When to Apply Crabgrass Preventer

“The landscape looks different from every blade of grass.”

Having big houses is good until you understand how much hard-work goes in taking care of it. especially if you have backyard or lawn attached to your house.

But how does a smile looking, full of greenery lawn can be high-maintenance? It’s because you have to take care of the grass, keep it clean regularly and have to make sure no unwanted plants, grass or insects are making your lawn their territory.

But how to prevent that? How to stop unwanted natural grass to grow in your lawn? If that grass is crab grass, how to get rid of it?

Well, there’s an easy and effective was to do so. You can use a crabgrass preventer to solve this problem.

But how and when to apply crabgrass preventer? That we are going to teach you here.

when to apply crabgrass preventer
when to apply crabgrass preventer

So, brace yourself because you are about to learn how to clean your lawn with the most effective way using the best instructions.

Clearing Crabgrass

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.Before we spill the beans on crabgrass preventer’s usage, you must know how the crabgrass grows in your lawn and how to identify it. right?

And here’s what we have to inform you on this topic:

The appearance:

Before anything else, the first thing you should know is how to identify crabgrass so that you can remove it without attacking any other plant.

Newly sprouted crabgrass is light green in colour the colour gets darker and darker as it grows. Talking about crabgrass’s identity, when its seedling appears for the first time, they resemble a small corn plant or something closely familiar with that.

To be more specific about the appearance details, the leaf of crabgrass blades is ¼ wider than a normal grass. You can assume or compare its thickness with that of a pencil.

It is not something that looks like normal lawn grass. The crabgrass and most other grassy weeds have a very thin blade in the front of the leaf, when they sprout.

Crabgrass season:

The time between mid-summer and early fall is the time when crabgrass gets reproduced and spreads across the fields/lawns. Then each crabgrass plant further produces thousands of seeds that keep on multiplying new your grasses.

But as the first frost of the winter arrives, it kills away all the crabgrass plants along with the other grass.

Crabgrass does get killed or dies naturally on its own when the weather changes and fall arrives. But the problem comes with its seeds that can continue to grow automatically after the weather gets warmer again.

The easiest and one of the best ways to get rid of crabgrass and stop it from growing back again is by removing the weedy clumps as soon as you see them.

Just pull the clumps out without any fear and also pluck the roots with it because if you don’t remove these before it disperses its seeds, the pesky weeds will show-up again the following year and your hustle will remain the same.

The important thing to learn here is that only the plant of crabgrass dies in winters whereas the seeds of crabgrass remain dormant in the soil throughout the winter season.

And when finally, the spring arrives and ground temperature starts to warms up, the seeds begin to grow into the full-blown crabgrass plant and the multiplication take place one again on its usual rate.

Some of the reasons that causes crabgrass to grow include plant diseases, insect damage, drought stress/over watering and mowing too low that weakens the turf.

If there’s any of these symptoms in your lawn’s grass, get ready to welcome some unwanted crabgrass soon.

when to apply crabgrass preventer
when to apply crabgrass preventer

The good-bad theory:

But why is crabgrass so bad? what makes us worry about crabgrass and why it should be removed?

As we discussed above, crabgrass spreads rapidly and its source of reproduction depends solely on its seeds.

The thing that should make you worry in this case is that once crabgrass seeds start growing in your lawn, there’s no going back. The crabgrass will quickly dominate your lawn and you will not be able to get rid of them naturally.

Your problem will increase when you will encounter the fact that it is a vigorous plant that will grow faster than your good grass even without your help.

The only key to control crabgrass’s growth in your lawn is by using external forces and making sure the seeds can’t germinate and multiply.

What’s up with over-watering:

Does over-watering cause crabgrass? Some people say that they have experienced an incident where crabgrass started to show-up when they over-watered their grass.

Are you one of them? Have you ever seen crabgrass rapidly increasing since you accidently overwatered your plants and grass in the lawn?

The answer is yes! Over-watering casus crabgrass to grow and it is absolutely nature if crabgrass started to grow in your lawn due to over-watering.

You must be thinking how can it grow in such extreme conditions? But the thing here to learn is that normal or good grass grows with the right amount of water and dies with rotten roots of you over-water it.

But in case of crabgrass, these are the perfect conditions to grow, bloom and take-over. Since its not a good or idea grass/plant, it has the capacity to grow even in over-watering fields.

You learnt how crabgrass grows, why it isn’t controllable naturally and how it is bad for your lawn.

Now not only you are ready to know ways prevent crabgrass but we are pretty sure you eagerly want to know the solution to this problem and end it quickly, isn’t it?

So, let’s dive deeper into our attempt of finding ways to get rid of crabgrass and see what are the options we have to get the job done.

Grassy Grid

“The grass is greener where you water.”

Let us start with telling you when is the best time to apply crabgrass preventer and all the other things will follow up after that.

So here the details on your when to apply pre-emergent for crabgrass:

Most of the people are always confused about the right time to apply the crabgrass preventer. They can’t tell if it should be applied before or after rains as rains are the source of germination for crabgrass.

So, what is the best time then? Should we let the rain do its job and the apply the crabgrass preventer to undo what is done by the rain or should we stay prepared in advance and don’t let the rain help in the growth of crabgrass?

Well, in this case, the best time to apply crabgrass preventer is before the rain and be prepared in advance.

when to apply crabgrass preventer
when to apply crabgrass preventer

This is because when you apply crabgrass in your lawn/fields, the arrival of monsoon will then take the crabgrass preventer and carry it into the soil and ultimately to the crabgrass seeds.

After reaching its target, the crabgrass preventer will do its job by killing the seeds and stopping crabgrass from developing its roots and germinating further.

But if you apply after rain, it will already be too late for the preventer to do its job perfectly.

In-case there’s time for the monsoon to come and you are not in a condition to wait for it and your crabgrass growth is forcing you to apply the crab grass preventive, apply it and then water your lawn immediately and regularly after it so that crabgrass preventer gets into the soil and kill crabgrass seeds just like the rain water does.

What to keep in mind?

Things to remember while putting crabgrass preventer is that it should be not applied too early or else it will break down and become less effective.

Also, water is of utmost importance once crabgrass preventer is on the field to do its job. This is to wash off the concentrate into the soil and make crabgrass seeds useless.

You need more clarity and details on crabgrass application, don’t you? so, do you want us to take our everything from our bag and server it to you?

We are absolutely ready and prepared to do so and if you are willing to grab some more crucial details on crabgrass problem, come along with us and read the information given below.


If you want a natural a natural and DIY solution to kill crabgrass naturally you can use organic vinegar.Vinegar is a proven solution to kill crabgrass and other weeds organically. Just apply 20% vinegar on the weed and if they look like the tough ones, increase the dose to 30%.

But the very important thing to keep in your min is that while killing crabgrass with vinegar, you will also kill any other vegetation it touches so being careful with sensitive areas of vegetation is highly recommended.

when to apply crabgrass preventer

Grass on the Rocks!

“Nothing is more pleasant to the eye than green grass kept finely shorn.”

We were talking about how to apply crabgrass preventer on the effected field. Taking this discussion further, there are a few more things taken into consideration while doing this task.

After getting all the details on crabgrass removal, people often ask this question ‘Should I kill crabgrass before overseeding?’

Yes, you must kill all the crabgrass before overseeding.


  1. Killing crabgrass before seeding will let your seeds grow freely afterwards.
  2. If you do both of these tasks together you will end up killing your good seeds too.
  3. If you don’t kill crabgrass at all it will negatively affect your grass and other plant’s growth.

Crabgrass actually secretes growth inhibitors that reduce your germination rate and survival of seedlings.

But if you apply crabgrass preventer weeks before you seed, you will improve your germination rate a lot in crabgrass infested areas as there will be no more or very minimum crabgrass to negatively affect your preferred grass/plant.

No matter what, always remember to keep a nice gap in between seeding and applying crabgrass preventer and do not plant new seed anytime soon after you applied pre-emergent crabgrass killer earlier as it will also kill germinating turfgrass seed.

The product you will apply to de-crabgrass your lawn can be effective approximately up to 4 months, and hence, it is highly recommended that you should wait for at least 12 weeks after the application of crabgrass preventer and before the reseeding as it is the ideal time to wait.

The other common question that confuses people is ‘Can I apply crabgrass preventer and GrubEx at the same time?’

And to simply answer this one, we can tell you what the experts have to say in this topic.

According to them, only straight fertilizer, with no other ingredients can be applied at the same time as GrubEx. Any other fertilizers mixed with different products s like crabgrass control may be applied two weeks before or two weeks after using GrubEx.

when to apply crabgrass preventer

This is because spreading the seed on the ground and then applying crabgrass preventer will be a huge mistake as most of the seed will not survive and this will lead you straight towards a failed seeding effort.

And now your lawn saving and getting rid of from crabgrass problem has been answered patiently and thoroughly.

Let’s see how you make the best use of it.


Who doesn’t want to save their backyard, kitchen garden or lawn from unwanted and uninvited crabgrass?

And who said that is it difficult to deal with someone as tough as crabgrass. The right knowledge and right technique can make impossible things possible and difficult things easy.

You just need the right guidance and dedication for that.


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