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Ridiculous inventions

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Throughout history, there has been the need for new objects or devices that help us or saving work in our daily lives, Some inventions have been very utility and are seen by all the world, but other more that meet their functionality but have something unique that makes them different from others. These are inventions that have the capacity to make the user look like a fool, a loser and an utter tool.


Handerpants! Great for preventing chafing, absorbing sweaty palms and doing jazz hands! Bad, however, for picking up women, and avoiding getting beaten up when worn in public.

Ridiculous inventions

Separate Toe Shoes

While there are some runners who swear by this shoe, claiming that it’s easier on their feet and body, just one look at it and you know it belongs in EG’s Hall of Shame. Yes, they may be comfortable, but with their weird, webbed, ‘alien-like’ appearance, we think these shoes are just plain fugly.

Ridiculous inventions

Umbrella hats

It’s a hat that thinks it’s an umbrella! It’s an umbrella that thinks it’s a hat! We think that it looks just plain stupid.

Ridiculous inventions

Beer helmet

The unique tool for drunks!

Ridiculous inventions

Beer Holster

Basically, it’s the same tool that Beer helmet

Ridiculous inventions




Transporting sulfur pieces of a volcano

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