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Record a video of the death of crocodile enchantress

In Indonesia, a man claiming to be a crocodile charmer died after being attacked by one of these unforgivable predators as he tried to find a body in a river that had disappeared the day before.

The daring man was completely devoured by the reptile … he really was “ENCHANTED” with his lunch 😀

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What happened to this trucker?

I guess the truck driver did not notice. You have to be very blind! 😀

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Anonymous heroes

In this video you will see the heroes who do not carry a cloak or a sword, but because of things of destiny they were faced with some dangerous situation, in which, through their intervention, they ended up saving a human life.

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A trunk is opened and a three-year-old girl falls onto the road

The safety camera of a car caught the moment when the trunk of the car in front of the car suddenly opened and a small girl fell in the middle of the road. Fortunately, the vehicles behind could stop in time and help the three-year-old girl, who was stunned after the crash. The minor was transferred to a hospital to treat the bruises she had.

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He left home but had to run back to see a ‘dangerous’ herd of skunks

A video recently uploaded to YouTube turned viral in a few hours. The images show a man leaving the house, who sees something ‘dangerous’ in the distance decides to enter his home immediately. After a few seconds the video shows the passage of about 6 skunks, whose main characteristic feature is the strong and fetid smell that secrete their anal glands. It does not seem to have to be afraid of them, but if you bathe with their substance you will surely be very ill.

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That was not the dog’s toy!: Woman mistakenly catches a rattlesnake

The security cameras of a house have caught the moment when, in the middle of the night, a woman confuses her dog’s toy with a small rattlesnake. Noticing her mistake, she releases it immediately and runs scared. Fortunately the episode was in great scare.

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A Nigerian athlete loses her wig during a jump

The curious fact occurred during the IAAF Diamond League Long Jump Test that takes place in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Nigerian athlete Blessing Okagbare, a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics, did not lose control after what happened and waited for judges to validate her jump (6.21 meters) to pick up her wig from the track.

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A possessed doll speaks, moves the head and the eyes… without battery!!

Several residents of the Peruvian city of Cusco have shared a video of what they say is a test of paranormal activity. Her protagonist, a small doll, speaks, moves her eyes and mouth even though she does not have the batteries on. At least so say the authors of the recording, thus initiating an intense debate in the South American country. Many believe that this is a farce, while others defend the authenticity of the scene.

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He knocked out his rival with an illegal coup without even imagining what would happen to him seconds later

Venezuelan boxer Jose Uzcategui has lost by disqualification in the eighth round after knocking out US rival Andre Dirrell with a blow after the bell rang, something that is considered illegal in the sport. The uncle and coach of the winner, Leon Lawson, could not bear this fact so he invaded the ring and punched the Venezuelan unexpectedly. Now, justice seeks him for the crime of aggression.

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Pilot lands with his Boeing 737 in extreme weather conditions

On March 16, Ryanair airline pilot Artur Kielak posted on Facebook a video of the risky landing he had with his Boeing 737 in extreme weather conditions. The video shows how the Polish pilot ferociously grasps the aircraft control lever to combat the strong crosswind. Fortunately, in the end the Ryanair captain appears smiling after completing a successful landing.

While he smiles, the common mortal must be knocking with fear!

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funny videos

Calling a flock with a roar and putrefied belch

Leaving aside the horrendous sound of his disgusting belching, the amount of belching that this man can give is to admire. The cows approach without hesitation.

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The Russians and their extreme ways to have fun

But what the hell is wrong with these people ??? Having fun with a taser is a macho thing! … or raw?

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