10 exciting stories about the meeting with doubles

paranormal doubles
paranormal doubles

You know that to meet his counterpart – a bad omen? In German folklore, they are called “doppleganger”. It is believed that the meeting with the clone appears as a ghost, promises death. Accordingly, if you saw his double – be prepared for the possibility that no good to you, this meeting will bring.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The famous German poet and statesman once had a chance to meet with his counterpart. While walking down the street, after breaking up with a girl named Frederick, Goethe encountered literally face to face with a stranger, but like a poet, like two peas in a pod, man. They differed only in clothing. Goethe soon forgot about the mysterious meeting. But eight years later, when he moved on the same sidewalk to the same girl, but in the opposite direction, he was horrified to realize that he was wearing the exact same clothes, what was his twin 8 years ago. Does this mean that Goethe met with them … in the future?

paranormal doubles

Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great – one of the most iconic figures in Russian history, which also had a chance to meet up with its own phantom. The Empress is so frightened when she saw herself literally on the throne, he ordered the soldiers to shoot at a ghost. But he vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. A few hours after Catherine died. It was a meeting with a double, some historians attribute its demise, although before his death have all seen the Empress in good health.

paranormal doubles

Percy Bysshe Shelley

One of the greatest poets of the XIX century, died tragically after a meeting with his accurate copy. A man riding a boat on the shore when he saw a figure very similar to his own. Approaching closer, Percy was convinced that the stranger – his counterpart, who is also looking at him. Shelley was not alone, and he hastened to depart. Soon, he was drowned in the crash of the ship, before that telling their friends about the strange incident that almost all considered a bad omen.

paranormal doubles

Sir Frederick Carne Rasch

In 1906, the British MP Sir Gilbert Parker was present at the debate, when he saw Sir Frederick Carne Rasch, sitting side by side. It was very surprised, because at that time Frederick had the flu. Thus Carne Rush did not react to the words of Parker, and sat stone-faced. Then he disappeared. When real Carne Rush learned about the incident, he was very surprised. However, his family is very scared, because doppleganger – a bad sign. In the end, Frederick wrote a sarcastic letter to a local newspaper, stating that he is not going to die, but his double in the next time will be to behave.

paranormal doubles

Elizabeth I

From Queen Elizabeth I, both from a charismatic, well-balanced and intelligent ruler, one could hardly expect a belief in the paranormal. This makes it even more daunting by the fact that she happened to see his double. According to the Queen, her ghostly copy lying on the bed like the body of a deceased person, prepared for burial. Although this case it was possible to calculate Blinded elderly ruler, Elizabeth died soon after.

paranormal doubles

Maria de Jesus de Agreda

In the XVII century explorers and missionaries of the New World were surprised that many of the tribes in New Mexico are Roman Catholic. When asked about it, they said they had turned to the faith of some woman in a blue dress. Later it turned out that this woman was Maria de Jesus de Agreda, a young nun in blue robes. She herself said that the Indians taught by dowsing over the ocean – she never left her convent. Inquisition, this explanation seemed very suspicious, but they decided not to accuse her of witchcraft, and called it a divine gift. Maria soon became an international celebrity. Sometimes, however, she claimed that she was forced to say that it can manage its twin, sometimes it is stated that all was well.

paranormal doubles

Abraham Lincoln

On the night of his first election, Lincoln for a minute nap on her couch. When he looked in the mirror, he saw himself, but with two faces. Lincon-double was very pale. Taken aback, Abraham got up from the couch, but doppleganger disappeared. Lincoln’s wife suggested that he was re-elected for a second term (2 Lincoln symbolized 2 terms), but he did not survive it (the second Lincoln looked bad). Perhaps it really was a sign, as Abraham did not really live up to the end of his second term.

paranormal doubles

George Tryon

In 1893, Vice-Admiral George Tryon commanded two columns of ships off the coast of Syria, and told them to turn towards. The order was disastrous mistake, as the first ships crashed into each other, and one of them, which was itself Tryon, drowned. Along with him were killed more 357 people. At the same time the wife of Tryon spent a very rich party for their friends at his home in London. Suddenly, to the surprise of guests, Tryon himself appeared at the festival. He walked silently down the stairs, in the living room, opened the door and went out, and then disappeared. It was in the form as marching.

paranormal doubles

Guy de Maupassant

French writer kept a record of his meetings with a double. Until the end of his life, he said that ever sees it. Ghost not only talked to him, but he dictated stories. Maupassant said that one of his last stories was dictated by his doppleganger. The product was called “Orla” – it was a story about a man whose mind is controlled by an evil spirit. Immediately after writing the story of the writer’s mental health began to deteriorate. Maupassant died in a hospital for the mentally ill.

paranormal doubles

Emily Saget

French teacher had never seen doppleganger. However, it saw all the others. For some reason, in the 16 years she changed 19 different jobs. As it turned out, Saget was a concentration of strange paranormal phenomena. Its spectral double first saw in class: 13 students saw her twin was next to her and kept repeating her actions. Then he was seen near where the woman was having dinner. The very Saget did not notice the double, although the rest of it is clearly seen. In this case, at the time the doppleganger she became very weak and powerless. Soon twin began to appear not only next to Emily, but she was in another place. As a result, parents are concerned about the withdrawal of girls from school. Although Saget and has been a model teacher, director had to fire her.

paranormal doubles


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