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10 things you should never do in front of your child’s friends


There comes a time in the lives of your children, when they grow enough to start socializing, they cease to embarrass you in public. From that moment is you start to let that fool in front of his friends. There is nothing to pull them colors than his father begins to dance in public. If you dare to do it oh foolish! his popularity will be on the floor, and start calling him “the son of notes that dancing like ass.”


In Neatorama just published the results of a survey of kids between 5 and 20 years, the most embarrassing things I have seen them do their parents. Obviously, the list starts with: “1. dancing in public “(which is easily understandable in view of the video that I found to illustrate the post), but not all, mind you.

Here are the other 9 things that can make you renege on your children and go to live with her aunt Paca of Murcia.

2. Show affection publicly, either towards children or the other parent. Especially if it is accompanied by acute issued childlike expressions and spastic as one speaks to a baby voice.

3. Using expressions “outdated” or attempt to imitate the jargon of youth.

4. Bring some age appropriate clothes you have.

5. Tell stories or anecdotes about the kid who give embarrassment. If it is not a good idea to have it the same day that baby is being fucked in public pool, and I got kicked out at all.

6. putting on clothes, atusarle, comb, or tie his shoes in front of his friends. Absolutely forbidden to take a handkerchief, soaking in saliva and rub your face with him for that rebellious crusting.

7. Joining social networks and establish friendship with her friends. Especially dangerous if you also enter their friends in breach of point 3.

8. Being completely useless in everything related to technology. Get ahead of your friends a non-touch flip phone, small screen, covered with those strange things called ‘keys’, and also recognize that you do not know whether you have ‘data access’ can bury your son’s reputation for decades.

9. Talk about the things in life. Do not be melodramatic, tragic, or philosophical rock in front of his friends, one will get to be an “old agonies.”

10. Drinking too. This is also very dangerous, because sometimes leads to jump to dance in public, which remember is the worst of the worst, and never, ever, be done in front of a child for not traumarle for life.


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