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  • wedding alaska photoshoot

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    Fantastic wedding photo shoot taken on top of a glacier in Alaska

    This adventurous wedding photo shoot was filmed by the talented American photographer from Anchorage named Josh Martinez, which is unlikely to ever forget the newly formed bridal couple. To make fantastic pictures, the photographer with the bride and groom traveled by helicopter to the top of the glacier Knik located in Alaska. Photos turned out […]

  • sydney lights vivid

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    Light Festival in Sydney

    On Friday in Sydney kicked off the annual Festival of Lights «Vivid Sydney», during which the best lighting designers from around the world turn the town into an amazing canvas of light, music and fantasy. Projection with music arranged in the most iconic locations, including one of the most famous and popular architectural masterpieces of […]

  • nemo 33 deepest pool

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    Nemo 33 – the deepest pool in the world

    In Brussels, Belgium, is the center of recreational diving, which is the deepest in the world indoor swimming pool. The pool has a few ledges at depths of 5 and 10 meters for those who do not want to delve too much, several artificial underwater caves and round well depth of 34.5 meters. All this […]

  • towers falling down

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    13 most interesting falling towers of the world

    In the world there are many falling towers – buildings with towering form, which are completely different reasons deviated from the vertical state and careen dangerously. Usually slope towers occurs due to changes of soil properties due to errors or builders in laying foundations. Ironically such towers are often attractions that beckon tourists crowd. Some […]

  • mini airport sky

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    Without leaving the sky

    This cozy and picturesque mini airport with a runway length of 900 meters is located on a hill in the town Farrenberg Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. This “ascending” in the clouds is not uncommon for the port (820 meters above sea level) and on the right turns it into a piggy bank the most exciting runway world.