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  • china ghost city

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    Ghost town for wealthy Chinese

    Beihai city, popularly called the city of the dead. That’s because more than 100 villas are built for wealthy Chinese and all of them are empty. Developers were expecting to populate the city of wealthy citizens, but its remoteness from industrial centers, which was to become the trump card, backfired.

  • soviet war 1920

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    Sentimental photographs of Soviet homeless 1920s

    War spares no one and is considered one of the most terrible events in any country. The hardest thing to go through all the hardships of war unaccompanied children left to live on the street in abject poverty. During the First World War, Revolution and famine waifs Soviet Union suffered the hardships of life on […]

  • indian slums

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    The harsh reality of Indian slums

    We used to see India on the fabulous Bollywood movies and the beautiful photographs of nature, but few remember that India – a country of the third world. People in Indian slums just live in appalling conditions, but they are so accustomed to them and everything seems to be enough, and maybe they just have […]

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    Abandoned tank in a typical family home

    Perhaps it would be greatly surprised to find on the site of your house a real bunker. No less, a typical American family that acquired the house ten years ago in Wisconsin. Oddly enough, all the time no one living in the home have not noticed a hatch underground bunker at the rear portion of […]

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    Abandoned diamond mine in the town of Mirny

    Peace mine, located in the eponymous village in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), was closed in 2004. This place is the second largest excavated hole in the world, after Bingham Canyon Mine. The hole is so big that the airspace above the mine is closed for helicopters, because of incidents in which they were drawn […]

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    Deserted Namie Town

    Namie – is a small town just north of Fukushima (Japan). All the residents were evacuated after the earthquake, and they will not be able to return to the lived-in house. We offer a look at this lonely place.

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    Abandoned school in Florida

    Photographer Lannis Waters presented interesting pictures, which depicted an abandoned high school, “Boynton“. The building is located in Palm Beach County (Florida, USA). School to be demolished, but graduates of the institution does not want to lose a piece of history, and City Hall – to spend money for the restoration. Entrance to the abandoned […]