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Almost all of the new cars use electric power steering which has replaced mechanical, hydraulic systems. Diy electric power steering conversion the reason why the hydraulic systems were replaced was that they took up more space and are less fuel-efficient.

Some of the gearheads have been asking about the process of diy electric power steering conversion because the eps system has made the steering wheel numb and disconnected.

The initial system was based in the 1990s and the recent eps car systems work and produce the same results as the hydraulic one.

They are very different from the manual power kits and do not need tons of force to turn the wheels. Some of the users love the ruggedness of the steering but at low speeds, the classic cars can be a handful of jobs. In the case of hydraulic steering, the torque assists the steering box.

The pressure that is required by the driver to the steering wheel determines the total torque and it connects the engine while using a lot of energy. Generally, the robs of the engine are of five to eight horsepower and lower the fuel economy up to three miles per gallon.

What is the electric power steering kit?

The aftermarket companies offer assistance via the electric power-assist steering conversion kits which cover a wide variety of vehicles both classics and the latest. The hydraulic steering pieces are replaced by the cleaner parts and the bulky hoses and power pump are removed. 

One of the best parts about the kit is that the classic cars can use the extra horsepower which was initially consumed by the hydraulic system.

Most common faq is about the parts of the conversion kit which depends on the manufacturers. The basic parts of the kit include-

1. An electric power steering control onboard module

2. The torque sensor

3. A permanent magnet motor

4. A wiring harness

The existing steering column can be changed according to the kit depending on its width. Most of the kits permit the user of the original steering wheel, no visible change can be seen from the cabin.

The size of the kit is such that it can fit under the dashboard and needs a 12-volt power supply to function efficiently. Some of the aftermarket systems work only on torque and others sense the speed of the wheel and the traction input.

Some EPS systems have a default mode in them in which a warning light flashes on the dash informing the driver that the vehicle is safe to drive.

The driver needs to steer harder in such cases because the power assistance is switched off. The EPS kits work with or without hydraulic power steering and the cost of the kit depends on the model of the car and the requirements of the user.

An electric power steering control onboard module

How electric power steering works?

The electric power system is one of the new-fangled gadgets that use an electric motor to assist the driver. The pump in these cases unlike the hydraulic power continuously runs by the engine of the vehicle even if the steering wheel is not turned.

This places a continuous load on the engine and the consumption of fuel is affected.

An electric motor is mounted on the steering gear or column and applies torque to the column. This assists the driver to turn the wheel and the sensors detect the positioning of the wheel. A control module is also put up which applies the necessary additional torque and if the driver is holding the wheel, the system does not provide assistance.

Is electric power steering better than hydraulic?

This is a very common question as it is difficult to trust an entirely new system for the functioning of the vehicle. The electric power system does not only have an upper hand in the fuel economy but also has other tricks which make it better.

The electronic and computer-controlled system can be programmed according to the required attributes and the engineers operating it can program the assistance in several modes.

The maximum assistance deliverance helps in parking in and out of the vehicle and enhances the stability of the vehicle. With a resistance that is built the steering is open for the road speeds and the vehicle does not dart around.

Thus, the EPS system supports the active safety feature of the vehicle and includes a camber control to hold the vehicle against the camber. The vibrations can be dampened out which are caused by the bumps by making some minor holding changes in the steering wheel.

One of the disadvantages that some of the users have pointed out is that it has a led feel and the steering geometry is not aligned. If the geometry is correct, the amount of steering assistance can be infinitely variable and speed-dependent.

Can retrofit electric power steering be done?

Retrofitting a power steering to electric steering and is possible but it costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of time. Some specific vehicle bars are available which help in converting the variant and can be purchased through some authorized dealers.

The retrofit fitting makes sense in the case of an old loved car that needs to have some added value. This makes a distinction between hydraulic and electric-assisted steering.

How much does it cost to convert to power steering?

Since there is a large variety of power steering kits that are available in the market, the price range is also wide. An average power steering conversion kit ranges between $100-$1000. This depends on a number of factors like the number of parts included, the year, making, md=idel and the trim level of the vehicle.

Different brands have different price ranges and it affects the overall cost of the kit.

What is the electric power steering kit?

Can you add power steering to an old car?

Adding a power steering has become a very famous alternative for people using old cars like the truck or the muscle cars. The trucks have large and heavy off-road tires which exacerbate the problem.

Many older American cars offer the power steering conversion facility and it efficiently helps in replacing the manual steering, a worn-out steering, or hybrid power assistance.

In the case of some of the applications the rack and pinion version is available which helps to replace the worm and sector gearbox for the steering and has found a lot of applications in recent times.

This offers more direct steering and the tie rods are short which helps to make room for the engine swap.

Can normal steering be converted to power steering?

This depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the ease with which the user can convert it. In the case of the older vehicle, it is just a matter of finding the right parts whereas in the newer version the technicalities have to be paid a lot of attention to.


A large variety of power steering conversion kits are available both online and offline. One of the most popular kits is the saturnvue power steering conversion kit which is affordable and is preferred by a lot of users. It costs around $44 and works smoothly. Since power steering is so useful, a lot of consideration should be made before buying one.


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