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  • crop circle


    Mysterious crop circle in California

    When talking about the crop circles to mind is a relatively recent phenomenon, however, manuscripts of the eighteenth century and the Middle Ages already mentioned the appearance of crop circles throughout Europe. But it was not until the early 80’s when it really got to know. Around the 90s were a large number of these […]

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    Story of an UFO crashed in USA.

    In Roswell, New Mexico, USA. was place of the legendary fall of an unidentified flying object. According to legend, in 1947 in the skies over New Mexico, was flying a large luminous disc-shaped object. After flying about 25 kilometers from the city limits, it crashed. The wreckage was found for an ordinary farmer, what was […]

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    9-meter-long unknown body found on the coast of New Zealand

    On the Gulf of the coast beach Pukehina Pletin in New Zealand by storm was found a terrible nine-meter unknown body, very looking alike an alien or maybe a monster?. A resident of New Zealand’s shot with a camera the supposed alien and posted the video in youtube with the question: “Can anyone tell what […]

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    UFOs and Visitors from Outer Space

    Usually, mentioning UFOs and visitors from outer space, people are referring to the present, with its technological advances, space exploration and high technology. But a number of scientists studying the paleocontact theory say that maybe once they visited the planet who shared their knowledge and technology to the people of ancient times. This theory may […]

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    Abandoned tank in a typical family home

    Perhaps it would be greatly surprised to find on the site of your house a real bunker. No less, a typical American family that acquired the house ten years ago in Wisconsin. Oddly enough, all the time no one living in the home have not noticed a hatch underground bunker at the rear portion of […]

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    The Great Red Spot

    The Great Red Spot – the biggest storm in the solar system. He is raging on Jupiter for at least as long as there were telescopes. Winds of the hurricane reach speeds of 600 kilometers per hour. Area covered by the hurricane, is about 50,000 kilometers. Like most astronomical phenomena, the Great Red Spot was […]

  • Haunted castles

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    Houses and castles with ghosts

    We all know the legend of the ghost: evil or good, wandering around us translucent mother from the underworld. Of course, every good ghost story has eerie dramatic, often with elements of unrequited love, and always ends tragically died. There are many old houses and ancient castles, covered with centuries-old legends and, of course, the […]

  • Monsters Storms

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    Atmospheric monsters

    Storm – a beautiful atmospheric phenomenon in which the inside of clouds or between clouds and the earth arise lightning accompanied by thunder, heavy rains come and there is an increase in wind squall. Storm is among the most dangerous to human natural events, giving the number of recorded deaths a flood. award-winning photographer Camille […]