Best Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas for Your Home! Check Them Now!

Gone are the days when lawns were plain and boring. Today there are various inexpensive stepping stone walkway ideas and styles you can choose to create the dream garden.

But for such gorgeous pathways, why hire some when you can make one yourself? Now you can build your beautiful garden by following our inexpensive stepping stone walkway ideas without breaking your back or the bank.

Plus, you will have fun throughout this project. So here is the list of our favorite walkway ideas to turn your mundane garden into a marvelous artwork.

Landscaping Ideas for Garden Paths

We know that you are here to find some of the creative garden paths and stepping stones ideas. So we won’t waste your precious time and get right into the topic.

Landscaping Ideas for Garden Paths
Landscaping Ideas for Garden Paths

1. Classic Brick Path

There are endless designs and ideas for brick walkways. The excellent choices for a brick path are stacked bond, running bond, and basket weave. This one is the most inexpensive stepping stone walkway idea on this list.

2. Wood Slice Walkway

Wood slice walkways are yet another beautiful idea to give your garden a rustic and earthy vibe. All you gotta do is lay these slices on the sand. Then let nature take its course. 

3. Pallet Wood

You can use plates of wood to make a garden walk which gives out a rustic feel. You can let the vining plants creep between the boards.

4. Stone Edged Gravel Path

Gray gravel walkway is no ordinary garden path. Besides, these days, it has become really popular among DIYers because it gives an informal look, appears welcoming, and has a low cost.

It is extremely versatile, and you can experiment with myriad sizes and colors. However, these types of pathways are not for driveways.

5. Mulch walkway with stepping stones

Bark mulch walkway is DIY and budget-friendly where you can use any eco-friendly material along with stepping stones to make your garden more appealing.

Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas
Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas

Here you can simply skip the extra detailings and decorations and keep everything natural for a vibrant and unaffected garden look.

6. Thyme walkway

You might have seen lush thyme walkways in big garden spaces. Thyme is basically green grass growing between the stepping stones. This low-maintenance thyme adds a heady fragrance to the garden walkways.

7. Bamboo walkway

Bamboo walkways are not only eco-friendly but also a sustainable choice for garden paths. If you lay them down in a weaving pattern, it can create a tropical vibe right in your background.

8. Tumbled glass path

A tumbled glass walkway, be it a blue or green color, can sparkle the entire garden area. Yes, that is right! The glass is created from recycled materials which are long-lasting, come in arrays of colors, and never fades.

Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas

The best thing about this glass is that it does not have any sharp edges, making it pet and kids-friendly. We bet you are going to be the only one in your neighborhood with such a pathway in your garden.

Truly unique, no?

9. Mosaic Pebble walkway

Though mosaic pebble walkway requires costly material, professional help, and hardcore labor, we believe it is still one of the jaw-dropping path ideas. If you want a garden design that impresses your guests as they walk in, then go for this idea.

The colored pebbles can be bought from the market at cheap rates. But make sure they are placed in by a skilled artisan. 

10. Japanese Garden Path

Wanna give a mystical look to your garden? Then imitate a Japanese garden walkway for your new project. Make sure to use a pebbles line beside the fake stream or river to make it look magical.

You can even add a small walkable bridge above the river to add more beauty to it. Did you get the metaphor?

11. Stepping stone path on slope

Is your garden not so flat? Then, you better create a stepping stone walkway by using stone risers and flagstones to make it look like a beautiful staircase. Though it is not simple to make some, with perfect materials and experiences artisan, you can create that perfect sloping lawn.

Did you like any of the above DIY stepping stone walkway ideas? Now, you must be thinking, how to build one? Or asking, “How to build a simple walkway?”

Keep scrolling to know more!

Best Ways To Make A Simple Walkway

Are you looking for affordable garden walkway ideas? Then this section is just for you!

We swear these pathway ideas will blend completely and seem like they have been a part of your garden forever. 

So if you have been wondering, what are the inexpensive stepping stone walkway ideas, then now you can revamp your garden look in the simplest way possible.

Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas
Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas

Let’s dig in!

Materials Needed For The Walkway:

  • Rock form
  • 1 Bag of Concrete per square water (not Cement!)
  • Trowel or Block of Wood Pea
  • Garden hose Bucket or Wheelbarrow
  • Pebbles or sand or gravel
  • Tile to place above the concrete (optional)
  • Small pebbles stones, or gravel

Step #1: Level the area

Leveling the garden area is a must before creating a path on it. You can do this by adding a filler such as gravel or by digging into the soil. Those who want to give it a rustic touch can skip this step.

Step #2: Mixing the Concrete

Mix the concrete and water as per the instructions. You can mix 3 bags at a time so that it is easy to handle. If you are using some stepping stones, you need to dig a little deeper so that the stones and the soil are at a level.

Step #3: Place the Form 

Now, lay down the concrete form on the ground where you want to begin your walkway. Next, fill in the concrete up to the brim.

Many of you might like to add decorative tiles. So you must be wondering, can you lay stepping stones on soil?

Well, yes, you can! For that, you need to leave a little place above the concrete form and place the tile or stepping stone pattern you want.

Tip: Always begin the project from the stairs or doorways to make sure it fits perfectly.

Step #4: Smoothen out the concrete

Here, you can use a smooth block of wood or trowel to smoothen the form. Make sure every corner is filled. Those who have opted for tiling work above the concrete can skip this step.

Step #5: Releasing the Form 

After letting it sit for 4 to 5 five minutes, gently tap on the edge of the form.

Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas
Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas

Step #6: Removing the form 

This step needs patience, so make sure to tap the edges of the form. Then, slowly lift the new form. You can create any sort of pattern you want. Before beginning the DIY, sketch the concrete stepping stone design on paper.

Step #7: Repeat all the above steps

Until you are satisfied with the length and the width of the garden walkway, continue repeating all six steps. 

Step #8: Dampcure it

Damp cures the entire built walkway for six to seven days. Make sure it gets dried completely. 

Tip: Avoid this DIY project during the rainy days.

Step #9: Add other small stones

Many of you must be questioning, “How do you install stepping stones and pebbles?” Well, it is quite simple!

After the pathway is completely dried, fill in the cracks between the concrete with sand, gravel, or tiny pebbles.

And voila! Your garden path is ready! Now that you know how to create a stepping stone walkway, start working on it right away!

Do you want your garden to look as natural as possible? Want to learn how to make a natural stone walkway? Then, move to the next subtopic!

Quick Steps To Make Natural Stepping Stone Walkway In Grass

A well-designed natural pathway can upgrade your garden. It also stops erosion in certain areas of the garden, which have foot traffic. 

Here is how to build a natural brick pattern pathway to add subtle beauty to your landscape.

You can read and use our tutorial to know to build a walkway in easy-to-do sections.

Step 1: Plan Your Walkway

When you are planning the walkway, make sure to consider the distance, amount, and elevation. Make sure to build the pathway in sections that can help you to make any changes in elevation.

  • Plan the course with two long pieces of rope.
  • Measure the width of the walkway.
  • Mark the right dimensions of the entire perimeter with a shovel.

Step 2: Trace the Stone

Place the desired stone on the grass or soil. Now, outline and cut the part gently.

Step 3: Remove the Sod 

In the second step, pry the sod and set the stone carefully. If necessary, you can also use sand for leveling. 

Want to know how to lay stepping stones in the grass? Jump to the next step.

Step 4: Arrange the stones

Place the stones carefully and keep a little distance of 10 to 15 inches between each stone. If needed, you can trim the edges of the stones with a rock saw or a spade.

Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas
Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas

Step 5: Dig the grass or soil

Remove the stone and dig out the excess soil and grass. If you want to level the stone, you can spread a 60-lb bag of sand under it.

Make sure the stepping stones are set at least 1 inch above the soil. Doing so will help you easily run a lawnmower on the walkway. 

Step 6: Plant the area between the two stepping stones path

Stones tend to shift from their original spot and become uneven. So planting some grass will be a great advantage. 

The second benefit is that you won’t have to spend extra time laying the stepping stones perfectly on the soil. Thus, plants or grass will succeed in hiding the gaps.

Tip: Pick the plant as per the soil type which stands up in the traffic.

Step 7: Water the grass or plants

Make sure to water the plants for 1 to 3 months until the plants get well established. Trim the weeds every few weeks which come in between the stones. 

So these were the steps on how to make a backyard walkway.

Do your garden’s edges and borders look less lively? Want to increase its beauty? Then check out the next topic. 

Borders And Edging For Walkway Landscaping

A well-designed pathway edge can look more intricate and less disorganized and messy. So why not groom it completely like a pro?

At first, you may think it will include a lot of work. But all you need is a weekend to transform your big garden and make it more appealing for the visitors. 

Additionally, you need to collect plants or greenery, edging materials, and small tools to fill in the borders.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

1. Seashells 
Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas

Add a beachy touch to your garden by placing large seashells around the walkway edges and border. They are available in many different colors and can be placed around the flower beds.

Make sure to buy these in a bulk.

2. Terracotta Pipes

The versatile terracotta pipes naturally draw the eye. You can fill the circular holes between them with pebbles or colored stones to create a contrast. These pipes will surely raise the walkway borders, separate the grass and patio, and hold everything in place.

3. Raised Flower Beds

Colorful flower beds can create a border all by themselves. For those who have a small garden, then this idea is best for them.

4. Natural Logs 

Natural logs are aesthetic and make your walkway borders and edge more stunning and rustic look.

5. River Rock

You can use colorful river rocks to cover larger areas of edges. If you can’t find them in the store, then go to your local streams or lakes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the cheapest walkway material?

Gray gravel and mulch are the easiest and cheapest lawn pathway materials you can get. You can even buy rock paths that are simple and less time-consuming.

2. What kind of stone is best for walkways? 

Limestone is the best for garden paths because it is a durable material. You can even cut the limestone in any size and shape you like. Another good thing about this stone is that it acts as a non-slip surface. You can even walk barefoot on it.

Our Final Thoughts On Inexpensive Stepping Stone Walkway Ideas

So that was all about stepping stone walkway in grass ideas. We hope you enjoyed reading our article as much as we loved writing about it.

If any of these ideas lit up a bulb in your mind or any of these suits your taste, head to the gardening store and pick up all the materials right away.

But every material has its pros and cons, so make sure you know about the material before making any decision.

One important thing about this project is that you need to consider various factors like the plants/flowers you want to grow, terrain, garden space, and the house style. Stay tuned for more. 

Good luck!

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