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  • edible insects thailand

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    How in Thailand edible insects are bred

    Many of us can just go to the store and buy all the products, but on our planet many people who eat what they themselves have grown or caught. There are people on the planet populated areas, which suffer from a lack of protein foods, such as Asia. Asians came up out of the situation […]

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    Unusual Meat Cake

    This person it’s obvious can not live without meat, so he or she, had an amazing and crazy idea to make a unusual cake, but no with the regular materials. He used smashed meat as main ingredient, only meat, and for the cover, smashed potatoes. We offer you a photo report on the establishment of […]

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    Omnivorous food, in china

    We all know that the Chinese are the most foodie people in the world, because in this country people eat a lot of food and products that people in other countries have never have eaten. Take this small gastronomic journey through China.

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    Paint that can be eaten

    Have you ever enjoyed the blue strawberry or golden lobster? No? Well, now it is absolutely real. Meet the world’s first edible spray paint, which can be painted almost any food product. Spray paint called “Finish eating” and sold until four shades – silver, gold, red and blue. Spray paint is tasteless, but with the […]

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    Interesting cupcakes ideas

    You think you can only reach for art in music?, paintings? or a museum? well, just NO. Nowadays decorating food is an art, actually in this case we talk about Cupcakes. Here, some good ideas to show you a good decorated cupcakes. Really cute and funny, juts need the hability like number one ingredient.

  • hunger europeans

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    Europeans are not afraid of hunger

    In Belgium, the master classes on cooking insects. European activists believe that the ability to prepare a larva or locusts will help avoid a global problem with the lack of food in the future. “Insects are nutritious and a lot of them” – they explain their position. To this statement is little to be argued, […]

  • crazy lollies

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    Butterfly on a stick and fly in the candy

    Like this receives orders to the Chicago company Vintage Confections (Vintage sweets), which produces a rather original candy and caramel. It is not known how well the taste of these sweets, but they look very unusual and interesting.

  • Weird Candies

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    10 disgusting sweets

    Ordinary candy are designed to give pleasure. But not these! We have here the most disgusting and weird type of candies. For instance we have the Candy from wax, Sweet crust, Dubbel Zout (salted black licorice), Hotlix, Gorilla Boogers, Ant Candy (sweets made ​​of ants), Jane-Jane Tasty Tuna Tidbits (flavored tuna, Crick-Ettes (crickets), Durian Candy […]

  • Canning Factory


    Canning factory

    Last summer month – August – the peak canning. One of the factories in their procurement in Astrakhan, Russia, visited blogger Maxim Korotchenko. The basic material for canned here are zucchini and peppers, of which the output is pickles, squash caviar lecho … All the things without which provide winter evenings is simply impossible! However, […]