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  • inundaciones sochi


    Chilling floods in Sochi

    The heavy rains that have plagued the Russian city of Sochi caused dangerous flooding. Drains exploded and flooded the city and affected almost all areas of the city. In some places, the water level reached more than one meter. The authorities carried out the evacuation of residents of the severely affected areas. Houses, public institutions […]

  • sinabung volcano

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    Powerful eruption Sinabung

    February 1 in Sumatra occurred most powerful in recent months Sinabung volcano eruption. Victims of nature became 16 people. It should be noted that the day before the disaster more than 14 thousand evacuees surrounding areas were allowed to return to their homes. Local authorities ordered the re-evacuation.

  • lcd sunrise

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    Huge LCDs in China instead of sunrise

    Smog levels in the air in Beijing has reached exorbitant density. Could become so thick that it is impossible to see through the sky, including sunrise and sunset, in this regard, Chinese officials decided to skip the sunrises on the huge LCD screen, which is usually display advertising.

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    Saving animals, Floods in Europe

    From floods in Europe have suffered not only people, but also do not have emergency contact with rescuers animals. And despite the fact that many animals are left without support of the owners, have to rely on its own strength, rescuers still trying to help those whom we have tamed, pets rescued from flooded captivity.

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    The invasion of termites in New Orleans

    In New Orleans (USA) it recorded the invasion of termites. Insects also visited states such as Louisiana and Alabama. Experts say that for the spring time is a common phenomenon. But despite the ordinariness of the situation, a similar amount of insect displays of composure locals. Of course, termites are not dangerous to humans, but […]

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    Underwater States of America

    Scientists estimate that the current rate of melting glaciers will lead to the fact that a couple of hundred years, the water level of the oceans would rise by 7 meters. Researcher and artist Nicholas Lamm, in his trajectory work, decided to show, as in this case, how cities of America will look like.