Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows – The Best Possible Solutions For You

Hey there! Are you super excited for the summer season? Do you plan to have unlimited fun in the season of summer? I know! Summer can be very exciting as this season brings great things by Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows have a lot of fun both indoors and outdoors.

But, though the season of summer can make you happy with all the fun activities, there is a big problem too. Yes.

You all know the problem. The heat and the drawdowns! This season is extremely hot. Even it can bring that excessive kind of heat that it would become unbearable and you cannot stay at home.

Therefore, you have to find some best possible solutions to get rid of this problem. Generally, heat always comes from the windows of your home. So, here, we have brought to you Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows that you will surely love to use.

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Block Heat From Windows- Stay Cool And Comfortable In Summer Season

Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows
Block Heat From Windows- Stay Cool And Comfortable In Summer Season

Now tell me, do you only depend on the air conditioner to stay cool in summer? Do you know that there are also several ways which can keep you’re your home cool in the summer season from that scorching heat?

I know that it is a genuine issue that every day a lot of people face.

That is why today I have decided to end all your queries by writing this article. I am going to share with you some simple ideas for sun-blocking from windows. And do you know the best part?  You never need to be a professional for applying these ideas. Also, the ideas are not expensive at all. They are all budget-friendly.

So, here are some cheap ways to block heat from your windows.

Cover Your Windows With Reflective Materials

Now, this is one of the cheap and easiest ways to keep the heat away from your home. This idea is very unique too. The shiny windshield is the best thing that you can use as a reflective material.

This unique way helps you to reflect Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows from your home and you can stay comfortably. Also, the shiny win shield is very cheap and they are just perfect for your windows. You can use the sheet of tinfoil too.

Choose A Direction And Adjust The Curtains Accordingly

Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows
Choose A Direction And Adjust The Curtains Accordingly

In order to keep your home protected from sunlight, you can move and adjust your curtains to the proper direction you choose. Also, it will lead to proper insulation and the blockage of light.

You will have an additional benefit when you will apply this particular method. I will explain it to you. If you already have the roller shadings for your window, and you adjust the curtains according to that, it will help you to hide the shadings perfectly and efficiently.

When the shadings appear invisible, it will bring a different kind of mood and vibe to your room.

Replace The AC Filter

Do change Your AC filter before the beginning of the summer season. If you do not do that, the AC unit will consume 5% to 10% more energy. Therefore, never ignore or overlook this method.

Use Shade To Cover The Outdoor AC Unit

Covering the outdoor AC unit is another great way to keep the room cool. Thus the AC does not expose to heat. Just remember that you often clear the feet on all sides. Thus you can avoid the blocking of airflow.

Avoid Using Large Appliances During The Day

Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows
Avoid Using Large Appliances During The Day

This is a simple but proven hack by which you can get rid of excessive heat during the summer day. When you are using large appliances during the daytime, it will produce excessive heat indoors.

So, wait till evening and try to use the larger appliances like washing machine, dishwasher, dryer etc. at night.

Use White Color To Paint The Walls

The color white is the greatest reflector of heat. Therefore, when you paint your walls with white color, it will reflect heat perfectly and your home will be cool and comfortable. According to the research, it is proven that the white-colored roof has a heat of an average of 250F.

Change Your Incandescent Light Bulbs And Go For Solar Film

This can be one of the best ideas to allow less light and heat to pass on. Besides, not only it just helps you to cool your home, but also it adds value to your room.

These ideas will surely help you to block heat from your window. Also, you can opt for thick curtains since they can be used as window heat blockers. This trick will save you money and still manages to keep your room cool and comfortable.

How To Keep A Room Cool That Faces The Sun- Block Heat From Windows Diy

Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Windows
How To Keep A Room Cool That Faces The Sun- Block Heat From Windows Diy

Sad but true! A room that directly faces the Sun gets extremely hot compared to the other room in a house. You have to keep it cool in order to stay comfortable.

Here are some great and innovative ideas that you can do yourself to keep the sun-facing room clean. Must try them.

  1. You should use curtains, drapes and blinds to control the amount of sunlight that directly enters the room.
  2. You can go for using reflective materials to keep the heat away. It also improves the beauty of the room as well.
  3. You can opt for a sheet of canvas to get rid of the sunlight.
  4. Install energy efficient double pane windows. It will allow the sunlight without affecting the temperature of the room.

 Best Way To Insulate Windows For Summer

Check out some of the best ways to insulate your window for the season of summer.

  • You can use weather stripping as the first option to insulate your windows.
  • Use bubble wraps. Don’t think it is a children’s plaything. It can insulate the windows very well. All you have to do is to spread some water on the window, the wrap will automatically stick to it.
  • If you choose cellular shades for insulating the windows, it is a great idea.
  • A draft snake can insulate your windows well. Don’t scare. It’s nothing but a long cylindrical shaped thing with stuffed material.
  • You can also use blackout curtains to insulate the windows of your room.   


What Can I Put On My Windows To Keep The Heat Out?

Well, you can try exterior shutters and shades in the windows to keep the heat out. Using these materials for keeping the heat away is one of the best ideas. You can go for aluminum foil too to cover up the windows. It will save your cost.

What Is The Best Window Treatment To Block Sun And Heat?

There are several window treatments available to block the sun and heat. They are:

  • Go for plantation shutters. You can select the size, frame style and the color while you are about to install the plantation shutters.
  • Opt for the thick curtains which have the thermal lining on the windows and on the front doors.
  • Check if there is any gaps on the edges of the windows and seal them with some self- adhesive foam strips.
  • Go for a chimney balloon for the chimney.

What Can I Use To Block The Sun From My Window?

Use aluminum foil to block the sun. It will decrease your electric bill too. Remember one thing. When you are about to put aluminum foil on the window, you have to tape the foil in place, and the side which is shiny should be facing outside.

How Do You Keep Heat From Coming Through Glass?

  • Opt for the window shades that are able to block the heat.
  • Use panel blinds or the block out roller.
  • Window insulation with the bubble warps can be an option to keep heat away from coming through glasses.
  • Install window film that reduces the heat.

You can also use multiple methods b combing them.

To Sum It Up

Blocking heat from the windows is a very easier process. You just need to little thoughtful. I hope, after reading this article, you will surely be inspired by the ideas. So try them and have fun in summer.

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