opaque. But any images seen through them are blurred. It produces a memory effect as the windows make the images from through it hopelessly blur. 

3. How can I keep light in but keep privacy?

Using window curtains made of sheer fabrics offers privacy at the same time lets the lights from outside come into the room.  Any curtains made from lightweight fabric can work to offer privacy while still allowing lights.

4. How do I make windows not see-through at night?

You can use

  • Casper cloaking films for privacy at night.
  • Any blackout films can also work to make the windows not see-through at nighttime.

5. What can be used instead of curtains?

Other alternatives to curtains are

  • Window film
  • Frosted glass
  • Use shades and waterproof shutters.
  • Matchstick blinds.


Bathrooms’ windows are features that need to be decorated as well as maintained properly. Best window treatment for bathrooms allows sufficient lights to get in as well as make the windows not see through. 

Using shower curtains, privacy window films, waterproof shutters, and shades are some of the best bathroom window coverings for privacy.

But there are many cheaper options like frosting sprays, faux wood shutters, lead glass film, etc that can also be used as temporary window coverings in bathrooms.

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