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    The 10 ugliest wedding cakes ever

    No decent wedding is complete without a wedding cake, the sale of which the couple are hoping not bad weld. But these pieces of cakes nobody even thought to buy, why, how can there be thought of buying when you’re in a panic jumps out the closed window from the second floor. These cakes can […]

  • ugliest cosplays

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    Funny and hilarious homemade cosplay

    Cosplay, simply put, is dressing up in costumes of favorite characters and cosplayers are just those crazy people who wear these costumes themselves. Usually it is very precisely selected and quality made ​​costumes, but not with these people .. The heroes of this article did not make the costumes with anticipation and produced them from […]

  • spiders australia

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    Set of spiders from Australia

    One of the reasons why I do not want to go to Australia – is the abundance of spiders. As you know, where they can be is almost anywhere. See below a selection of these aracnid creatures, looking at the pictures that I want to say only “yuck, well, an abomination.”

  • biggest butt

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    The woman with the BIGGEST butt

    33-years-old housewife Sarah Massey literally blew the Internet pictures, she’s the woman with the biggest butt . Fact that the diameter of the rear thereof is more than 2 meters (213 cm.) Just imagine how difficult it all is given – it is heavy to move, pass through doorways, once even broke the toilet. Despite […]