10 reasons to have a best friend is better than having a boyfriend


Having a boyfriend is obviously great for different reasons. However, you can not deny how great it is to have a best friend and a totally platonic relationship.

Here are 10 reasons why a good friend beats a boyfriend:

1. Stay with you for long.

In simple words, and unlike a boyfriend who could end at any minute, your friend will have the chance to forget once the going gets a little tough. And in the same way, you also have this possibility. This will force them to make the relationship work.


2. You say, honestly, how you look in that dress.

Someone who is trying to seduce never be completely honest about how you get those pants. Whether your butt look great or look like a pancake, your best friend has no reason to lie.

3. You can behave so repugnant to him.

With this understanding in a non-mutual attraction, they are free to discuss nasty things like burps and farts, and talk with your mouth full of food. In fact they can talk to about things that are done in the bathroom while you devour your meal.

4. You do not have to force anything.

If your boyfriend likes indie rock have to try to listen even if you do feel that you ears bleed at any minute. You want to have things in common with your other half, so will try to make things work. In 9 out of 10 times your best friend is your friend because they have things in common. No need to impress him with a mock by secretly hate music interest.


5. No need for stupid conversations via text messages.

“Hey how are you?” “Hi, how’s it going?” “Hi, how’s your day?”. These are some of the totally unnecessary conversation we feel we should have when we are in a relationship. There is no need for your friend sends you a text message that says “Hey, how’s your day going?” Because if you have not talked chances are that all is well.

Messages are reserved only for inside jokes and to make plans for the immediate future (“Arise, go out for breakfast” instead of “Hello! Will you have time to maybe go to dinner at this new restaurant on Friday?”).

6. You do not have to worry about bothering.

If your boyfriend does not answer your message “Get up, let’s have breakfast,” maybe you’re not quite sure if it’s good to call 37 times and finally will appear in your house to wake him physically and hoping you do not think you’re crazy or obsessed with see him and obliged to leave. Your best friend is not the luxury of leaving you when you wear uncomfortable. You know you’re not crazy (and if you are, you want for it) and although you may feel a little strange after the call number 37, really has no choice but to laugh at you for being a psychopath.

7. You do not have to buy her gifts in various festivities.

From Valentine’s Day, until the anniversary of one month from the day that they began to leave until the anniversary of four months from the first time they kissed and the anniversary of five months from the day they met … relations are full of celebrations for which you think conscious and sweet gifts.

There is only one date that you have to buy a present for your friend and it is your birthday. No need to make a small book or a letter full of emotions, just buy her one gift card or a bottle of your favorite liquor and ready.

8. makes you question life.

“I love him so much it hurts.” “I do not love him enough.” “I think you’re kidding me.” “He has not spoken to me in two days.”

Even the best romantic relationship comes with its fair amount of drama. The relationship you have with your friend is completely safe and free of such situations. No games, no hidden motives or exacerbated emotions; They are completely free to be honest with each other.

9. You can really see a movie with him.

In the dating world “watch a movie” is a code phrase that means, at least, a great session of hugs and cuddles. It may be cute and fun, but it becomes a problem when the film really interests me and I can not concentrate if I have your hand on my leg. “Watch a movie” takes on a whole new meaning when my best friend is involved, and I can choose a movie and really see it. Also, I can do it in the comfort of my ugliest pants without any distractions.

10. You never have to feel very aware of your body.

No matter how safe we ​​feel, we all have those moments of “No! Forgot shave! “And” Please do not touch me there “when we are with our partners. Your friendship, free of any kind of physical attraction, automatically deletes all such insecurities.


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