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    What happened to the dishes? 10 Restaurants that serve food on Anything

    In today’s world it is all about is not the quality or price, and marketing. In fact, all modern business is built on attracting customers in any unusual way, so each company is perverted from its activities as it can. Recently, foreign restaurants have come up with a new zamanuhu for visitors – supply non-standard […]

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    10 exotic fruits that you didn’t see before

    Despite the fact that on supermarket shelves full of the most diverse and exotic fruit, we can not know all of them. Even the most avid travelers who have tried or at least seen the huge amount of fruit will be surprised at the variety of sweet fruit, which we have collected for you in […]

  • woman bees body baked

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    Blouse of 12,000 bees on the naked body of a woman

    The self-proclaimed “Queen Bee” 44-year-old Sarah Mapelli from United States, argues that regularly perform such a trick, but this time she decided to show herself in all her glory throughout the world. Sarah appeared topless in front of cameras, not taking into account the 12,000 bees that swarmed all the woman’s body from the abdomen […]

  • china ghost city

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    Ghost town for wealthy Chinese

    Beihai city, popularly called the city of the dead. That’s because more than 100 villas are built for wealthy Chinese and all of them are empty. Developers were expecting to populate the city of wealthy citizens, but its remoteness from industrial centers, which was to become the trump card, backfired.

  • very long nails creepy

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    Anna Mikhailova – Russian stylist with an incredibly long nails

    By profession, Anna Mikhailova is an international class stylist, ranked in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest barber in the world, making 12 hours 315 hairstyles! Anna is definitely talented, multi-faceted personality and very showy woman, but her half-meter nails look scary. Although these nails definitely draw goggles public and can rightly be […]