That to lose weight or keep it stable has its own. To begin with is the diet, which makes you sweat the fat drop and then all the temptations that surround you and make you at least realize, bring up what you had gone down.

So that does not happen to you, today we will speak to you of a few tricks that will keep you in line, without that you have to suffer extreme tortures like depriving of delicious foods or half to die in the gymnasium. Take note:

1.- Opt for small portions

lose weight

It is scientifically proven that when we see a lot of food on a table we continue to eat despite being satisfied. To prevent this from happening to you, if you go out to eat order in small portions, also use small plates and spoons to support you.

If you are going to serve a large platter the portions will help moderate you, as if you have a large bag of fried foods. If you take only a little you can satisfy your craving without exceeding.

2.- Take a large glass of water before each meal

Many times our body confuses thirst with hunger and for that we end up eating too much. To prevent this from happening experts recommend taking a large glass of water before each meal, which will improve your digestion and eat less.

3.- Eat alone

Of course it is great when your loved ones support you by taking care of your diet, but the reality is that if you sit down to eat together, you end up consuming more because they spend more time talking; Just imagine the family meals to know how everything happens, right? The key is to serve you only what you are going to eat and enjoy the talk.

4.- Hungry? Eliminate it with a delicious scent

Research from the University of Southern California revealed that smelling foods like an apple, a banana or some mint chews the brain and makes you think you’re eating. This causes your appetite to be lower and your weight does not increase.

5.- Dress in blue

lose weight

Experts determined that this color helps you feel less hungry. So that you also enjoy these effects use blue tablecloth on your table, napkins, cutlery, glasses and plates of that color. Contrary effect have colors like red and yellow, that’s why they use them in fast food establishments.

6.- Take time to taste every bite

Just as suddenly it is good to take a few minutes to meditate and accommodate your ideas, savoring every bite of your food will make you eat less. You will analyze the taste, color, texture and chew better, which helps you to eat less than if you do it quickly.

7.- Do not forget a good breakfast

A University of Texas research showed that if you eat a good breakfast, you eat less throughout the day, as your stomach lasts longer. If you are one of the people who do not feel hungry in the morning, start with small portions to accustom your body to eat at those times. Then you will wonder how you spent so much time without proper breakfast.

8.- Program your mind

lose weight

Just as there are people who wake up and the first thing they say to themselves is that “it will be a good day”, in your battle with weight and food, phrases such as “I will achieve”, “I do not need dessert”, “I’m close to my goal,” “I feel better when I eat healthy,” among others, will help your body schedule itself to eat better.

Remember that to maintain a healthy weight you should reduce the consumption of junk food, take one and a half to two liters of natural water daily, eat fruits, vegetables, and as much as you can processed foods, in addition to performing 30 minutes of physical activity . You will see that all these efforts will make you look incredible.