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10 Marriage Facts you have to know


Fact 1; an average married couple can have 68,5 times sex per year

Fact 2; 75 % of people who marry partners from affairs eventually the get divorce

Fact 3; 1 of every 5 married couples can live a sexless marriage

Fact 4; in France you can marry a dead person.

Fact 5; 300 couples marry in Las Vegas per day

Fact 6; a man in India married a dog in atonement


Fact 7; an 99 year old man divorce his 96 year old wife because he discovered an affair she had in 1940’s

Fact 8; couples who live together before marriage, have high rates divorce rather than those who wait

Fact 9; There are are 100 divorces per hour in U.S

Fact 10; An Aproved law on Iran allows a man to marry his 13 year old adopted daughter.


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