Mysterious crop circle in California

crop circle

When talking about the crop circles to mind is a relatively recent phenomenon, however, manuscripts of the eighteenth century and the Middle Ages already mentioned the appearance of crop circles throughout Europe. But it was not until the early 80’s when it really got to know. Around the 90s were a large number of these mysterious circles worldwide (only in southern England were identified around 400).

The mysterious crop circle appeared out of nowhere in a barley field about nine miles southeast of Salinas, California, on Monday 30 December. As discussed above, there is also a YouTube video that appears to show strange luminous balls on the field.

Located in the center of the field of barley, the design covers about 5,000 square meters and resembles a computer chip with a strange point in the center, which some experts have interpreted as a form of Braille or Morse code.
At first it was thought that the elaborate circle was a simple hoax, but after the owner Scott Anthony claimed he did not know how it happened, quickly theories about the mysterious appearance multiplied across the Internet.

Due to the large number of people were interested in the crop circle mystery, Scott has had to hire private security for the curious will not damage your property. The security guards told the media that had been hired for the area does not “turn into a circus.”

crop circle

crop circle


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