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    Funny pictures of people who go against the system

    Around us there are so many rules and restrictions. “Do not park here,” “Do not walk on the grass” and many others. Many of these strict prohibitions are clearly visible to common sense. However, sometimes the heart demands freedom and wants to break some rules. In this article we have compiled pictures of how the […]

  • Father's Day


    17 photos of dads who are still kids at heart

    In ordinary life, it is likely that most of the parents we see in the photos are excellent parents. But sometimes they wake up with a child within. Look at these pictures and you will understand what I mean 🙂 1. Let’s read a bedtime story.

  • selfies animals

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    Funny pictures of “selfies”-animals

    Become selfies is very fashionable today. The funny thing is that not only do people come into the picture of autofotos, but also to animals which, from what we see in the pictures, also enjoy these scenes. At least that appears in the pictures we see in this funny and nice collection 🙂

  • escorpion humor


    How to get rid of a scorpion at home?

    What would you do if you see on the wall of your house to a dangerous animal like a scorpion? Well, perhaps I am fearing crush that may itch. The truth is that the author of these images was so frightened that he decided to get rid of the animal in a rather extreme way.

  • camuflaje

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    19 pictures of animal camouflage

    The term refers mainly to camouflage biology concealment strategy focused on both the environment and for imitation blur the figure itself. With this incredible power, the animals are able to pass unnoticed before predators also hunt easier, because the camouflage also allows deceive the prey. Humans mainly use camouflage to military matters and to a […]