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10 incredible animals of tropical forests

curious animals

There is nothing better than the old stories about animals. But today I will not talk about pets, but those who live in tropical forests. The rainforest is home to a variety of animals. One reason for this is the wide variety of weather. Tropical forests also provide an almost constant presence of water and a wide variety of feed.

Here are 10 amazing animals in tropical forests, and some curiosities. If you are an animal lover you probably want to read the text.

1. Toucans.

They are found in South and Central America, under the canopy of the jungle. During sleep, toucans hide their heads and put their beaks under their wings and tail. Toucans are very important in the jungle because they help spread the seeds of fruits and berries to eat. There are about 40 different species of toucans, but unfortunately, some species are under threat. The two main threats to the existence of toucans are missing an environment where they can live (plundered forests) and increasing demand on the black market pet.

curious animals

2. Flying Dragons.

Called flying dragons are also called “wood lizards.” They not really fly, but jumping from tree to tree with its “wings” that look like wings. On each side of the body between the front and rear, it has a large flap of skin. Typically, these “wings” are folded along the body, and help the animal to perform almost horizontal jumps. It feeds on insects, especially ants.

curious animals

3. Bengal tiger.

Bengal tiger lives in the Sundarban region of India, Bangladesh, China, Siberia and Indonesia, and are under serious threat of extinction. Today in nature there are only about 4,000 Bengal tigers while in 1900 there were more than 50,000. Poaching and loss of habitat are the two main reasons for reducing the number of Bengal tigers. At present they have not been able to adapt to the harsh conditions, despite their belonging to the dominant species.

curious animals

4. Harpy Eagle.

It is one of the largest and most powerful of the fifty species of eagles in the world. The harpy eagle living in the lowland tropical forests of Central and South America, from southern Mexico to Bolivia to eastern and southern Brazil to northern Argentina. It is an endangered species. The main threat to its existence is habitat loss due to deforestation, destruction of nesting and hunting.

curious animals

5. Poison dart frogs.

It is a frog found in Central and South America. They are known for their bright colors, which warn other animals that are poisonous. Their venom is one of the most potent known and can lead to paralysis or death. It is so powerful that a portion, much less than one drop can kill a person. A frog has enough venom to kill 100 people. Local hunters used the poison to their arrows.

curious animals

6. Lazy.

They are very slow mammals that can be found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Most sloths are the size of a small dog. They have short, flat head. His fur is gray-brown, but sometimes look gray-green because it moves so slowly and gives the impression of “masked” with plants. Sloths are nocturnal and sleep curled up, putting his head in his hands and feet.

curious animals

7. Spider Monkeys.

The spider monkeys have large dimensions. The adult monkey can grow to about 60 centimeters tall, not counting the tail. The tail is very powerful. Monkeys use it as an extra limb. They are able to jump from one branch to another at high speed. They are also the subject of attention of the hunters, so they are on the verge of extinction.

curious animals

8. Snake “wine”.

It is extremely thin. Measuring just one centimeter in diameter. It lies between the branches of the forest trees, and green-brown color makes it almost indistinguishable from the thick creepers and vines. At night, the snake came eating birds, mainly young people, who robs nests. If the snake feels threatened, inflate the front of the body, revealing a bright color.

curious animals

9. Capybaras.

Also they called “Carpinchos”. These rare animals spend much time in the water and is an excellent swimmer and diver. He holds fingers of the front and rear webbed feet. When floats on water are only visible eyes, ears and nose. They feed on plants, including aquatic plants. Capybaras live in families, are active at dawn and dusk.

curious animals

10. Tapir.

These animals are good swimmers and divers, but also move quickly on the ground, even over rough, mountainous terrain. Tapirs have a dark brown color. His coat is short, but from the back of the neck down have a small mane. Thanks to mobile snout, tapir feeds on leaves, buds, twigs, fruits, herbs and aquatic plants.

curious animals


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