10 monstrous machines built by man

machies giants

These machines were created for different reasons. Seeing the size you have will cause vertigo. They are the largest machines in the world!

Technology has created machines that are simply amazing, either by the size they are, what they do or energy spent. At a glance we can see how big and functional is a machine.

Sure to think big machines come to mind some used in factories, a car, a plane or even a rocket, but in this case goes beyond that. The way they were built these monsters is simply shocking.

1. The drill rescuer of miners in Chile.

In October 2010, 33 miners were rescued from the mine in Copiapo in Chile, following a landslide that buried the workers remained for several months. The machine that made possible the rescue was Strata 950, a giant drill that made the tunnel to the heart of the mine.

machies giants

2. The world’s largest aircraft.

The title belongs to Russia. This is the Antonov-225 Myria Na that measures 88.4 meters and weighs 285 tons. It was created to transport a space shuttle, the Buran Orbiter.

machies giants

3. The largest excavator in the world.

The larger more land is able to eliminate with each thrust, and the winner is the D575A-3SD. It was produced in Japan and has almost 5 meters high, exceeds 12 meters wide and can move over 215 tons at one time.

machies giants

4. The biggest truck of the world.

Germany has the largest truck in the world, used for one of the noblest functions of society, collect garbage. You can load 400 tons of waste. It’s called Liebherr T 282b, and its production does not exceed 75 units per year, it has a cost of 3 million dollars.

machies giants

5. The world’s largest motorcycle.

The biggest motorcycle in the world is owned by Greg Dunham, an amateur who built their preferred Kingsize vehicle. Its dimensions are 4.5 meters high and 7.5 meters long. At a cost of $ 300,000; The bike weighs nearly 3 tons.

machies giants

6. The LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

It is the largest machine worldwide, is 27 km long and was built over 100 thousand scientists. It is a particle accelerator and collider, namely, that he expected to find the way forward for physics to more intimately understand the Universe.

machies giants

7. Giant mechanical spider.

It was created in France by a group called Les Mecaniques Servants; It weighs 37 tons and is 15 meters high. In 2008 he walked on the streets of Liverpool, London, England.

machies giants

8. The world’s largest vacuum vessel.

The Dutch had to find a solution to live with the seas around them, so they built the Queen of Holland, the title of “the greatest vacuum in the world” is won. You can retrieve objects up to 115 m deep. Measuring 230m wide and weighs 32 tons.

machies giants

9. The world’s largest wheel excavator.

The Krupp company, which built cannons were protagonists of the wars in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is the largest manufacturer of excavator on record. Measures 95 meters high, 215 long and 45 and a half tons. Its manufacture took five years.

machies giants

10. The largest bridge industrial transpor.t

It is used in coal mining. Called “Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60” is the world’s largest mobile machine. Its dimensions are 502 meters long, 202 m wide, 80 m in width. The weight of this colossus is 11,000 tons, and was used in Germany from 1991-1992.

machies giants


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