Mario and Luigi DIY costumes

If your children are willing to look like their superhero characters Mario and Luigi and you are searching for some DIY methods then keep reading the article. You will get an idea about making these costumes for yourself as well as for your children.

These costumes are generally for fancy dress competitions and Halloween parties. Kids have respect for their super Hero Mario and they wanted to be like them and look like them.

This article teaches you several methods to make a perfect size Mario and Luigi costumes. Instead of Mario and Luigi, there are several other characters such as Waluigi, Wario or any other superhero.

These dresses are quite famous among children so, These Mario and Luigi DIY costume methodswill build your interest in making the coolest costumes of your favourite character.

Benefits of DIY costumes.

Benefits of DIY costumes
Benefits of DIY costumes

For all those who love Holloween parties where people dress similar according to the themes decided. Mario and Luigi are the eye-catching and captivating characters of these parties. In DIY costumes people use their creativity and make something that catches the attention of all.

No doubt the costumes of these characters are available online but there are several benefits of homemade Mario and Luigi DIY Costumes for kids.

  1. Its is cost-effective
  2. You can add something different to the costumes of your favourite character
  3. It enhances your creativity and imagination level
  4. Certain families enjoy making their costumes by yourself
  5. You can even get your costume ready at the very last minute
  6. Just by following the certain steps of these DIY costumes, you can make a perfect size and super cool dress for yourself.

Are Mario and Luigi a couple?

Mario and Luigi is the fictional character of a Japanese video game and they both are not a couple. Luigi is the younger twin brother of Mario. They are companion characters in very famous video games. So, Mario and Luigi are the twins of Papa Mario and Mama Mario. Brotherly love exists between Mario and Luigi.

 Luigi is thinner and taller than Mario whereas Mario is healthier and shorter than Luigi. Luigi is more sensitive, heroic and smarter than Mario. He is a cheerful and most kind-hearted character but on the other hand coward and goofy also and wanted to be like his brother Mario.

Mario is the hero of the Mushroom kingdom. Both have their characters but Luigi has more fan base and his costume is more in demand.

The major difference between Mario and Luigi  costumes.

The major difference between Mario and Luigi  costumes.
The major difference between Mario and Luigi costumes.

The costumes of Mario and Luigi are almost similar in design but they are different in colour and size. They both wear blue high waist pants or overalls with two yellow buttons and different colour full sleeve t-shirt inside them which matches the colour of their hats.

 Mario’s t-shirt colour is red whereas Luigi’s t shirt’s colour is verdant green. So, the colours of their costumes are quite vibrant and exciting. They also use a pair of white colour gloves.

These costumes are available in the market so, if you want to look like your popular video game’s characters Luigi or Super Mario then you can go for it but here. I will teach you some Mario and Luigi DIY costumes methods to make the outfits at home in less amount and time.

Process to make Mario and Luigi DIY costumes.

All you need is some Items and materials to make the blue overalls of Mario and Luigi. The blue overall of both the characters is exactly similar. Read this method to make blue high waist pants for your Halloween.

Materials and tools required

  • Dark blue fabric
  • Measurement
  • Two big yellow buttons
  • Scissors
  • Needle and matching blue tread
  • Stitching machine

Step 1  Take any old pants and measure their height, waist and width properly. Mark the sizes on the new blue cloth and cute the shape of pants on it.

Step 2  Stitch your pants with the help of stitching machines.

Step 3 Take one piece of bib felt and stitch it at the top portion of the pants.

Step 4  Take two straps and lay them in a crossing position then sew them inside the bib felt.

Step 5 Make two buttonholes in both straps and place the buttons to bib felt at both sides of the top corners.

In this way, you can easily make a super Mario bro costume at home.

Make a Luigi hat.

Process to make Mario and Luigi DIY costumes.
Process to make Mario and Luigi DIY costumes.

Luigi wears a smart and cool blue colour hat and children are obsessed with the cool Luigi’s hat. Here, are some steps through which will answer you that how do you make a Luigi hat at home?

Cloths for Luigi’s hat

  • Approximately 1/3 yard red fleece
  • Sewing machine
  • Session a cutter
  • Mason jar cap
  • Matching red thread
  • 11, 7 and 5-inch diameter plate

Step 1 Fold the blue fleece in half then measure it with the help of an 11-inch diameter plate and cut the edge of the plate properly. After getting ready the large circular part for your hat move to the second step.

Step 2 Take a 5-inch diameter plate to cut the hole for the head then cut using the diameter plate a circle from any remaining part of the fleece then fold it in half to make the edge of the hat.

Step 3 Fit the brim around the circular opening.

Step 4 Make a logo of L on white fabric and sew or stick it at the front side of a hat because the hat Luigi is incomplete without the logo L.

Using the same steps, you can even make an excellent hat of super Mario. By applying these small, simple and convenient steps you can easily design Mario and Luigi DIY costumes.

Shoes colour Luigi and Mario’s wear.

When we generally see Luigi and Mario’s pictures in same attire, it seems like they are wearing the same brown colour shoes. No doubt Luigi and Mario’s shoes are brown but with a little difference. Luigi’s shoes are darker in colour than Mario’s and it has tan bottoms up to the ankles.

Mario and Luigi’s DIY costumes for adults

 Homemade Mario and Luigi costumes are now the choices of adults also,

The basic Mario and Luigi’s costumes include the

  • Blue overalls
  • Basketball hats
  • Full sleeve plain t-shirt
  • White gloves
  • Shoes
  • Big yellow buttons
 Make a Luigi hat.
Make a Luigi hat.

But people made certain changes while creating the coolest Halloween dress according to their gender and preferences. Homemade costumes are affordable as well as more comfortable in comparison to machine-made clothes .

Other than children, adults Halloween clothes are also getting famous and in the tread. All you need to learn certain tricks and methods for making homemade DIY costumes.

Men dress similar to the Mario and Luigi character but women use skirts or hot pants in place of normal pants and sometimes half sleeves in place of long full sleeves. You can make pairs of single costumes according to your preferences. if you also love the super Mario then you can design your pants from the above-mentioned steps that are easy and effective.

The brown shoes of Mario and Luigi are quite common which can be found anywhere. So, if you have decided to be a super Mario at the next Halloween party then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make your costumes to make your party super exciting and memorable this year.

Easy ideas to get your super Mario costume in less time

  • You can buy the white  T-shirt from any online or offline market.
  • The white gloves can be easily found.
  • The brown shoes of any type will go with the costumes
  • The lower pants need to be stitched properly using any red or green plain fabric.
  • The hat of red and green colour with M and L logo will complete your coolest super Mario bro costume

Disadvantages of Buying these fancy costumes online.

There are many reasons to avoid using the dress of Holloween parties from online shops because Halloween parties costumes should be unique and different. It needs to be something new.

But if you purchase your costume online it will cost you very much and doesn’t provide you with any extra creativity. Mario and Luigi DIY costumes are often available online but if you want to save your money and put some creativity then you should make it by yourself.

Mario and Luigi’s DIY costumes for adults
Mario and Luigi’s DIY costumes for adults

People wear these fancy costumes at parties.

People admire their favourite characters through the costumes. Every character has certain specific features that increase the fan base of the particular character. In Mario and Luigi, some wanted to, like Luigi.

He was kind-hearted, full of emotions, fearful, cheerful and always wanted to be the king of the Mushroom Kingdom but on the other hand some like the character of Mario Because he is already the king.

Children want to reflect the personality of their favourite character through their attire. It adds fun and excitement to the Halloween party. Dress like your superhero depicts that you admire their role.

learn to make the coolest DIY costumes.

It’s not a very hectic task to make DIY costumes. You can take the idea from several DIY tutorials which are available on Youtube and other platforms. You can even use your old clothes for making them cool and designer for your Halloween parties.

If you are running out of time then you can use cloth glue for sticking the buttons and logos instead of stitching.

Other than Mario and Luigi, you can design the attire of other vampires and any of your favourite ghost costumes. You might have gained a good idea for your costume from this article but if you don’t know to stitch and don’t want to make homemade costumes then you can go for any designer costumes.

So, It depends on your choice that what you want to look like at the coming Halloween party and how much you want to spend on the costumes.  A  Homemade DIY costume is always an excellent idea that will make you look different from others at the party.

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