11 Unique Diy Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Saving Firewood for your winter supply throughout the season could be a daunting task. Diy Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas takes up a lot of space and frankly does not look aesthetically appealing if not managed with correct techniques and appropriate storage.

This article will present you with 11 Unique DIY Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas that could level up the visual appeal of your firewood rack and ease up the stress of managing the firewood.

Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Managing Firewood could be a hassle in the wood is not handled properly causing annoyance, especially the indoors. To manage firewood the users must have a piece of equipment to store it in an orderly fashion which would make using the logs extremely systematic and easy.

Living Room Indoor Firewood Storage
Living Room Indoor Firewood Storage

Living Room Indoor Firewood Storage

Among the different Diy Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas the first one is the Living Room Indoor Firewood Storage idea.

With a fireplace in the living room, you are always in the need of a firewood storage unit that can not only be used as a storage unit for your firewood but also match the visual appeal of your living room.

A firewood storage unit will not only help you with storing the firewood but also prevents annoying barks from spreading on the carpet which becomes a headache to clean afterwards.

The article will provide the users with  Unique Diy Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas for both the antique looking living room as well as a contemporary living room. 

Rustic Indoor Firewood Storage
Rustic Indoor Firewood Storage

Rustic Indoor Firewood Storage

Rustic Living rooms are the living rooms that look antique-e and vintage-e. Rustic living rooms are accompanied by decor that supplements the aura of the rooms, Rustic Firewood Storage units are one such decor that will improve the appeal of a rustic living room.

Metal Bucket, Fire Safe-Can and Copper Firewood Rack are the favourites of the rustic living room owners.

Metal Bucket Firewood Storage

One of the simplest forms of storing firewood in the living room is to store them in a galvanized bucket that gives a rustic and vintage look to your living room.

The bucket could involve grooves on its body to give a better visually aesthetical appeal and handles on both sides to give the user the utility to easily move the bucket from one place to another.

Metal Bucket Firewood Storage
Metal Bucket Firewood Storage

Fire Safe-Can

Fire Safe-Can is one the most minimal and rustic options for storing the Firewoods on the Indoors. Fire Safe-Can is made up of metal and a steel variation.

Fire Safe can not puff out fumes if they are overheated which would be a big point of worry for health-conscious consumers. It also does not heat up when exposed to high temperatures.

Copper Firewood Rack at Bunnings

Copper Firewood Rack at Bunnings is an excellent choice for storing the firewoods indoors. As it is made up of copper it is highly effective in dissipating heat which would be essential if the Firewood Rack is placed near the fireplace from where it could get heated up.

Being made up of copper that rack also adds a warmer and vintage feel to the living room causing it to give a more antique look, also it is sturdy and portable which also adds to its utility when used.

Copper Firewood Rack at Bunnings
Copper Firewood Rack at Bunnings

Contemporary Indoor Firewood Storage

Rustic Firewood Storage units are for the users that are wanting to have a more vintage look in their living room while the Contemporary Indoor Firewood Storage units are for the users that are more inclined toward minimal and modern designs for their living room.

The contemporary look is ensured through the futuristic design and modern looking material of the holders and the racks. The two contemporary indoor firewood storage that is discussed in the consecutive sections are the leather firewood tote and the Plumbing Pore Firewood Holder.

Leather Firewood Tote

Leather Firewood Tote is made up of steel frame and leather to store firewood inside the house. It gives out the vibes of luxury which levels up the living room in which it is placed.

Being made out of leather it must not be placed near the fireplace or it could affect the quality of the leather.

It also has two oak handles which increase its mobility making it easier for the user to move the tote from one place to another.

Leather Firewood Tote
Leather Firewood Tote

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder At The Cavender Diary

One of the easiest DIY Firewood holders is the Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder. It is one the easiest to craft even if someone is doing it for the first time.

The rack is made up of a wooden base of multiple planks screwed together to give the rack strong support where the firewood could be placed, with wheels underneath the base to give the rack mobility.

Fireplace Wood Holder Ideas

One of the favourites of contemporary living room owners is the Firewood Holders. Firewood Holders are small, mobile and minimal looking compartments.

Although the firewood holders are favourites of Contemporary holders they also go well with the rustic look of the living room. Iron Circle, Antiqued Brass and Iron House are some of the best ideas of the Firewood Holder.  

Iron Circle Log Holder

Iron Circle Log Holder is one of the most futuristic designs in the whole catalogue of the log holders and racks.

Iron House Firewood Holder
Iron House Firewood Holder

Iron Circle Log Holder comes with four sections which could be used for four different cubbies of firewood or the biggest section which is the bottom section could be used for the firewood while the upper three sections could be used for the decor to increase the beauty and appeal of the living room.

Antiqued Brass Firewood Holder

Antiqued Brass Log Holder is a hop styled firewood holder that gives an antique-e look to the whole living room. The holder is made up of iron and it is coated with brass to give out the warm colour texture and the aesthetically appealing visual look that goes with the room.

Iron House Firewood Holder

The iron house Firewood holder goes with the minimalistic look of the living room. The Iron House Firewood Holder is made up of iron makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Iron House Firewood Holder provides a suitable space for the firewoods and looks good in any modern household with minimal effort.

Iron House Firewood Holder
Iron House Firewood Holder

Diy Indoor Firewood Rack

In the previous section, the user got the ideas related to the Firewood Holders, however, there is one limitation of firewood that is covered up by the firewood racks, that being not being able to hold and maintain firewood in large quantity.

The following sections will discuss the utilities and advantages of indoor firewood racks. 

DIY Wall Mounted Indoor Firewood Rack

Wall Mounted Indoor Firewood Rack is made up of 4 pieces of wood that are fixated to the wall. It is one of the easiest racks to create with the only materials required to create it being the four pieces of wood, anchors and a few screws.

The only disadvantage of the wall-mounted firewood racks is that it is not mobile, once it is fixated on the wall they can not be moved. 

Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Rack

Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Rack is a decorative fireplace log rack that is inclusive of four fire tending tools which already sounds like a done deal to most of the utilitarian customers out there.

Not only the rack provides you with the ability to store and manage the firewood indoors but also tools to manage the fireplace as well.

Indoor Firewood Storage Bench

Firewood Storage Benches are the best when compared to the racks and holders in terms of the holding capacity of the firewood. Indoor Firewood Storage Bench is made up of wood and provides enough space to store firewood for multiple occasions.

One of the most appealing features of a storage bench over other forms of storage is its multi-utility.

The bench could have multiple compartments, some of them could be used for firewoods while others could be used for storing other things or decorations.

How to Store Firewood Efficiently

It does not matter if the firwoods are stored in the racks, holders or benches if they are not managed and stored effectively. Firewood could be managed effectively only when they are stored in the right manner with all the necessary precautions.

The following list will provide you with the firewood storing essentials that you must keep in mind while storing the firewood indoors.

How to Store Firewood Efficiently
How to Store Firewood Efficiently
  • The firewood must be stored at least 4-5 feet away from the foundation.
  • Only the burning stack for the next 2 days should be brought inside the house.
  • The dryness of the firewood should be maintained, and exposure to sunlight if possible.
  • The firewood should be kept away from insecticides, and pesticides that can make it flammable upon exposure to fire.

Necessary Stacking Precautions for the Firewood

A lot of firewood owners stack their Firewood in the wrong way which defeats the purpose of storing them in safe containers. The readers are requested to follow the given instructions to store firewood efficiently.

  • The users should be careful of stacking firewood on the ground as it can absorb moisture which can cause a lot of smoke once it starts burning.
  • The firewood should be arranged in a systematic manner that allows the air circulations which will keep the firewood dry.
  • The firewood should not be stacked horizontally or vertically one above the other, it should be stacked like bricks to maintain stability.
  • The firewood should not be stacked against the house as it can lead to pest and insect infestation at the house of the user.


Q1. How far away should firewood be from the house?

Ans: Pests attracted to firewood storage include termites, various insects, and rats. When you store firewood near a building foundation, it’s the equivalent of placing their favourite snack right outside your door.

Q2. Can you store firewood in a plastic container?

Ans: You can store your firewood in a plastic container or bin, but only if both the bin and the firewood are completely dry before you go ahead and store it

Q3. How do you make a wooden pallet rack?

Ans: A wooden pallet rack is created with a few pieces of logs, anchors and a few screwdrivers The log is first cut into appropriate shapes, then they are sanded. Once they are in the right condition, they are assembled together with the help of anchors and screwdrivers.


Congratulation! With the information provided above now you are ready to take your first step towards having an indoor firewood storage unit.

The article provided enough Diy Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas to the readers that now they can make an appropriate decision on the basis of their needs and wants.

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