The world’s rarest fast food dishes

The world's rarest fast food dishes

Today, fast food is the most popular type of food on the planet. It can be found almost anywhere in the world. Somewhere they can be noodles, elsewhere there are burritos, somewhere else baked bugs, and hamburgers somewhere.

I suggest this curious selection of the most curious fast food dishes in the world.

1. Burger Darth Vader

In a restaurant in the United States prepared a very black burger, along with the premiere of the movie “Star Wars.” This burger seems not very appetizing. The ingredients appear to have been intentionally burnt; but actually they are actually “painted”, and among them there are cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and two meat pies.

The world's rarest fast food dishes

2. Hot black dog in Japan

Apparently, the progenitor of Burger Darth Vader is a black hot dog: D. This rare fast food is served in one of the Japanese restaurants, which seem to be totally burned to the point of becoming charcoal. In fact, the secret of this color is squid ink, which impregnates any product. Sausages are sold in the Akihabara neighborhood of Tokyo.

The worlds rarest fast food dishes

3. White hamburger

And for those who do not like the color black, there is a white hamburger. Perhaps you will find it a lot more appealing and, importantly, a white burger “does not contain dyes”. All ingredients of this “sandwich” are completely white, consisting of chicken fillet, fried camembert, honey, marinated in onion vinegar, chicory and mushrooms.

The worlds rarest fast food dishes

4. Biltong

This delicacy has existed in the south of the African continent since time immemorial. And in the 18th century it was taken to Europe. Biltong is made mainly from steak, but is also found in other types of meat: ostrich, antelope meat, buffalo, elephant and other animals.

Marinated in vinegar, then in a mixture of salt, brown sugar, coriander, black pepper and other spices, after which it is dried in special rooms, cupboards, ovens or in the air. The process usually takes several days.

The worlds rarest fast food dishes

5. Spiral shavings

The spiral chips in a relatively new stick based on potatoes. They are prepared from fresh potatoes directly in front of customers, sprinkled with salt and seasonings, and sometimes supplemented with fried sausage. Very well suited to beer and soft drinks.

The worlds rarest fast food dishes

6. Hot deer dogs

This dish was invented in Alaska. Sausages are made from venison, but sometimes pork and beef are added. On top is the onions and a little mustard. The taste of the sandwich is a bit unusual, and the view too.

The worlds rarest fast food dishes

7. Hamburger without bread

Instead bread, to make this fast food dish they decided to use two chicken chops in breadcrumbs. It looks really delicious.

The worlds rarest fast food dishes

8. Hamburger with noodles and rice

In a Japanese fast-food restaurant, they invented this curious dish. In addition to the breads, the hamburger consists of noodles, lettuce, white rice and tofu. They serve it with soup and chips.

The worlds rarest fast food dishes


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